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Kolkata Knight Riders 131/10 (19.3 ov)
Royal Challengers Bangalore 49/10 (9.4 ov) Run rate 5.21
Refresh Kolkata Knight Riders win by 82 runs
Royal Challengers Bangalore won the toss and elected to bowl.
Batsmen R B 4s 6s SR
Sreenath Aravind 5 4 1 0 125
Bowler O M R W Econ
Colin de Grandhomme 1.4 0 4 3 2.4
Chris Woakes 2 0 6 3 3

Updated: Mar 18, 2018 11:36 | Published: Apr 23, 2017 23:25

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Live Score and Commentary

Took away your breath away, didn't it this pace bowling?
Calm down and take is easy. 

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Gautam Gambhir. "Not a lot of teams have pace like we have. Got three guys who can bowl over 140. The plan was to hit the deck hard and the plan worked. We didn't bat well at all. After where we were in the first six, we should've got 170. We need to pull up our socks in the batting department. If you want to win the tournament, you need to bring your A game out in all departments. It was moving around, so I thought there was no point in using spin. The bowling department was very professional, I've not seen as impressive an effort from the bowling attack like I did today. The plan to the bowlers was simple ' just use your pace and show to the world what you've got.' A lot of opponents think we're a chasing side. So if we win batting first, it gives us a lot of confidence.
Nathan Coulter-Nile, the Player of the Match for the opening spell "I guess you have to come out steaming when you're just defending 130 odd. I just had a feeling we were going to do tonight. I haven't been bowling too much, I was so pumped up, I wasn't thinking too much about the no-balls. I thought if I can try to push the batsmen back and then pitch it up and swing, I could get wickets. We've got some world class spinners who didn't even get a ball today. The pitch suited us."
Virat Kohli: "This was the worst batting performance in IPL history. It hurts to be standing here at the moment after performance like that. After the first half we had, the second half was poor. We have to take the positives from the first half, and forget the second half. We're a better team than this. The team will come out and show intent and back themselves. I'm sure we won't bat like that again."
Virat Kohli is livid, he is absolutely seething out there!
KKR win by 82 runs! What an absolutely awesome bowling display by KKR! Lowest ever score in IPL history! First ever sub-50 score in IPL history!

What do you say about that game? RCB should have easily chased 132. But they didn't. Coulter-Nile, Woakes and de Grandhomme picked three wickets each, and Umesh Yadav got one wicket. Umesh was hostile though. Believe it or not, a batting lineup that has Kohli, Gayle and AB de Villiers ended with the lowest total in IPL history. 

Brilliant bowling by KKR, brilliant captaincy by Gautam Gambhir. 
9.4 de Grandhomme to Chahal, OUT, RCB have plunged into ignominy. THIS IS THE LOWEST SCORE IN THE IPL. Full ball outside off, Chahal drives and the edge goes to second slip where Pandey gobbles it up. Fitting end to a great effort by the KKR. Gautam Gambhir take a bow for excellent captaincy!
9.3 de Grandhomme to Chahal, no run, full ball, slight nibble outside off, Chahal fishes and is beaten
9.2 de Grandhomme to Aravind, 1 run, length ball, Aravind looks to cut, inside edge past the stumps towards fine leg
Chahal walks in. 
NINE. NINE! They are plunging deeper into the mire now, RCB! Brilliant bowling from KKR! 10 runs for the last wicket to put on, to save RCB from further ignominy. 
9.1 de Grandhomme to Mills, OUT, length ball, Mills takes an almighty swing, the ball goes up miles in the air, and Kuldeep Yadav runs across and then takes the catch with ease. Bloodbath, carnage, harakiri, call what you want. I cannot believe it!
48/8 after 9 overs. Can KKR finish RCB below the total that RCB finished RR, at Cape Town all those years ago. Kevin Pietersen was RCB captain then. 
8.6 Woakes to Aravind, no run, shortish ball at the body, swayed away
8.5 Woakes to Aravind, FOUR, length ball on off, Aravind offers the bat and plonks it over cover. Outfield it still rapid!

8.4 Woakes to Aravind, no run, length ball angled away, Aravind swishes and misses
Sreenath Aravind. 
For all the bowling, Gambhir's captaincy has been spot on, He has been brilliant, just brilliant! He's seen that the pitch is assisting the seamers and hasn't bowled one over from a spinner so far. 
RCB in danger of being bowled out for the lowest-ever IPL score. It is 58 for the record! The record is held by Rajasthan Royals, AGAINST RCB. That is more reason why RCB would dearly love to get at least 15 runs more. 
Carnage at the Gardens! This is so good to watch! Chris Woakes now has 3/2 in his second over. 44/8 as we head into the first strategic timeout. They generally say "run-a-ball". This is probably the first time I'm seeing a "wicket-an-over".
8.3 Woakes to Badree, OUT, number 8 goes hurtling down, full and straight, Badree walks across the line and is nailed dead in front. Hitting middle of middle. 
8.2 Woakes to Badree, no run, length ball on off, Badree gets behind the line and defends
8.1 Woakes to Mills, 1 run, length ball on off, punched away to short cover, misfield allows a single
Woakes will continue. 
43/7 after 8 overs. This is the lowest total at which 7 wickets have fallen in IPL history. How much longer will KKR need to wrap things up? It'll be nice for us on duty, if they finish off and ensure that the rain delay doesn't affect us 
7.6 de Grandhomme to Mills, 1 run, full ball shaping away, slapped away to long off!
7.5 de Grandhomme to Mills, no run, full ball on off, Mills goes for the full hog, is beaten and then offers a giggle. Not Kohli, he is absolutely seething!
7.4 de Grandhomme to Mills, no run, full, beaten
Tymal Mills
Now, all four KKR bowlers have taken a wicket in their first over. Terrific fast bowling. RCB are 42/7 and Sunil Narine has not bowled one over yet. Neither has Kuldeep Yadav.
Venue: Eden Gardens, Kolkata
Match Start Time: Sunday, April 23, 2017, 08:00 PM IST