La Soufriere Hikers 98/9 (10 ov)
Dark View Explorers 104/4 (8.4 ov)
Dark View Explorers won by 6 wickets
Dark View Explorers won the match by 6 wickets!

What a breathtaking innings that was from Dean Browne in the end, he literally took the attack against the opposition and blasted them in the end.

Earlier on, Explorers lost the plot in the first over as they lose Miles Bascombe of the second delivery of the over as Kavem Hodge castled him but with Greaves and Hooper in the crease Explorers fancied their chance as Greaves steadily started hitting much needed boundaries, but once again quick wickets in the 6th over both Greaves and Walters perished meant Explorers were looking down the barrel.

Hooper and Dean Browne just kept clearing the boundaries for maximums and smashed for few boundaries to keep them in the game with Dean Browne hitting clean and smashed 3 boundaries and a SIX in his innings and Hooper as well took the attack on and smashed the boundaries but some stupid running the middle, Hooper loses his wicket as he was run-out.

Browne has taken on the attack and clobbered the bowlers with 2 SIXes off Williams over and he was taken for cleaners in that penultimate over and Hikers had no chance to get the game to the last over, Browne literally won this game for them, what an innings this was from him, he comes in when the team was in dire straights with 38/1 after 5 overs and they needed 61 runs in 30 balls, that penultimate over Dean Browne had other ideas as he smashed Rayan Williams for 28 runs to seal the game and didn't allow this to go to the final over, done and dusted.

So, that's it from us today! Do tune in tomorrow for the ball by ball commentary of all the games that's happening across the globe! This is Pradeep Somashekar, along with my colleague, Navjeevan Rajput signing off. Take Care and Stay Safe!
8.4 Rayan Williams to Dean Browne, SIX! You beauty, that was some BRUTAL hitting from him to see their team through and what an emphatic fashion he's got the winning run in the end, CLUBBED it over the deep square leg for a maximum and that's it, it's all over for Explorers in the end!
8.3 Rayan Williams to Dean Browne, bowled short and outside off, the batsmen ties to pull but misses! SCORES ARE TIED!
8.3 Rayan Williams to Dean Browne, WIDE bowled way outside off and the match is suddenly at its end
8.3 Rayan Williams to Dean Browne, SIX!! bowled full outside off and the batsmen CLOBERS that one and hits it over the covers for THREE IN A ROW! AGAIN A N0-BALL, free hit still alive!
8.3 Rayan Williams to Dean Browne, NO-BALL! bowled full and straight and the batmen tonks him down the ground for ANOTHER SIX!! BLUNDER HERE 9 runs needed now
Dean Browne is playing a blinder here, he's literally brought his team so close the target single handedly! What an innings this is from him!
8.2 Rayan Williams to Dean Browne, SIX! bowled full in the slot and the batsmen gets under the ball and hits it over cow-corner for a MAXIMUM!!
8.1 Rayan Williams to Lindon James, bowled short outside off, the batsmen cuts that one past the point region for a single
Rayan Williams is into the attack now!
Dean Browne is looking in dangerous form here, he's been connecting them really well and timing it to perfection as he smashed Harry for a SIX in that over. Browne and Hooper have taken charge and they think they can go close to this chase here but Hooper perished trying to take the unnecessary second in the end and is short of his crease and he was run-out. Can Browne pull this off for his team?

DVE are 76/4 after 8 overs! Need 23 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 Tilron Harry to Dean Browne, RUN OUT! The batsmen it it down the ground and Hoopers dashes for the run which was never there to begin with and looses his wicket!
7.5 Tilron Harry to Shammon Hooper, bowled short outside off, the batsmen has to reach for it and hits it towards off-side and they run the single
7.5 Tilron Harry to Dean Browne, WIDE bowled way outside off and the keeper fails to collect it cleanly and they sneak in the extra
7.4 Tilron Harry to Dean Browne, FOUR! bowled full and the batsmen swings that one over the extra cover region and collects four runs as the ball races away to the fence!
7.3 Tilron Harry to Dean Browne, bowled full just outside off, the batsmen gives it swing and misses it. The drama here as they try to run for the bye. The keeper takes a shy at the stumps and misses and they steal another run
7.2 Tilron Harry to Dean Browne, a full toss, and the batsmen hits it towards off-side and collects a couple
7.2 Tilron Harry to Dean Browne, bowled back of a length outside off, the ball way outside the batsmen 's reach and the umpire calls it wide!
7.1 Tilron Harry to Shammon Hooper, bowled full outside off, the batsmen swings it early and gets the bottom edge, ball goes down the ground and its just a single
Tilron Harry to bowl his first over!
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