La Soufriere Hikers 97/5 (10 ov)
Dark View Explorers 100/4 (9.2 ov)
Dark View Explorers won by 6 wickets
This brings us to the end of the coverage. This is Mohamed Farzan and my co-commentator Gaurav Kadam signing off for now! GoodBye! 
Dark View Explorers won by 6 wickets!

La Soufriere Hikers finished with 97/5 in their allotted 10 overs with Dilon Douglas leading the attack with 39 runs in 16 balls. He whacked 5 sixes during his time in the middle. Among the bowlers, Dean Browne led the attack with two wickets to his name in two overs.

Dark View Explorers came out to chase 98 runs and had lost the wicket of Deron Greaves by the end of the powerplay. Opening batsman Miles Bascombe remained unbeaten and scored 54 runs in 31 balls. He hit four boundaries and 3 sixes during his time in the middle. Lindon James also smashed a couple of sixes and fours which helped the side get past the line though rain halted the game in between for some time. Jeremy Haywood had an excellent day today as he picked up two wickets and kept the batsmen under pressure but that didn't seem enough for the bowling side. 
9.2 B. Stapleton to L. James, FOUR! James wins it for the DVE team with a boundary! The ball was dropped short and James whacks it down wide of long on for the boundary and with that, DVE have beaten the LSH side by 6 wickets!
9.1 B. Stapleton to L. James, dot ball from the bowler as James misses out on the shot there! 2 in 5 needed!
Dark View Explorers have to score 2 runs in 6 balls as the play resumes here!
UPDATE: The match has been interrupted due to rain. 

DVE need 15 runs in 9 balls
8.3 K, Strough to M. Bascombe, full and wide outside off as Bascombe comes out and drives it down through the covers for one
8.2 K, Strough to L. James, fuller one at the off stump as James runs it down towards the square leg region for one
8.1 K, Strough to L. James, FOUR! Too short and straight from the new bowler as James gets on top of it and pulls it down to square leg for the boundary!
Top-class bowling by Haywood. He finishes his spell with figures 2/12 and keeps the batsmen under pressure. He delivered 11 excellent deliveries except the last ball of his spell which was hit for a huge six. DVE 77/4 after 8 overs.
7.6 J. Haywood to M. Bascombe, dot ball as Bascombe is beaten outside off again with the pace and bounce generated by Haywood!
7.5 J. Haywood to M. Bascombe, SIX! Shorter one again and Bascombe has SMOKED that over the long-on for the maximum, bringing up his 50 with that shot as well!
7.4 J. Haywood to L. James, back of the length and angled into the batsman as James gets it down to the covers for one
7.3 J. Haywood to L. James, quicker one into the batsman who defends it back to the bowler and no run on offer there
7.2 J. Haywood to M. Bascombe, short and straight as Bascombe runs it down to long on for one
7.2 J. Haywood to M. Bascombe, WIDE! Drooped short and outside as the umpire calls the extra much to the surprise of the bowler
7.1 J. Haywood to D. Browne, CAUGHT! Short and outside off as the batsman went for the loft towards the mid-off region as the fielder takes a good catch here! 
Bascombe has got a couple of boundaries for his team this over. He'll be looking to guide his team past the line. DVE 68/3 after 7 overs. 
6.6 D. Douglas to M. Bascombe, FOUR! Fuller outside off and Bascombe smacks that down to the long off man again and there is another misfield as he collects another four runs!
6.5 D. Douglas to M. Bascombe, WIDE! Dragged that one way outside off as the umpire calls the wide!
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