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La Soufriere Hikers 42/1 (3.4 ov)
La Soufriere Hikers won by 9 wickets
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda for this game! Do join us in a bit for the second match of the day! Till then, this is me (Shashwat Kumar) and Prasen Moudgal signing off! Goodbye!
The Hikers win by 9 wickets! 
The Hikers, before the rain delay, looked set to hunt down the Strikers' total. However, the halt actually made their task easier with them being given a target of 42 to chase from 5 overs, with them having already accumulated 18 runs in 2.1 overs. Though Browne was sent packing on the second ball after the restart, Douglas came in to allay any fears of a collapse and stamp his authority on proceedings. 

As for the Strikers, they would consider themselves unlucky to have been on the wrong side of the weather. Had the contest been played in its entirety, the Strikers might've had a slightly better chance with their slower bowlers potentially coming to the fore. However, the defeat now means that their hopes of a semi-final berth are all but over. 
3.4 Kirton Lavia to Dillon Douglas, SIX! What a way to finish! Full ball on the stumps, Douglas took a few steps down the track and lofted it perfectly over the man at widish long on
3.3 Kirton Lavia to Dillon Douglas, FOUR! Poor fielding from Scott at third man. Douglas read the length perfectly and scooped it to third man, Scott let it go through his hands. Did he get that off the back of his bat? Well, Douglas wouldn't care one reckons.
3.2 Kirton Lavia to Dillon Douglas, short of length swinging away from Douglas, the batter fails to make contact with a pull shot. 10 off 10 now.
3.1 Kirton Lavia to Camano Cain, way outside off from Lavia and the keeper fumbles to allow an extra run. 10 off 11 now.
3.1 Kirton Lavia to Camano Cain, short and rising onto Cain, the southpaw looks to pull it away but is beaten by the pace
The Hikers are 30/2 after 3 overs and they now require 12 runs off 12 deliveries. Seems pretty straightforward and the Hikers could well finish things off in this over itself.
2.6 Ray Jordan to Dillon Douglas, FOUR! Poor ball from Jordan outside off, Douglas slams it past covers for another boundary. That was a full toss and Douglas is not going to miss out.
2.5 Ray Jordan to Dillon Douglas, full and outside off, Douglas looks to scoop it over third man but the ball went past the outside edge
2.4 Ray Jordan to Dillon Douglas, FOUR! Pure timing! Low full toss outside leg, almost a yorker from Jordan and Douglas just opened the face of the bat and sent it scurrying to the square leg fence for four! And Douglas does the 'Ray Jordan' celebration after that. What banter! This is pure theatre! 
2.3 Ray Jordan to Salvan Browne, OUT! Four and gone! Jordan pulled his length ball a bit, Browne hardly got any timing right on his loft down the ground and offered a simple catch to the man at long off. Not surprising considering the Hikers have most of their wickets still intact and maybe, Browne had a license to go for broke.
2.2 Ray Jordan to Salvan Browne, FOUR! Top start for the Hikers! Full ball outside off, Browne looks for a slog but gets a thick outside edge to third man for a boundary! Streaky but Browne wouldn't mind! 20 off 16 now!
The Hikers require 42 from five overs! They have completed 2.1 overs of their innings and they now require 24 runs from 17 deliveries! 
Rain has halted play! The groundsmen are working fervently to get the covers on and a massive downpour seems to be in store!
2.1 Ray Jordan to Camano Cain, short and angling away from Cain, bunted away to point for a single
The Hikers have managed 17 runs off the first two overs and they have done so without taking any risk. 

Droplets of rain though!
1.6 Sealroy Williams to Salvan Browne, short of length delivery on the stumps, Browne guides it away behind square leg for two more
1.5 Sealroy Williams to Salvan Browne, length ball outside off, driven powerfully to deep cover for a brace. A slight fumble on the fence allowed the batsmen to get through for the second.
1.4 Sealroy Williams to Camano Cain, full ball outside off, Cain uppishly drives it to long on for a single
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