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Peshawar Zalmi 140/6 (20 ov)
Lahore Qalandars 143/6 (18.3 ov)
Lahore Qalandars won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Shaheen Afridi
That's all from this game, but do join us for the second game of the day in this edition of PSL, that will see Multan and Islamabad lock horns in their season opener. For now I have been Ankit Sharma, along with Lavil Saldanha, as we take your leave! 
Similar to the bowling attack, the batsmen of Lahore started off well, notching up a few boundaries in the first few overs, before both their openers gifting their wickets to the opposition. Zalmi took the opportunity to strike a blow by taking wickets which they did in regular intervals, also stopping the run flow in between, but then Rashid Khan made sure there are no lapses. The Afghani spinner swung his bat all around the ground to make sure there are no surprises today, and took his team over the hurdle. An overall impressive performance from the Lahore contingent, but a great fight back from the Peshawar team too. Both of the teams have positives to take back, and will surely improve going ahead in this tournament. 
A fantastic game of cricket this one between the Lahore Qalandars and the Peshawar Zalmi both playing their first game but only one can emerge victorious and today it was the team from Lahore that came out on top. From the toss Lahore seemed to be in the drivers seat, having put the opposition to bat first, and getting quick wickets early on in the innings really set the tone of the match for them. From there they were only going strength to strength. Peshawar did well too, to recover from the rut they were in to post a total of 140 on the board took some heroics from the lower middle order, but they always knew it was never going to be enough. 
Sohail Akhtar (winning captain): Very important win for our team. In any tournament first win is crucial to set the tone of the tournament and with our combinations we were confident that we'll win. Our fast bowling is very good, even the back ups are good. Few main bowlers are missing but no problem with the back up quality we have. It's a well balanced team.
Player of the game: 
Shaheen Afridi: 
Thanks to the gods that we won he first game that too so convincingly. The new ball helped the fast bowlers a lot and was able to penetrate through the top order. in whatever format I play, I try and enjoy, and when one enjoys one feels good, so because of that I keep getting success wherever I play.
Wahab Riaz (losing captain): I think we were about 20-30 runs short to begin with. I think they bowled really well to start the game and put pressure on us especially with so much on offer for the fast bowlers. Out batsmen should have spent more time in the middle and settled in but that was not the case. The way our team fought was incredible, and we tried till the very end but was not enough. The message is clear, just to go out and play your shots. 
Rashid Khan: I feel good, got the opportunity to win today with the bat and happy to do it. Mostly the balance with my batting is important, to have all the shots is good but balance is key. Been struggling with it for a year or so but happy to improve that The helicopter is something I like and I wanted to go for it. Wicket was good, not turning a lot but importantly bowling in the right areas was key with the ball skidding on. Amazing feel of the PSL, and feeling happy to be part of this team and help in winning the game. 
Rashid Khan wastes no time in finishing this game. He failed to contribute with the ball today in terms of wickets but he's done a fabulous job with the bat at the end of the innings. A quickfire 27 to take his team through to the win. A fantastic start to the season for the Lahore Qalandars who triumph over Peshawar Zalmi's.  
18.3 Amad Butt to Rashid Khan, SIX! QALANDARS WIN! Full-length delivery wide outside the off stump, Rashid Khan gets down on one knee and plays his favorite helicopter short away on the legside over midwicket for a maximum to end the game off in style as the Qalandars start their campaign with a 4 wicket win
18.2 Amad Butt to Rashid Khan, FOUR! Full-length delivery on the line of the off stump, Rashid Khan lifts the ball really well on that occasion and plays it past the widish mid-on fielder for a cracking boundary
18.1 Amad Butt to Rashid Khan, low wide full toss outside the off stump, Rashid Khan stretches out and manages to get ball to bat to short mid-on, no run
Amad Butt, back into the attack. 
Worst possible start to the over from the skipper, a no ball boundary, horrific for the left arm seamer who has leaked runs in this over and has made it easier for the batting side to win this game now. Rashid does well to not throw away his wicket, rather play smartly, find the gaps for runs and annoy the bowler. Massive over for Lahore who get 14 from it. 8 needed in 12 balls. 
Over: 18 | Summary: 5nb 1 1 2 4 0 1 Bowler: Wahab Riaz Score: 133/6
17.6 Wahab Riaz to Rashid Khan, full length delivery wide outside the off stump, played away on the offside to the extra cover region for a single to end the over
17.5 Wahab Riaz to Rashid Khan, back of a length delivery on the line of the off stump, Rashid Khan ducks under the ball and leaves it alone, no run
17.4 Wahab Riaz to Rashid Khan, FOUR! Back of a length delivery on the line on top of the off stump, Rashid Khan edges the ball away to third man really fine as the ball run away to the ropes for a boundary
17.3 Wahab Riaz to Rashid Khan, another yorker on that occasion to Rashid Khan, he safely negotiates the ball away on the offside for a quick brace
17.2 Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Hafeez, back of a length delivery on the line of the off stump, Hafeez gets on his backfoot and gently guides it away on the off side for a single 
17.1 Wahab Riaz to Rashid Khan, yorker length delivery on the line of the off stump, tapped away on the offside for a single 
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