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PSL 2020 Match 24

Peshawar Zalmi 187/7 (20.0 ov)
Lahore Qalandars 189/5 (19.5 ov)
Lahore Qalandars won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Fakhar Zaman
David Wiese brings about a 5-wicket win for the Qalandars!

That brings us to the end of the game! What a power-packed game this has been. Fans have been treated with an absolute entertainer. The tables turned quicker than ever and Lahore Qalandars have clinched a nail-biting victory and it's David Wiese who's led his team to victory yet again.

Winning the toss, Lahore Qalandars asked Peshawar to bat first. Peshawar Zalmi choked at the start as they lost 3 quick wickets. However, a 116-run stand between Shoaib Malik and Haider Ali took them to a good total of 187. Shaheen Afridi and Samit Patel were the stand out bowlers for Lahore Qalandars. 

Lahore Qalandars were then led by fine fifties from Chris Lynn and Fakhar Zaman, before both were removed in two balls as the Qalandars slightly lost their way. 

However, a calm and composed partnership between David Wiese and Samit Patel brought about a win for Lahore in the end.
19.5 Carlos Brathwaite to David Weise, WHAT A FINISH! Weise and the Qalandars prevail in a thriller. Full delivery has been absolutely thumped over long on for the game winning six!! 
19.4 Carlos Brathwaite to Samit Patel , sensational over from Ricky! Incredible bluff. Slower ball wide on off. Samit completely misplays it. 
19.3 Carlos Brathwaite to David Weise, the South African his missed out again. Angling down leg. Missed out on a big hit. 6 from 3. It's all happening here. Good bowling this from Brathwaite. Lahore are just one shot away. Can Weise do it?
19.2 Carlos Brathwaite to Samit Patel , smacks it straight to cover for a run! 7 from 4 ! Whatta match this is turning out to be.
19.1 Carlos Brathwaite to Samit Patel , it's a DOT! Swing and a miss from Samit. Superb start from the Barbadian. 
8 off the last over, looks like Lahore Qalandars got this in their bag unless they mess up horribly. Fans praying in the stands for their favorite team.
Over 19 | Summary: 2 2 6 1 4 1 Bowler: R Ali LHQ: 180/5(RR 9.47)
18.6 Rahat Ali to Samit Patel , single taken. Good yorker. 8 required from the final over. Absolutely thrilling stuff!
18.5 Rahat Ali to Samit Patel , threaded it to perfection past covers! What an over for Lahore! Brilliant batting form the two old-heads. What an over this has been for Lahore. Completely turned the table upside down.
18.4 Rahat Ali to David Weise, missed out there. Inside edges an over-pitched delivery for just a single. 
18.3 Rahat Ali to David Weise, OH MY GOD!!! Weise has blasted it out of the park! Monstrous pull sends the ball packing. Game onnnn folks! Things getting heated up, this can go anyway !! Fingers Crossed!
18.2 Rahat Ali to David Weise, miss-field from Yasir Shah allows them to scamper back for two. Nevertheless,Brilliant effort that from Yasir Shah .
18.1 Rahat Ali to David Weise, short and cuts to point for a brace. 
24 needed off the last two. what comeback here from the Peshawar Zalmi. They are keen on winning this. 
Over 18 | Summary: 2 W 1 1 W 4 Bowler: C Brathwaite LHQ: 164/5(RR 9.11)
17.6 Carlos Brathwaite to Samit Patel , argggh! An unfortunate edge spoils a near-perfect over. They will accept that four both hands.
17.5 Carlos Brathwaite to Ben Dunk, Brilliant execution and Dunk is caught at extra cover! Game changing over from Brathwaite!
17.4 Carlos Brathwaite to Samit Patel , full and on middle, finds the long on fielder for a single. Singles won't do for Lahore Qalandars here. They need quick runs
17.3 Carlos Brathwaite to Ben Dunk, full and wide. Dunk smashes it to cover for a run. Peshawar Zalmi will be happy as long as runs are coming in ones and twos.
17.2 Carlos Brathwaite to Mohammad Hafeez, it's all falling apart for the Qalandars!! Miscues it straight to Gregory at point. Excellent bowling from Brathwaite. Pitched short on the stumps as Hafeez tries to hoick it over the top , edges it straight into the hands of the fielder at point
17.1 Carlos Brathwaite to Mohammad Hafeez, superb running from the professor! Commitment at its best. Played it to fine leg and the batters manage two. 
32 required in the last three. This match can go either way. The one who holds their nerve will go home smiling. Nail-biting scenes here in Lahore.
Over 17 | Summary: W 4 1 1 1 1 Bowler: W Riaz LHQ: 156/3(RR 9.18)
16.6 Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Hafeez, superb over from Wahab. Another single taken off the last ball. 
16.5 Wahab Riaz to Ben Dunk, almost carried to point! Miss-hit the slower one, did Ben Dunk. Gregory miss-fields and they run one. 
16.4 Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Hafeez, good short ball from Wahab! Hafeez narrowly cuts it for a run. 
16.3 Wahab Riaz to Ben Dunk, drives it to long on for a run
16.2 Wahab Riaz to Ben Dunk, a miscue results in a boundary for BIG BEN! He will take that ! Every run is precious at this moment of the game.