Warwickshire 190/7 (20 ov)
Leicestershire 155/10 (20 ov)
Warwickshire won by 35 runs.
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So, that is it, Warwickshire seal an easy 35-run victory and continue their superb run in this 2021 T20 Blast season. Chasing 191 for victory was always going to be a huge challenge for Leicestershire despite the fact that they gained some momentum in the back-end of their bowling innings. Josh Inglis started brightly with a couple of boundaries but Danny Briggs eventually bowled him in the first over itself. The ever-aggressive Arron Lilley also departed after making just eight runs. Scott Steel looked good at end with boundaries coming off his blade but he continued to lose partners at the other end including the skipper Colin Ackermann who fell in the sixth over. 

Leicestershire found some hope through a 51-run partnership between Steel and Rishi Patel but the latter fell off Carlos Brathwaite's bowling in the 13th over. Patel's dismissal removed any energy from the Foxes' chase as the likes of Steel and Louis Kimber fell soon after. Lewis Hill remained unbeaten on 26 off 20 balls but Leicestershire were bowled out off the final delivery. This loss will hurt them so much as it is their fifth defeat in a row. Leicestershire are fast running out of time to post their first victory of the season. 
155 /10 score
cricket bat icon Lewis Hill
26 (20)
cricket bat icon Ed Barnes *
7 (6)
cricket ball icon Tim Bresnan
3 /29
19.6 Tim Bresnan to Ed Barnes, OUT! FOXES ARE BOWLED OUT! In the slot slower delivery, Barnes wanted to deposit this into the stands but its right down the throat of the fielder at deep mid-wicket. The Foxes are the ones that were hunted tonight. Warwickshire beat Leicestershire by 35 runs.
19.5 Tim Bresnan to Lewis Hill, full delivery outside off, drilled towards extra cover, for another single that doesn't help the Foxes
19.4 Tim Bresnan to Ed Barnes, short of a length on the stumps, Barnes creams his pull shot straight to deep mid-wicket, one more to the total
19.3 Tim Bresnan to Lewis Hill, short of a length slower delivery, Hill missed his pull and the ball deflected off his shoulder towards short third man, another single
19.2 Tim Bresnan to Ed Barnes, full and wide outside off-stump, Barnes gave himself too much room and had to reach out for it, got a toe-end towards point for a run
19.1 Tim Bresnan to Ed Barnes, FOUR! Back of a length at hip height into Barnes, pulls it nicely in front of square to find the boundary on the bounce. Too little, too late.
Ten runs and a wicket off that over. The final over is coming up. LEI: 147/9 off 19 overs. They require 44 runs off six balls.
147 /9 score
cricket bat icon Lewis Hill
25 (18)
cricket bat icon Ed Barnes *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Carlos Brathwaite
2 /28
18.6 Carlos Brathwaite to Ed Barnes, fuller delivery on the off-stump, bunted down to long-on, only for a single. Just a matter of completing the formalities now.
18.5 Carlos Brathwaite to Ed Barnes, OH! Full toss on the fourth stump line, Barnes shuffled a long way across to attempt a paddle but missed it completely. Lucky that didn't go on to hit the stumps.
Ed Barnes, is the new batsman into the middle
In the slot but Naveen-ul-Haq has holed out to long-on. It was a slower delivery from Carlos Brathwaite. Nine wickets down now.
18.4 Carlos Brathwaite to Naveen-ul-Haq, IN THE AIR... TAKEN! Good length slower delivery on the stumps, Naveen tried to hammer this over longon, but it's right down the throat of the fielder. The Foxes continue to full apart!
18.3 Carlos Brathwaite to Naveen-ul-Haq, FOUR! Naveen opens his account in style! Short and into Naveen, crunches his pull shot in front of square to find the mid-wicket fence. Some shot!
18.2 Carlos Brathwaite to Lewis Hill, back of a length delivery outside off, punched towards sweeper cover and they settle for a single
18.1 Carlos Brathwaite to Lewis Hill, FOUR! Short of a length delivery angling into Hill, pulls it awkwardly but effectively behind square to collect a boundary 
Just four runs and a wicket off that over. Guess, the Foxes will just look to save some of their net run-rate by taking this innings deep. LEI: 137/8 off 18 overs. 
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