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Lonigo 84/9 (10 ov)
Royal Cricket Padova 85/5 (9.2 ov)
Royal Cricket Padova won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Dishan Fernando
RCP redeeming themselves with a win then, not in the ideal way as they would have liked, but a win is a win and they will take it alright. Five wickets and four balls to spare in the end as they got past the line against Lonigo on their debut. A good effort by them to bring it down to the final over though, and they will feel had they had enough runs on the board, they could probably have pulled it off. Not to be so but they will take some confidence off the way the came back in the second half. 

An unbeaten 33 from Dishan Fernando anchoring the chase as RCP made it slightly tough for themselves, losing wickets on their way but they got away as they weren't chasing a lot. Some fine bowling from Lonigo, with Rupwinder being the pick of the bowlers, picking up two wickets but unfortunately, it wasn't enough to help them defend the total. 

Lonigo have one more game coming their way, against Padova in what will be the final encounter of the day and they will be eager to get their first win on the board and get themselves going in the tournament. RCP will be a relieved side, having lost four off their five games and ending with a win here. A decent performance from them, with the ball first and then to chase it down, although they would have liked to do it earlier and with more wickets in hand!
RCP walking away with the win then in the final over, a brave effort from Lonigo to drag this down to the final over and had they had a few more runs, this could have been interesting. Some good bowling but in the end, a loss for them on their ECS debut and RCP will breathe a sigh of relief in not a smooth run-chase as we thought it would be! 
9.2 Sandeep Singh to Sajith Kumara, short of a length delivery, Sajith plays it to deep extra cover for two runs. That finishes the match as Royal Cricket Padova defeat Lonigo by five wickets with four balls to spare.
9.1 Sandeep Singh to Dilshan Fernando, short delivery, Dilshan mis-times the pull shot to mid-wicket but a fielder drops the catch. Single taken.
The batsmen looking to do this without taking much risks and they are doing it with the singles, fair enough on their side as well. Does this give Lonigo an outside chance here? Doesn't seem likely though. Just two more needed for RCP now as they are just a hit away! 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1lb 1 1 0 2 Bowler: Rohit Adia Score: 83/5
8.6 Rohit Adia to Dilshan Fernando, low full-toss, Dilshan plays it to deep mid-wicket for two runs.
8.5 Rohit Adia to Dilshan Fernando, full delivery, Dilshan drives it and the ball strikes Sajith Kumara's helmet at the non-striker's end. No run.
8.4 Rohit Adia to Sajith Kumara, length delivery outside-off, Sajith drives it to short extra cover where both the bowler and another fielder mis-field to give away a single.
8.3 Rohit Adia to Dilshan Fernando, short of a length delivery, Dilshan plays it to square-leg for a single.
8.2 Rohit Adia to Sajith Kumara, full on the pads, Sajith misses and the keeper can't stop the deflection off the pads. Leg-bye taken.
8.1 Rohit Adia to Dilshan Fernando, short of a length delivery, Dilshan pushes it to long-on for a single.
RCP inching closer to victory now, although, they keep losing wickets few short of the target. Lonigo have taken wickets but again, it's the runs that they got on the board that has let them down. Are we in for a close game, or will RCP get through without further hiccups? 
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 4 1 1 1 W Bowler: Gurjeet Kundlas Score: 77/5
7.6 Gurjeet Kundlas to Angelo Andradege, length delivery, Angelo chips it straight to the bowler for a simple return catch.
7.5 Gurjeet Kundlas to Dilshan Fernando, full on the stumps, Dilshan pushes it to mid-on for another single.
7.4 Gurjeet Kundlas to Angelo Andradege, short delivery, Angelo pulls it to mid-wicket for a single.
7.3 Gurjeet Kundlas to Dilshan Fernando, full on the pads, Dilshan flicks it to short fine-leg for a single.
7.2 Gurjeet Kundlas to Dilshan Fernando, length delivery outside-off, Dilshan plays it to deep point where the fielder lets the ball goes through his legs for a boundary.
7.1 Gurjeet Kundlas to Dilshan Fernando, full delivery on the stumps, Dilshan defends it safely.
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