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Trentino Aquila 114/3 (10 ov)
Lonigo 90/10 (9.3 ov)
Trentino Aquila won by 24 runs.
Player of the match: Atif Saleem Raza
Old habits die hard as they say and once again, Lonigo fell prey to their habit of not being able to finish games, losing wickets in heaps and making things miserable for themselves. They have no one to blame for as some sensible batting after the kind of start that they got should have done the trick for them. 62 when they lost their first wicket chasing 115 and you'd expect a side to finish the game more often than not from there. But, this game is never over till it actually is and this is nothing but yet another example of the same. 

A terrific comeback from Trentino this to defend the total and finish their campaign on a high. Two wickets apiece for Gurpreet, Sadaqat Ali, Raza and Asghar in a combined bowling effort to pull this game back and how! They got in a few tidy overs in the middle, put the pressure, held on to their chances and made it way too difficult for Lonigo in the end to get past the line. As we did mention, these kind of totals always end up getting tricky and we have another classic example right in front of us looking at how this game panned out to be. 

Looking back, Lonigo will see quite a few close games, which they could and should have finished and it would have been a completely different story for them. Lots of thinking and re-assessing to do for them. Trentino, on the other hand, haven't had a great run either but at least they will be happy to have signed off on a positive note and take back momentum from this rather promising campaign of theirs. Plenty of positives for the way they came back in this game and it shows the never give up attitude after being under the belt when Lonigo seemed to be cruising at one stage. That is what you need from teams to make the sport competitive and even more interesting to watch! 
And that is the game for Trentino! What a shame and what a collapse for Lonigo this and they will be disappointed to not have finished this after starting so well. 30 odd runs for their last 9 wickets and it cannot get any worse for a chasing side. Brilliant win for Trentino in the end as they wrecked havoc with all those wickets to comfortably defend this total in the end!
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 W W Bowler: Gurpreet Singh-III Score: 0/0
9.3 Gurpreet Singh to Bhavneet Singh, OUT! ALL OVER! Lonigo's sorry campaign comes to an end as they get bundled out again! Swings across the line of a length ball around off, the edge flies through to the keeper as the appeal is upheld by the umpire. What an end to a promising campaign from Trentino Aquila - they win by 24 runs in this third place playoff game!
9.2 Gurpreet Singh to Jashanpreet Singh, OUT! WHO NEEDS TWO HANDS TO TAKE A CATCH? Atif Saleem Raza surely doesn't! Slices a length ball high over cover point and Raza simply plucks it over his head off his right-hand as though he were plucking a fruit! The end is nigh now!
9.1 Gurpreet Singh to Bhavneet Singh, EXCELLENT STOP AT COVER POINT! Drills a full length delivery outside off to cover point who sticks his hand out and stops a certain boundary. Top work!
More wickets falling and Lonigo have made a disaster of this chase! What a comeback this has been from Trentino to keep picking those wickets at crucial times. Another terrific over this and that might just be the game for them now. Terrific bowling, backed up by some wonderful fielding and this is tragic for Lonigo! Three wickets down and they are in a miserable position now! 26 needed off 6 deliveries!
Over: 9 | Summary: 4 W W 0 1 W Bowler: Sadaqat Ali Score: 89/7
8.6 Sadaqat Ali to Bhavneet Singh, RUN OUT! ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! Back of a length at the stumps, pulls it straight onto his boot before the ball rolls aside; Bhavneet calls for the single before the keeper collects the ball and guns down the one stump in his line of sight to catch Satvir short of his crease! The curtains are falling on Lonigo now!
8.5 Sadaqat Ali to Satvir Singh, steps out and drills this full length delivery towards wide long off
8.4 Sadaqat Ali to Satvir Singh, WIDE! OOH! Just misses the leg-stump as he fires it on a yorker length, steps out and plays all over it. 
8.3 Sadaqat Ali to Harwinder Singh, OUT! THIRD MAN HOLDS ON! Full around middle and leg, swings across the line but the ball flies off the top-edge over third man, the boundary rider settles and holds onto it even as he falls behind. The ball does not pop out though! On a HAT-TRICK!
8.2 Sadaqat Ali to Harmesh Lal, OUT! CASTLED HIM! Slower delivery and very full on leg-stump, Harmesh is too early into the swing and fails to pick the length as the ball shatters down the leg-stump! A priceless moment in the game!
8.1 Sadaqat Ali to Harmesh Lal, FOUR! Much-needed for Lonigo! Round the wicket, in the slot around off and Harmesh swings over the off-side; the ball flies well square of the deep third man fielder and drops just short of the ropes!
What an eventful over this has been! A six to start, followed by a horror run-out and you can sense the tension in both the sides now. Lonigo doing what they do most often, making a mess after starting well and they seem to be losing their way now. Wickets falling regularly and Trentino have the momentum on their side. Can Lonigo still chase this down? 31 needed off 12 deliveries!
Over: 8 | Summary: 6 1W 2 0 W 0 Bowler: Awais Asghar Score: 84/4
7.6 Awais Asghar to Bhavneet Singh, yorker around off, jammed beside to round off the over
7.5 Awais Asghar to Rupwinder Singh, OUT! EASIEST OF TAKES! Lonigo are falling apart in this chase! Back of a length outside off, slogged very high from the crease with a cross-bat as long off settles himself and takes a comfortable reverse-cupped catch
7.4 Awais Asghar to Rupwinder Singh, banged into a hard length in the channel, plays all over the pull as the ball lobs over to the keeper
7.3 Awais Asghar to Rupwinder Singh, on a length at the stumps, punched through the gap towards deep cover as they complete the second run with relative ease
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