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Rajasthan 148/10 (19.2 ov)
Madhya Pradesh 138/8 (20 ov)
Rajasthan won by 10 runs.
That's all from this thrilling encounter, as I, Ankit Sharma bid farewell on behalf of me and my colleague Abhinav Singh! Do join us tomorrow for another round of exciting matches in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. 
An absolute nail biter, this game. Both teams fighting their hearts out to get their second win, but only one team can win and Rajasthan have triumphed over Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh started their innings positively, to see off the new ball bowlers, but they tumbled onto a hurdle called Rahul Chahar, who did not bowl a single bad ball. Everything he touched turned to gold today. Rahul Chahar took 5 wickets in 3 overs and sent most of the opponent's batting unit back to the hut. Coming back from that situation and winning the game was always going to be a mountain to climb, but their skipper Parth Sahani was not ready to accept defeat. He stood tall, saw off the spinners, and took on the pacers smartly. But even then getting 21 off the final over was one too many. He got out in the final over, and thus concluded any minute chance of Madhya Pradesh winning the match. It was a brilliant effort from the MP bowlers to restrict Rajasthan to 148, but their batsman failed to keep composure and were outdone with some top quality spin bowling. Rajasthan have done it before, defending low totals, and they have done it again. Rajasthan get their second victory, which will prove vital in qualifying for the knockout stages, whereas MP will look to bounce back and win their remaining fixtures. 
Sahani falls after a valiant effort. But 21 was always too much to get in the final over. He did manage to get a six but he fell short of his crease in an attempt to get back on strike the very next ball. Rajasthan have won this encounter by 10 runs. 
Over: 20 | Summary: 2 0 6 1W 0 1 Bowler: Khaleel Ahmed Score: 138/8
19.6 Khaleel Ahmed to Mihir Hirwani, fuller length delivery angling away from the batsman. Mihir gets behind the line of the ball and bunts it down the ground to long on for a single. Rajasthan win the match comfortably in the end!
19.5 Khaleel Ahmed to Mihir Hirwani, yorker length delivery on the fourth stump line. The tail-ender tries to be cheeky by attempting a ramp shot but the pace of Khaleel is too quick for Mihir as he is beaten fair and square
19.4 Khaleel Ahmed to Parth Sahani, RUNOUT! GAME OVER! low fulltoss on the middle and legstump line. Parth came down the track and drilled the ball down the ground to long on where the fielder released the ball quickly to the keeper who whipped the bails off in a flash to send the skipper packing! There was no option for him, other than coming back for the strike! 12 required in 2!
19.3 Khaleel Ahmed to Parth Sahani, SIX! GONE! low fulltoss on the offstump. The skipper holds his pose and powers the ball straight down the ground over long on for a MAXIMUM
19.2 Khaleel Ahmed to Parth Sahani, overpitched delivery bowled wide outside off but within the tramlines at express pace. Sahani was shuffling away from the stumps. Khaleel saw that and darted it outside. Intelligent bowling 
19.1 Khaleel Ahmed to Parth Sahani, low full toss bowled wide outside off. Parth jams his bat outside and slices the ball to deep third man fence for a couple of runs 
Khaleel Ahmed, back into the attack. 
Sahani is not going down without a fight! He has managed to hit back to back sixes against the experienced Deepak Chahar. Madhya Pradesh can still win this game. Sahani is playing on 65 and he will keep strike. 21 runs needed off 6 deliveries. 
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 1b 2 6 6 1 Bowler: Deepak Chahar Score: 128/7
18.6 Deepak Chahar to Parth Sahani, length delivery bowled across from the batsman that is driven to the the deep covers fielder for a single. Parth keeps the strike! Can he pull off a Houdini act here?
18.5 Deepak Chahar to Parth Sahani, SIX! THE GAME IS AFOOT! overpitched ball on the offstump line. Parth was prepared for that delivery. Camped deep in the crease, he launches the ball over deep long-on fielder for a maximum!
18.4 Deepak Chahar to Parth Sahani, SIX! FLATBATTED! back of length delivery dug into the pitch at a gentle pace. The skipper comes out of the crease and deposits the ball high and mighty over the deep midwicket fence for a MAXIMUM!
18.3 Deepak Chahar to Parth Sahani, fuller length ball darted into the offstump. Parth deep in his crease digs out the ball to deep midwicket region for a quick brace 
18.2 Deepak Chahar to Ishwar Pandey, back of length delivery dug into the pitch with a slower pace. Pandey dances down the track but fails to make any contact. His skipper calls for the run and completes it in the end 
Deepak Chahar seems to be in some discomfort. The physio has run in from the dugout
18.1 Deepak Chahar to Parth Sahani, length ball pitched on the middle and legstump line. Parth moves away with his trigger moment before the ball is pitched, Deepak sees that, shortens the length and forces the batsman to pull the ball to deep midwicket for a single only 
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