Malmohus Cricket Club 106/6 (10 ov)
Ariana AKIF 107/2 (8.3 ov)
Ariana AKIF won by 8 wickets
As expected, Ariana AKIF makes it to the finals of the tournament and they will have to largely thank MCC's pathetic fielding for sending them to it. They dropped four catches in the inning and gave the dangerman D Dash all the opportunity in the world to slog the MCC bowlers all around the park! D Dash smashed 54 off 24 deliveries and made sure that MCC had no chance to come back into the match even after when he departed.

Delwar Khan and Naser Baluch applied the finishing touches in the end and AF scampered to a comfortable 8 wicket victory with 9 balls left! With one hand on the trophy, Ariana AKIF will fancy their chances now of lifting the trophy!

So, that's it from our side, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner Maanas Uppadhyay signing off! Do join us back in 20 minutes as the second semi-final between Karlskrona Cricket Club and Ariana Cricket Club coming right up your alley!
8.3 S Hussain to D Khan, short ball on the body and the batsman looks to slog it. Mistimes the shot to square leg and the batsmen run a quick single. With that Ariana AKIF beat Malmohus Cricket Club by 8 wickets!
8.2 S Hussain to D Khan, no run, full ball outside off pushed back to the bowler.
8.1 S Hussain to N Baluch, short ball outside off edged over the keeper's head for a single.
Eight runs came off the 8th over and AF now need 2 runs to win off 12 deliveries. 
7.6 S Nord to D Khan, no run, length ball on the stumps and the batsman swings and misses.
7.5 S Nord to N Baluch, full ball outside off edged to fine leg for a single.
7.4 S Nord to N Baluch, full ball on the body flicked towards square leg for a couple of runs.
7.3 S Nord to D Khan, full ball on the pads slogged to mid-wicket for a single.
7.2 S Nord to D Khan, no run, full ball outside off and the batsman swings and misses.
7.1 S Nord to D Khan, FOUR! Four people on the ground! low full toss on the pads and the batsman smacks that down the ground. The bowler, umpire and the long on and long off fielders are down on the ground trying to either stop or evade the ball!
21 runs coming from the over and AF are nearly in the home-stretch, needing 10 off 18 deliveries! D Dash might have departed but he has done his work. AF 97/2 at the end of 7th over!
6.6 D Malhotra to N Baluch, SIX! Full ball on the stumps and Baluch rocks back and clobbers it straight down the ground for a huge maximum!
6.5 D Malhotra to D Khan, short ball on the body pulled to deep square leg for a single.
6.4 D Malhotra to D Dash, OUT! Full ball on the pads and Dash lofts it straight down the throat of long on. MCC finally manage to hold onto one
6.3 D Malhotra to D Dash,  FOUR! Full toss on the body and Dash effortlessly pulls it away for a boundary towards fine leg! This is an exceptional innings from Dash! Surely luck has been on his side but he has performed well under pressure!
6.2 D Malhotra to D Dash, short ball on the body and the batsman pulls it towards square leg. The fielder there tries for the catch and drops it and lets the ball go for four to add salt to the wounds. Dash reaches his FIFTY with that boundary!
Oh, dear! POOR! POOR from MCC!
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