Malo CC Vilamoura 113/5 (10 ov)
Miranda Dragons 64/9 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura won by 49 runs.
Player of the match: Najam Shahzad
Malo CC Vilamoura won the match by 50 runs!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Malo CC Vilamoura and Miranda Dragons. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Ankit Sharma signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Towards the end, it was just formality as the wickets kept tumbling for MD, and MAL bowlers continued to dominate through to a thumping victory against the MD. Ibrahim and Abdul were the only ones to reach into the double figures for MD with the bat.
Ibrahim was sticking around and holding an end but was not able to break the shackles as he scored just 12 runs facing 22 balls. Slowly it became a mountain to climb for MD and none of their batters were up to the task as the boundaries dried up.
This helped MD as they were able to get the balls to the boundaries ropes as MAL were struggling to grip the balls. They did come back strong as they were able to pluck the wickets and continued to push MD on the back foot in this run chase.
MAL leaked runs in the second over as their bowler Khurran bowled 7 wides before starting his over and MD scoreboard get into the double figures. There was a light shower on the ground for a minute which created a wet outfield.
Coming to chase 114 runs, MD did not have the best of start as they lost their opener Omar right on ball one. Ibrahim then came out to the middle alongside Imtiaz. Just one run was scored in the first over as MAL continued to dominate early on.
A slow innings from MD comes to a close as MAL have a comfortable victory over them. Miscommunication towards the end continued for MD as they lost a couple more wickets on the final two deliveries of run-outs.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 0 1 0 W 1W Bowler: Waleed Ijaz Score: 64/9
9.6 Waleed Ijiaz to Paul Stubbs, OUT! RUNOUT! Another one! This is absolutely a disgrace, the way the batsmen are running. Good length delivery is somehow put away to fine leg, who has all the time in the world to pick up the ball and throw it to the keeper for another run out. The non striker was not even in the frame and had given up before even trying to run. A comfortable win at the end for Malo.
9.5 Waleed Ijiaz to Colin Hardridge, OUT! RUNOUT! Good length delivery, luckily edged to short third man, who is quick to respond and throw it at the strikers end to disrupt the stumps well before the non striker could make it home. A horrible call for run. 
9.4 Waleed Ijiaz to Colin Hardridge, fuller and slower on the off stump, punched to the cover region but the fielders have come into the circle now. No runs. 
9.3 Waleed Ijiaz to Adrian Golding , just a bit shorter this time, guided towards third man for a quick run. 
9.2 Waleed Ijiaz to Adrian Golding , good length delivery, outside off, goes past the edge of the batsman and the keeper does well to grab it. 
9.1 Waleed Ijiaz to Colin Hardridge, good length delivery, slower one, picked nicely by Hardridge who tucks it away to extra cover for a single. 
Adrian Golding is the new batsman in for MD
Waleed Ijiaz 
comes on to bowl the final over
MD are now just falling like dominos towards the end of the innings. MD are still 53 runs away from the target. It is all about damage control for them. They would the scoreboard to look a little decent here
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 W 1 1 W W Bowler: Najam Shahzad Score: 61/7
8.6 Najam Shahzad to Colin Hardridge, OUT! RUNOUT! Horrible running this by the batsmen. Good length delivery worked away to point. Should have been a comfortable single, but laziness has cost them another wicket. 
Colin Hardidge is the new batsman in for MD
8.5 Najam Shahzad to Robin Singh, OUT! BOWLED! CASTLED! A brilliant delivery this. Full length delivery angling into the stumps, whiskers past the inside edge and knocks the stumps over. 
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