Rossio CC 63/8 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura 64/3 (7.4 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura won by 7 wickets
Malo CC Vilamoura beat Rossio CC by 7 wickets and 14 balls remaining!

That brings us to the end of a one-sided affair as Malo CC Vilamoura beat Rossio CC by 7 wickets and 14 balls remaining. The Malo CC started off the chase on a very positive note as the openers looked to go big in the very first over of the chase. But they were struck twice by Rahul who picked two wickets in two balls in the second over as Malo were reduced to 16/2 and 28/3 later on in the third over. Just when everyone thought that there will be a twist in the tale, Amir Zaib started going big and taking on the bowlers. He struck six fours and one huge SIX as he finished not out scoring 40 runs off just 27 deliveries. The other batsmen scored in single digits but was enough to seal things off and help MALO CC beat Rosssio CC.

Rahul Bharadwaj was the pick of the bowlers for Rossio as he picked 3 wickets in his spell of two overs giving away just 8 runs. He bowled well and pulled back his team into the chase but that wasn't enough as they had very little on the board.

That is it from us here at Sportskeeda, Ladies and Gentlemen. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this game. Do join us for the games later today as our team try to bring you ball-by-ball updates. Till then, this is Manoj Sarma signing off on behalf of my partner Sameer Deodhar! Stay Safe guys! Cheers!
7.4 H. Singh to A. Zaib, FOUR! Short ball on the body pulled away to deep square leg and MCCV win by 7 wickets!
7.3 H. Singh to A. Zaib, low full toss on the stumps swept to backward square leg for no runs
7.2 H. Singh to A. Zaib, FOUR! Similar delivery cut away past point this time and Zaib gets MCCV 4 runs closer to victory! He seems to be very strong in that area as he times the short delivery well and fetches FOUR!
7.1 H. Singh to A. Zaib, short delivery outside off cut away to the fielder at point for no runs
Malo CC are 56/3 after the end of the seventh over.

Inches away from victory now are the Malo CC.Need just 8 runs of 18 deliveries.
6.6 M. Nipo to A. Zaib, pushes the full delivery into the leg side and keepsstrike for the eighth over
6.5 M. Nipo to A. Zaib, FOUR! Reads the quicker one on his pads early, gets down on one knee and slaps the ball to deep square leg for a boundary! He's in the zone now. Eager to finish off things now.
6.4 M. Nipo to A. Zaib, SIX! Nipo offers a gift to Zaib with the full delivery outside off and Zaib sends the ball flying over long-on for a biggie! CLOBBERED! Picks this delivery in the slot and slogs it over the cow-corner fence for a MAXIMUM! He's doing it for his team now!
6.3 M. Nipo to A. Zaib, brings out the forward defence on the length ball outside off
6.2 M. Nipo to J. Popat, drives the full delivery outside off calmly to long-off for a single. Relaxed approach to the chase now as they require less than run a ball.
6.1 M. Nipo to J. Popat, misses the full delivery coming into the batsman and survives the half-hearted LBW appeal!
Malo CC are 44/3 after the end of the sixth over. Need 20 runs in 24 balls!

A boundary and a couple of innings in that over as both the batsmen look keen on finishing things off for their team.
5.6 H. Singh to A. Zaib, full toss outside off wristed to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs. Good running this by the duo.
5.5 H. Singh to J. Popat, taps one into the leg side and takes a single after the boundary
5.4 H. Singh to J. Popat, FOUR! Short and well outside off from Singh, Popat cuts it past point for an exquisite boundary! CLASSY! Goes back and across to this short delivery outside off and middles the shot and puts it away in the gap for a FOUR!
5.3 H. Singh to A. Zaib, drives the full delivery on off-stump to long-on and brings back Popat on strike
5.2 H. Singh to J. Popat, waits for the slower ball and pushes it into the off-side for a single. Puts back the man in form on strike.
5.1 H. Singh to J. Popat, misses the short ball angling into the left-hander from outside off
Malo CC are 35/3 after the end of the first half of the chase. Need 29 runs in 30 balls.

The batsmen need to score few quick runs to take the pressure of themselves to score big in the final over. One expensive over and Malo CC will be inches away from victory.
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