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Marsta CC 64/10 (9.1 ov)
SaltsJobaden CC 66/4 (8.3 ov)
SaltsJobaden CC won by 6 wickets
That's it from us! This was me, Shrey Gupta along with Sarthak Karkhanis, bringing you the live-action of the 3rd place contest between the Marsta CC and Saltsjobaden CC in the ECS Stockholm T10 league. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda as the big final between the Nacka CC and Djurgardens IF Cricketforening is on cards. The live-action of the final starts at 9:30 pm IST. So, buckle your seatbelts for the big game!
Comprehensive victory for the Saltsjobaden CC! They finish the tournament on a high as they managed to beat Marsta CC by 6 wickets!
Chasing 65 runs wasn't a big deal for SCC, but MCC bowlers showed no respite right from the start of the innings! They gave SCC a hiccup by getting some early blows, and problems started looming over them! But, Khalid Mehmood at one end, equally supported by Arslan Ali at the other revived the hopes of a win by playing some sensible cricket! They stitched a match-winning partnership and took their team home at last!
8.3 S Ullah to K Mehmood, FOUR runs! What a way to seal the game! Mehmood just doing what was needed! A bit fuller and Mehmood launches it in the air! Didn't get the connection right but enough to sail it over the mid-off fielder to get a boundary! That's it! SCC won the game!
8.2 S Ullah to K Mehmood, no run
8.1 S Ullah to A Ali, a single taken. Just 3 needed off final two!
This over would have eased the situation for SCC a bit! Needs 14 off 3 overs!
6.5 K Ali to K Mehmood, 2 runs taken as the ball goes towards fine leg
6.4 K Ali to K Mehmood, SIX! That is the shot of the day! Right into the slot and he just times it well as it goes over midwicket for a huge six. Fuller this time by the bowler and smacked by the batsman across the line to clear the fence! MAXIMUM!
6.3 K Ali to A Ali, quick single taken.
6.2 K Ali to K Mehmood, a single taken as it is misfielded by the bowler 
6.1 K Ali to A Ali, 1 run as he drives it to long off
That is the kind of over SCC would want. Just rotating the strikes and punishing bad balls! Needs 26 runs off 4 overs!
5.6 H Mehmood to A Ali, slower ball outside off and no run
5.5 H Mehmood to A Ali, edged over the keeper's head
5.4 H Mehmood to A Ali, 2 runs
5.3 H Mehmood to K Mehmood, FOUR! outside off lofted onto the leg side for four! Low full-toss and picked well! That's very well placed by the batsman as the ball pierces between the two fielders!
5.2 H Mehmood to A Ali, Yorker and the batsman just defends it 
5.1 H Mehmood to K Mehmood, 1 run
This game is evenly poised! SCC needs 34 runs in 30 balls with 6 wickets in hand!
4.6 K Ali to A Ali, 2 runs 
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