Medical University Sofia 121/3 (10 ov)
Indian Tuskers 87/10 (9.4 ov)
Medical University Sofia won by 34 runs.
Indian Tuskers 87 all out

Tuskers end up on 87 as they fall short by 34 runs of the target set by MU Sofia!

With that, we have come to the end of this match as MU Sofia add their fourth win of the tournament defeating the Indian Tuskers. 
MU Sofia put up a challenging total in the first innings with a score of 121/3 backed by the swashbuckling innings of 65 runs by Ishan de Silva who put up a  century stand with Nikhil Oliviera

Indian Tuskers got off to a flying start in the second innings with Fayyas Mohammaed and Romald Lazarus in fine touch scoring boundaries at regular intervals. However, some poor decision making cost the Tuskers as the wickets tumbled on and the chase lost the steam completely. Albin Jacob of MU Sofia picked up four wickets and skipper Nisarg Shah also chipped in with a couple of wickets to derail the Tuskers' batting lineup.

Tuskers have two more matches left to play in the day and still have hopes of going further in the tournament.

Hope you all enjoyed the match coverage from us here at Sportskeeda! Do join us for the later games from the ESC Bulgaria T10 through the day. Till then, this is Gaurav Kadam, and my partner, Pradeep Somashekhar signing off! Stay safe everyone!
9.4 Albin Jacob to Jake Mathew, OUT! CASTLED! It's all over, full on the middle and off, crashes on to the middle stump, goes through his gate! Tuskers are bowled out in under 10 overs and they lost wickets in a canter and they lost by 34 runs margin in the end! They have 2 more matches coming up today to lift themselves up and come back into the tournament!
9.3 Albin Jacob to Jake Mathew, over pitched and Jake looked to sweep it on the on side and is beaten!
9.2 Albin Jacob to Clix John, OUT! On the good length, Clix swats at that one and gets the faintest of edges that goes to the keeper and he takes an easy catch, huge shout and Umpire obliges! Jake has to go!
9.1 Albin Jacob to Ken Shaji, slower delivery, it was right in the channel, gets some bat on that as he flicks it on the on side for a single.
Indian Tuskers 86-7 as we have just one over left to play.

The tailenders struggle to play against the spin of Tirth Patel at the start but manage to sneak in a boundary towards the end. The target is unachievable for the Tuskers now.
8.6 Tirth Patel to Clix John, FOUR! Tossed up with this one and Jake smashes it down the ground for a boundary!
8.5 Tirth Patel to Clix John, short this time, fired it in, Clix misses to hit and is beaten!
8.4 Tirth Patel to Clix John, FOUR! Tossed up, it was short and Clix rocks back to loft it over the extra cover and there was no one to stop it, goes to the boundary!
8.3 Tirth Patel to Clix John, tossed up, it was touch short, Clix had enough time to punch that one towards cover region and they pick a couple of runs in the end.
8.2 Tirth Patel to Ken Shaji, tossed up once again, it was full, Ken swats at that one, gets enough bat to take a single on the on side.
8.1 Tirth Patel to Ken Shaji, tossed up and too much flight first up, Ken looked to sweep at that and misses, it raps on the pads, bowler is interested but the Umpire isn't!
Indian Tuskers 79-7 with two overs left in the innings.

Disaster has struck for the Tuskers as MU Sofia skipper Nisarg Shah comes into bowl and takes two wickets to derail the chase. He almost had a third one towards the one as he concedes just 8 runs.
7.6 Nisarg Shah to Ken Shaji, DROPPED! Slower delivery, Ken was outfoxed with the change of pace and he skies this one, keeper says it's mine and drops a dolly!
7.5 Nisarg Shah to Ken Shaji, slower delivery first up for Shaji and he gets a top edge but thankfully it falls short of the bowler, no run!
7.4 Nisarg Shah to Bradleey Constantine, OUT! It's all falling apart for Tuskers, Bradleey goes for a huge swing, it was on the middle and off stump line and he misses it completely, stumps are CASTLED!
7.3 Nisarg Shah to Bradleey Constantine, over pitched on the outside of the off stump, Bradleey gets no bat on that and he's beaten!
7.2 Nisarg Shah to Romald Lazarus, OUT! It was on the good length, targeted on the middle and off, Romald looked to smoke that one as well and misses it, the stumps are RATTLED! Romald has to go!
7.1 Nisarg Shah to Romald Lazarus, SIX! Slower delivery, Romald got into the position and SMOKED it down the ground for a huge maximum! That sailed over the long on fielder.
7.1 Nisarg Shah to Romald Lazarus, OH MY WORD! That was a BEAMER! Slipped from his hand and it went straight to Romald's head and he saves himself from getting hit by moving away in time! FREE HIT COMING UP!
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