MU Dons 148/2 (10 ov)
Medical University Sofia 110/5 (10 ov)
MU Dons won by 38 runs.
MU Dons have won the match by 38 runs and cement a spot in the finals!

The Medical University Sofia's run chase never seemed to get going, with a wicket falling early in the innings. Kevin D'Souza looked to be in fine touch but an error of judgement and a brilliant throw by the keeper sent him packing as well. They were almost out of the hunt after that, with Bipin Gattapur getting stumped for a duck, consuming 5 deliveries in the process as well. Omar Rasool was the only ray of hope, scoring 41(26) but eventually got out trying to keep up with the monumental required run rate. None of the other batsmen really got going. 

A clinical bowling display by the MU Dons which consisted of Rohan Patel picking up two crucial wickets while skipper Kiran Dasan and Borislav Metodi chipped in with a wicket each. In the end, the target proved to be too mighty for this MUS side, which was not at its usual best today. The MUS will go on to play in the third place game while the MU Dons advance to the finals. 

All roads now lead to a delightful final between the MU Dons and the Indo-Bulgarian CC which promises to be an excellent contest to wrap up the tournament. Do join us for the third-place match as well as the grand final later on today. Well then, that brings an end to our coverage of this match. This is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my partner, Sameer Deodhar, singing off. Stay safe!
9.6 A. Rehemtulla to T. Patel, full toss on the stumps lofted towards long-off for a single and MUD win by 38 runs!
9.5 A. Rehemtulla to H. Yusuf, miscues the wild slog back past the bowler and gets a single
9.4 A. Rehemtulla to H. Yusuf, FOUR! Gets an inside edge on the full delivery on the stumps and the ball races to the fine leg fence for four more! Lucky edge that fetches him four runs!
9.3 A. Rehemtulla to H. Yusuf, SIX! Slogs the low full toss on middle stump over deep mid-wicket and takes MUS past the 100-run mark! Too little, too late! The batsmen came down the track and whacked that for a huge maximum!
9.2 A. Rehemtulla to H. Yusuf, misses the wild swing on a length ball outside off
9.1 A. Rehemtulla to T. Patel, bottom-edges the nothing shot to the right of the keeper and gets off-strike
Medical University Sofia are 97/5 at the end of 9 overs, needing an impossible 52 runs from the last over.

A brilliant yorker fired in the blockhole got the better of Nicson while the other batsmen tries to swat everything away but were not able to connect cleanly.
8.6 B. Metodi to H. Yusuf, takes something off the pad on its way to the keeper past leg stump
8.6 B. Metodi to H. Yusuf, full toss way outside off, called wide
8.5 B. Metodi to T. Patel, cross-bats the full delivery outside off to long-on
8.4 B. Metodi to H. Yusuf, swivels the full delivery on the stumps to square leg for a single
8.3 B. Metodi to T. Patel, miscues the pull to mid-wicket and the duo take a risky single
8.2 B. Metodi to T. Patel, misses a wild heave on a full delivery outside off
8.1 B. Metodi to A. Nicson, OUT! Nails the yorker and Nicson misses the slog! Has to walk back! That should do it for the MU Dons! Brilliant yorker! Fired in right on the off stump and the ball snuck under the bat and crashed into the sticks.
Medical University Sofia are 93/4 at the end of 8 overs, needing an improbable 56 runs from 2 overs.

Rohan Patel has been instrumental with the ball and has snared two important wickets here! The match is all but over now as MUS' last hope Rasool walks back!
7.6 R. Patel to A. Nicson, gets an inside edge on the flighted delivery outside off to backward square leg and takes a single
7.5 R. Patel to H. Yusuf, skies the full delivery to mid-off and the fielder at long-off jogs to throw the ball back to the bowler
7.5 R. Patel to H. Yusuf, tight call on the wide outside off
7.4 R. Patel to O. Rasool, OUT! He's too late to pull the shortish delivery and the ball zooms in and takes the middle stump for a stroll. That should wrap things up! Rasool was their last hope and he has to walk back to the pavilion.
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