Perth Scorchers 130/10 (19.1 ov)
Melbourne Renegades 131/3 (16.3 ov)
Renegades won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Josh Lalor
Exciting day here in the first double header of this year's BBL, as both the Melbourne based teams come out on top. Stars make it two in two, whereas Renegades kick off with a flier. Do join us tomorrow for another double header. To wrap it up, I have been Ankit Sharma along with my colleague Anurag, as we bid farewell.  
On the other hand, Perth Scorchers have a very good and balanced team, as we saw glimpses of it, but no one really stood up and took the onus on themselves to take their innings deep. No harm done though, it was just the first game, so hopefully they learn from this game, and grow ahead. A long tournament ahead and with their depth, it's a matter of time they come out on top. 
A very one track game here as Melbourne Renegades were always in the driving seat from the first innings itself, got early wickets and never let Scorchers get away, as they kept taking in wickets at intervals. Finch and Shaun Marsh came in all guns blazing, showing their experience with their mature batting. All in all a very good performance from the Melbourne side Having Finch in the side will be a big boost for them as they set the tone for the tournament.  
Player of the Game:

Josh Lalor: Very happy with the win here, glad to be of good use to the team. Many bowling options in the team but everyone's happy having their role as we have good depth in the team. Marsh and Finch played terrifically against a good line up so happy with the win. Will be here tomorrow as well so no rest for today. 

Jhye Richardson get a consolation wicket of Shaun Marsh, as Renegades win comfortably. They were in command right from the very first over. Good start here after finishing at the bottom of the table last year. A very one sided affair at the Blundstone Arena today. 
16.4 Jhye Richardson to Jake Fraser-McGurk, short and WIDE down the leg side, an anti-climatic finish to what's been an excellent performance from the Renegades. Unfortunately for Jake Fraser-McGurk, he won't be hitting the winning runs after all! Melbourne Renegades win by 7 wickets
16.3 Jhye Richardson to Jake Fraser-McGurk, full on off stump, driven to cover for no run
Jake Fraser-McGurk, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
16.2 Jhye Richardson to Shaun Marsh, OUT! BOWLED! What an anti-climax this is! It was fast and straight on the stumps and Marsh plays across the line looking to finish the game off with a boundary, unfortunately he misses and Richardson hits!
16.1 Jhye Richardson to Rilee Rossouw, full on the pads, clipped away down to deep mid wicket for one. Just 1 needed to win
Marsh takes the attack to Tye and gets another 8 runs in the over. Just 2 required now. 
Over: 16 | Summary: 1 1 4 0 1 1 Bowler: Andrew Tye Score: 129/2
15.6 Andrew Tye to Rilee Rossouw, full outside off, pushed to deep extra cover for one
15.5 Andrew Tye to Shaun Marsh, length ball on the stumps, nips back into Marsh, he backs away and guides it to the gap on the off side for one
15.4 Andrew Tye to Shaun Marsh, slower ball outside off, Marsh cant get bat on ball as he goes for an almighty heave
15.3 Andrew Tye to Shaun Marsh, SMOKED! FOUR! A little too full from Tye on that occasion and Marsh smashes it past the bowler with some power! 
15.2 Andrew Tye to Rilee Rossouw, length ball outside off, Rossouw pushes it to mid off for one
15.1 Andrew Tye to Shaun Marsh, slower ball full outside off, Marsh walks across his stumps and just drops it towards the off side for a single
Runs continue to flow for Renegades as they add another 8 runs in the first over of their power surge. Will they wrap it up in the next over or will Scorchers give them a hard time. 
Over: 15 | Summary: 4 0 1 1 1 1 Bowler: Jhye Richardson Score: 121/2
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