Melbourne Renegades 166/6 (17 ov)
Sydney Thunder 117/2 (12 ov)
Thunder won by 7 runs (D/L Method)
Player of the match: Alex Hales
That's all we've got for you from this rain-hit encounter between Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Renegades in the BBL 2020-21. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. Stay tuned for all the action from the BBL and all cricketing events happening around. This is me (Rishab) and my partner, Karthik, taking your leave. Have a good day! 
The way Alex Hales started off it looked like he was in a whole different mood and nothing was going to stop him! If something did, that was an unbelievable effort in the field! Once he was gone, the Renegades did manage to pull it back well. They put the pressure and the game was looking in good balance. 56 off 30 wasn't going to be easy to chase. Although Khawaja was well set and Thunder would still have had some firepower to come, considering the fact that they had wickets in hand. 

However, the Renegades would have really fancied their chances in the last few overs there. When you're absolutely down and out, all you need to get back on track is one good win. Renegades would have believed this was it but unfortunately for them, rain had other plans! Nothing much they can do because it's not in anyone's control. But they will be disappointed for sure. 

Shaun Marsh and Mohammad Nabi did brilliant earlier on to get the Renegades to a great finish. Those are some good signs and positives to take away from this game. Had they have gotten the wicket of Khawaja, the result may probably have been different. He batted beautifully and ensured the Thunder were ahead of the DL par score. With all that said and done, it's their fifth victory in a row now and a perfect way to start the new year, with a win! Not in a fashion they would have liked to, but it doesn't matter. They now move to the top of the table with 18 points from six games. And on the other hand, complete contrast, Melbourne Renegades continue to languish at the very bottom spot of the table. 
Renegades poor run continues! They might have had a chance tonight! But Thunder did well to keep up the scoring, specially with that flying start courtesy Alex Hales and that's eventually helped them get the two points, and the Bash Boost Point as well. Nothing for Renegades from this one. They did really well with the bat and as we say again, they could have gone on to win this game too. But as luck would have it, their frustration and woes continue in this edition of the BBL. 
The rain is only getting heavier and thus the game has been ended. Sydney Thunder win by 7 runs (DLS method). That's five wins for them in a row! Renegades will feel unlucky. They desperately needed a win under their belt but that's that! 
The DLS par score at the end of 12 overs is 110 and Sydney Thunder are 7 runs ahead at 117/2. Which means, Renegades will need this game to get back on, else Thunder will walk away with the points! 
Meanwhile, the rain has come on again and the covers are being called for. Another interruption just as the game was getting towards the finish. 
Good bowling from Sutherland this! He's varied his lengths nicely. Khawaja gets that boundary and they need more of it. But it's still been a good over under pressure this. Great finish to the over. Excellent execution at this stage. This will help build pressure for sure!

It's 56 off 30 now needed.  
117 /2 score
cricket ball icon Will Sutherland
11.6 Will Sutherland to Usman Khawaja, short of a length delivery, the ball straightens a bit as Khawaja is beaten all ends up.
11.5 Will Sutherland to Usman Khawaja, short and wide, Khawaja moves to the leg-side and misses out on the opportunity to hammer the freebie. Play and a miss.
11.4 Will Sutherland to Usman Khawaja, full delivery, Khawaja gets in line and lofts it straight down the ground for a boundary. Finch will be unhappy as he was asking Sutherland to keep it short.
11.3 Will Sutherland to Sam Billings, short of a length on the leg-side, Billings couldn't connect as he just about edges it in front of the keeper. Single taken.
11.2 Will Sutherland to Sam Billings, Finch calls for a bumper and Sutherland delivers one. Billings misses the pull shot.
11.1 Will Sutherland to Sam Billings, full outside off, Billings plays it uppishly to mid-off. No run.
Hatzoglou has been good tonight. He's bowled well again and the batsmen are just looking to play him around for one's and two's. But the pressure of the required rate will be on their minds. Good bowling but it's another reverse sweep! This time from Billings. Gets it fine and to the fence. They need to keep those boundaries coming. The only way Renegades are winning this is by picking wickets! They've got to find a way to do so. Decent over for Thunder. 

Will Sutherland brought into the attack 
112 /2 score
cricket ball icon Peter Hatzoglou
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