Melbourne Renegades Women won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Georgia Wareham
Hobart Hurricanes had a tough time in the field with misfielding and wickets off no-ball and free hit that ensured Renegades approached their target stress-free as they got a couple of crucial reprieves. Amy Smith and Nicola Carey didn't have a great day with the ball as they went away for runs. Hurricanes struggled with the bat as well as there wasn't a match-winning innings from even one player. Somehow hobbled to 121 in their 20 overs.

They kept losing wickets at regular intervals which in this game doesn't ensure you a winning position. The batters judged the pitch wrong and there was clearly a lack of application on display. However there are some days when things just don't go in your way.

As for Renegades, they were right in the contest throughout with an all-round performance and that is what champion teams do- They hunt in packs. Earlier it was the Molineux and Wareham's bowling partnership and then Rodrigues- Webb's batting partnership that gave no hope for the Hurricanes.

Well, that is it from this side as another WBBL encounter awaits you between Sydney Thunder and Adelaide Strikers.
Hope you enjoyed the action in the first game of the doubleheader as much as we had bringing it to you! 
Until next time, this me Anavit Naik with my expert commentator Dwijesh Reddy, signing off. Take Care!
Georgia Wareham of Melbourne Renegades is the Player of the Match

Georgia Wareham:
Feels great to get the win in our first game of the tournament. Proud to be able to contribute with the ball had support from the skipper (Molineux) on the other hand as well. (On the total) The total was a par score on this pitch as our bowlers did an incredible job to keep it to 120-odd. Our batters did a pretty good job to get us over the line. (On her bowling plans) Well the strategy was just to keep it simple and give the batter no room and bowl straight. (Jemimah) Rodrigues and Courtney (Webb) got a healthy partnership in the middle and was really nice to finish the game with Harmanpreet (Kaur) at the end.
There it is! Harmanpreet Kaur wins it for Renegades as they somehow took the chase to the last over courtesy the mini-collapse in the middle after Jemimah Rodrigues and Courtney Webb got together to stitch an excellent partnership. And then Kaur and Wareham ensured they get over the line. A clinical performance from the Melbourne Renegades and you could say they outplayed the opposition with their skill and temperament. 

Left no stone unturned as they just found players for every occasion who performed their duties beautifully and with utmost class. 
Melbourne Renegades Women have beaten Hobart Hurricanes by 6 wickets with 4 balls left
19.2 Amy Smith to Harmanpreet Kaur, FOUR! Kaur finishes off in style as Kaur lofts a full ball bowled into the stumps into the square leg region for a boundary!
19.1 Amy Smith to Harmanpreet Kaur, a full ball bowled outside off, Kaur lets it go to the keeper
Amy Smith to bowl the last over
The game is done and dusted. Just need to put the finishing touch
121 /4 score
cricket bat icon Harmanpreet Kaur *
20 (17)
cricket bat icon Georgia Wareham
5 (7)
cricket ball icon Nicola Carey
0 /31
18.6 Nicola Carey to Harmanpreet Kaur, a low full-toss bowled on middle and off, Kaur turns it to square leg for a single
2 runs needed of 7 balls. Harmanpreet is on strike. ONE hit away
18.5 Nicola Carey to Harmanpreet Kaur, a full ball bowled outside off, Kaur pushes it over the cover region for a couple of runs
18.4 Nicola Carey to Harmanpreet Kaur, SIX! BANG! A full ball bowled on middle and off, Kaur gets down on one knee and whacks it over midwicket for a big hit!
18.3 Nicola Carey to Georgia Wareham, a low full-toss bowled on middle and off, Wareham plays it to long-off for a single
18.2 Nicola Carey to Harmanpreet Kaur, a full ball bowled outside off, Kaur crunches it towards long-on for a single
18.1 Nicola Carey to Harmanpreet Kaur, a length ball bowled on the pads, Kaur looks to ramp but it thuds into the pads and sways past the keeper for a couple
Nicola Carey is back for her last over
Well! Well! Well! They need 14 runs off 12 balls. This over holds the key in the match. Penultimate is always the match-defining over. Rodrigues and Webb had provided the platform and yet they are struggling. No wonder Hurricanes struggled as well. The pitch has just got TRICKIER!
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