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Melbourne Stars 169/8 (20 ov)
Sydney Thunder 147/9 (20 ov)
Stars won by 22 runs
Player of the match: Adam Zampa
We've had quite some good action from this game of the BBL 2020-21. As it's a double header do stay tuned as our team brings you the action from the other game as well. Stay updated to catch all the cricketing action on Sportskeeda! This is Rishab, along with my partner, Pradeep, taking your leave for the moment! 
Boy what a magnificent spell it has been from Zampa! This is why you always want him in your team. He'll get you wickets and keep it amazingly tight as well. Sensational performance from him. Liam Hatcher bowled a brilliant spell too in the middle and Cartwright towards the backend adding to the damage! It's been a collective and great effort with the ball for the Stars! With Hales and Ferguson in the middle it looked like Thunder were well in the chase. But once that partnership was broken, they started to fall like a pack of cards and that was it for them. No other batsman could really stand up apart from the two and they eventually fell short of what seemed a total that could have been chased down. 

Thunder started well but coming closer to the half-way mark the Stars pulled it back really well with some tight overs in the middle! And once the big wickets fell, the pressure was just too much to handle for the rest. One good partnership could have still taken them home but it's about who handles pressure better on the day and the Stars did a brilliant job. 

When you win games defending scores specially, it gives you more confidence and the Stars will be mighty pleased with this effort! Thunder need to reassess their batting a bit, that really fell off like nothing in a chase of a gettable score. The bowled really well to comeback and restrict the Stars but their batting let them down in the second half. 
Again a brilliant over from Zampa! This has been an unbelievable spell from him. Amazing accuracy and fearlessly tossing it up again and again and that's gotten him rich dividends there! Wickets was what was missing for him so far and now he's got those too! Simply wonderful and this is a fantastic win for the Stars. They have successfully defended this total and beat the Thunder by 21 runs! 
19.6 Adam Zampa to Jonathan Cook, tossed up it was much quicker this time. Cook dances down the track and hits it straight to the short extra cover fielder and Thunder go down by 22 runs in the end. Brilliant come back bowling effort from Starts and that is why they are the team to beat in this tournament!
19.5 Adam Zampa to Jonathan Cook, tossed up it was full outside off and Cook decides to whack but doesn't time that very well, falls safely in the end and denies the hatrrick for Zampa and they come back for a second in the end
19.4 Adam Zampa to Baxter Holt, OUT! AND ANOTHER! Tossed up it was full again. Holt goes for the similar shot and top edges this one straight to the backward point fielder's throat and Thunder are falling like nine pins at the moment!
19.3 Adam Zampa to Nathan McAndrew, OUT! Tossed up it was full on the middle and leg. McAndrew gets into position and looked to whack that out of the park but hits it in the end and Dunk says it's mine and holds on to it in the end
19.2 Adam Zampa to Baxter Holt, tossed up on the full this time on the leg stump. Holt drives this one down the ground to long-on for a single
Brilliant over from Cartwright this! Amazing at the death! It's the same story that happened with them while batting, one partnership broken and then wickets falling in a flurry! Did get little lose at the end of the over but job well done there
19.1 Adam Zampa to Baxter Holt, tossed up on the full. Holt goes for the reverse sweep and misses, raps on the back pad in the end. no run
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 W 2 W 0 5nb 2 Bowler: Hilton Cartwright Score: 144/7
18.6 Hilton Cartwright to Nathan McAndrew, SUPERMAN EFFORT FROM MAXWELL. That was a slower one in the slot as McAndrew prepares himself to give that a whack and slammed that one down the ground to long-on. Maxwell jumps to take the catch but in the process goes over the ropes but not before throwing the ball back in play, three runs in the end
18.6 Hilton Cartwright to Nathan McAndrew, FOUR! Slower delivery it was waist height full toss and Umpire calls that a NO-BALL and Nathan manages to hit that one towards long-leg boundary in the end
18.5 Hilton Cartwright to Nathan McAndrew, slower delivery and McAndrew decides to give that a whack and misses it completely, through to the keeper's gloves
18.4 Hilton Cartwright to Chris Green, OUT! WICKETS TUMBLING FOR THUNDER! Slower one it was a full toss as Green looks to whack it away but holds out at long-off fielder who doesn't move one inch and Green departs!
18.3 Hilton Cartwright to Chris Green, full delivery outside off. Green hammers it down to long-off for a single, straight to the fielder along the ground
18.2 Hilton Cartwright to Alex Ross, OUT! Not what Thunder wanted as Ross plays that slower one too early into the shot and hits it straight down the deep mid-wicket fielder's throat and Ross perishes who looked like was the last hope they had!
18.1 Hilton Cartwright to Chris Green, slower delivery it was full outside off. Green goes for it and swings at it, hits it straight down the ground and falls safely in the end as the long-on fielder comes across to keep it to just a single
Now this was a much needed over for Thunder! Alex Ross is turning it on. Stanlake hasn't got his lengths quite right at the start of the over. He's finished well though. Good comeback that. It's 36 off 12 now and this is getting all the more interesting! 
Over: 18 | Summary: 6 0 4 1 0 1 Bowler: Billy Stanlake Score: 134/5
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