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XI Stars 103/3 (10 ov)
Men In Blue CC 99/9 (10 ov)
XI Stars won by 4 runs.
Player of the match: Tanveer Shah
What a terrific finish we have had to this contest! Just 7 off the last over and with Shubhdeep Deb in there, it was always going to be the Men in Blue to go past the line! Well, Tanveer Shah had other plans though and that is one of the best final overs you'll ever see. Three wickets going down in that last over as the XI Stars managed to notch up their first ever win in the ECS and boy has it come in some style! A dramatic turnaround and certainly an unbelievable effort to pull out a victory from the jaws of defeat. Tanveer Shah with a match-winning spell of 4/17 and he's going to remember this performance for a long time to come! Just short of words for this effort helping his side to defend that total by such a narrow margin. 

The XI Stars needed wickets and they were up to the task picking them right through the innings as they kept the Men in Blue under constant pressure. If not for that brilliant fifty from Shubhdeep Deb, the game would not have gone as far as it did for the Men in Blue. Of course, they were helped immensely by the extras, as many as 24 of them in their total of 99 and one can imagine the scorecard had those been cut down significantly! None of the batsmen could really get going as the wickets kept tumbling every now and then. 

Zubair Ahmed picking up three wickets as well contributing with a match-winning effort and the XI Stars will be over the moon after having pulled off their first win of the competition. A good all-round show from them to beat one of the strong sides in this tournament and that will do tons of good to their confidence. Although, a lot of extras given away with the ball that nearly cost them the game and they have a lot of work to do with that going forward. As for the Men in Blue, they would have certainly believed they had this game in their bag going into that last over! Who would have imagined a dramatic comeback like that! Brilliant action in a thrilling contest and they did come close, but couldn't go past the line in the end 
Over: 10 | Summary: 2 W 0 W W 0 Bowler: Tanveer Shah Score: 99/9
9.6 Tanveer Shah to Sachin Sudarshana, Length ball tad wide of off-stump. The batsman fails to hit the ball and the keeper takes the ball. XI Stars have stolen this match from Men in Blue in a thriller!!!!!
9.5 Tanveer Shah to Harihar Sridhar, OUT! BOWLED! Full ball and another poor shot. The ball hits the stumps. Two in a row and three for the over! Boy this is unbelievable stuff! 
9.4 Tanveer Shah to Atul Kesar, OUT!! BOWLED! Full ball and Kesar looks for a wild swing of his bat and the ball hits the stumps. What a turnaround this has been! Boy this is turning out to be a terrific game!
9.3 Tanveer Shah to Atul Kesar, Full ball on off-stump. Kesar plays a feable shot. He misses to hit the ball. The keeper collects the ball and removes the ball in a jiffy. There is an appeal for stumping but the batsman is safe!! 5 off 3
9.2 Tanveer Shah to Shubhdeep Deb, OUT! CAUGHT! Full ball and Deb hits the ball straight into the hands of the man at long-off. That's the wicket they were after and this game is just not over yet! Some drama here in the final over. 5 off 4
9.1 Tanveer Shah to Shubhdeep Deb, Full ball and Deb plays the ball down the ground to long-on for two runs. 
Shubhdeep Deb doing the job for the Men in Blue then! Brilliant batting with the big hits and then working those singles nicely rotating the strike. The extras again as a result of some poor bowling and fielding as well. Bringing up his fifty as well and it's been a terrific knock from him this! The Men in Blue on the verge of yet another victory then. 7 off the last over needed!
Over: 9 | Summary: 5w 6 1 1 1 1 1 Bowler: Umar Riaz Score: 97/6
8.6 Umar Riaz to Shubhdeep Deb, Length ball on middle and leg. Deb plays the ball down to long-on for a single and get to his fifty!! 
8.5 Umar Riaz to Sunil Jangir, Full ball on middle and leg and Jangir plays the ball to long-on for a single. 
8.4 Umar Riaz to Shubhdeep Deb, Full ball and Deb pushes the ball to cover for a single. 
8.3 Umar Riaz to Sunil Jangir, Length ball and Jangir plays the ball to long-off for a single. 
8.2 Umar Riaz to Shubhdeep Deb, Length ball and the batsman works the ball for a single. 
8.1 Umar Riaz to Shubhdeep Deb, SIX! Full ball and Deb blasts the ball over cover for a maximum. Excellent balance knowing where the fielder was and put that away in style!
8.1 Umar Riaz to Shubhdeep Deb, WIDE and FOUR! Full ball down the leg side. The keeper fails to collect the ball cleanly and the ball goes down the leg-side for a boundary too. Sloppy work again and the extras have hurt the XI Stars big time!
Sloppy in the field and these little errors could really cost the XI Stars the game here! Cannot afford such errors at this stage of the game and it's given the Men in Blue some much-needed runs. Shubhdeep Deb with some power hitting and he's keeping them in the game here. They did loose that wicket but they are in the hunt! Looks like this one is certainly going down the wire! 23 off 12 needed
Over: 8 | Summary: W 4 2 6 2 1 Bowler: Tanveer Shah Score: 81/6
7.6 Tanveer Shah to Shubhdeep Deb, Full ball and Deb plays the ball down the ground for a single. 
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