Mon Repos Stars 80/5 (10 ov)
Micoud Eagles 81/1 (7 ov)
Micoud Eagles won by 9 wickets
Micoud Eagles storm into the finals! Needing 81 runs to win, Micoud Eagles batsmen chased it with ease with 18 balls remaining in the over. Shervin Charles took most of the strike for a long time and didn't waste it. He played some exquisite shots and remained unbeaten on 44 off 26 balls.

Mervin Wells got some strike at the end and he scored 32 off 16 balls to take the game away from Mon Repos Stars. Both the batsmen looked very comfortable in the middle and scored easily.

Mon Repos Stars will be disappointed. They got off to a good start with the bat but the loss of three wickets in one over put the brakes on their scoring momentum. They couldn't finish well and managed to get only 80 runs.

Kevin Augustin, the Mon Repos Stars captain used 6 bowlers in the 7 over innings but it didn't help their cause. All the bowlers were put under pressure and with just 80 on the board they couldn't do much.

That's it from us for this match. This is Nikhil Kulkarni, along with my colleague, Balashankar, signing off! Do tune into our 2nd Semi-Final commentary which is about to start in 20 mins. Take Care and Stay Safe!
81 /1 score
cricket ball icon Craig Emmanuel
6.6 Craig Emmanuel to Murlan Sammy, FOUR! Bit of an anti-climax, but it will do. Short of a length delivery around the off-stump, hops back and defends. Gets a proper outside edge which flies past the keeper to the thirdman boundary. Comprehensive victory for the Eagles!
6.5 Craig Emmanuel to Shervin Charles, slower ball on a good length, tucks it away to the right of short fineleg and goes through for a single
Murlan Sammy is the new batsman! 
6.4 Craig Emmanuel to Mervin Wells, OUT! Wells falls! Good length ball on the stumps, Wells goes for the slog but gets the toe end of the bat. Holds out to the fielder at deep mid-wicket
6.3 Craig Emmanuel to Mervin Wells, FOUR! Tries to keep it wide of the off-stump. Wells doesn't move closer but keeps his shape. Hits it straight back over the bowler's head, one bounce into the fence
Time for the free hit and it's looking like the match might finish in this over!
6.3 Craig Emmanuel to Mervin Wells, short of a length delivery, gets no timing on the pull. Seems like Emmanuel has over-stepped. And it is a FREE HIT coming up!
6.2 Craig Emmanuel to Mervin Wells, short delivery outside the off-stump, he goes for the pull but the ball nips further away and beats the batsman
It took sometime for the fielding team to search the ball! Finally they managed to find it.
6.1 Craig Emmanuel to Mervin Wells, SIX! Agricultural, but useful! Good length ball wide of off, Wells walks across the stumps and slogs it over the cow corner. It is right off the meat of the bat and the ball sails over the fence into the stands. The search party is on the call!
Craig Emmanuel is the new bowler!
The runs are flowing easily here and Marvin Wells doesn't want to miss on the party as he smashed a terrific six in the last over. 5 bowlers used by Mon Reps Stars captain but that hasn't helped them. 18 runs needed in 24 balls!
63 /0 score
cricket ball icon Sadrack Descartes
5.6 Sadrack Descartes to Mervin Wells, shortish delivery, Wells goes for the pull but the ball is onto him far too quickly. Miscues it to mid-on and goes through for a single
5.5 Sadrack Descartes to Mervin Wells, short and wide of the off-stump, cuts it over the backward point region. The fielder at thirdman puts in the dive to prevent the boundary
5.4 Sadrack Descartes to Mervin Wells, SIX! Digs it in short to test the batsman, but Wells is upto the task. He rocks back and hooks, gets the meat of the bat and clears the square leg boundary. Marvin Wells joins the part now!
5.3 Sadrack Descartes to Shervin Charles, shortish delivery outside the off-stump, cuts it straight to point. Bit of a miscommunication, but the fielder can't get the direct hit in. And that allows the single in the end
5.2 Sadrack Descartes to Mervin Wells, short of a length outside the off-stump, dabs it late to thirdman for a single
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