Vanuatu T10 League 2020 Match 4

MT Bulls 135/7 (9.5 ov)
Mighty Efate Panthers 130/3 (10 ov)
MT Bulls won by 3 wickets
Darren Wotu *
Rival Samson
Kendy Kenneth *
Wesley Vira
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda for today's action in Vanuatu! This is me (Shashwat Kumar) and Prasen Moudgal signing off till next Saturday when the competition resumes! Stay safe and goodbye! 
MT Bulls hunt down 131! 
The MT Bulls achieved the highest chase of the Vanuatu T20 Blast and ransacked the Panthers' total of 131. The Bulls were powered by Clement Tommy's half century and some expert hitting by the likes of Tsione, Samson and Wotu. In the end, they won the contest with a ball to spare and were full value. 
As for the Panthers, they might be ruing Rasu's decision to bowl himself in the 8th over, something that ended up giving the Bulls the requisite momentum to snatch the game away from the Panthers. 
But, there can be no doubt that the game was an ideal advert for the tournament, with the match ebbing and flowing throughout!
9.5 K Kenneth to D Wotu, SIX! He's smashed the bones out of that and the Bulls have their first win of the competition! Coming to the ball, it was a length ball in the slot, Wotu went down on one knee and walloped it over long on for a maximum! And, that's that! The highest chase in the tournament has been accomplished by the MT Bulls!
9.4 K Kenneth to D Wotu, that misfield might cost them the match! Length ball turned away to mid-wicket for a single, a fumble allows a brace.
9.3 K Kenneth to D Wotu, What DRAMA! Almost a six, almost a catch, almost the match! But, it still goes on!
9.2 K Kenneth to R Samson, length ball outside off, Samson drags it to mid-wicket, just a single. New man on strike.
9.1 K Kenneth to R Samson, OUT! Almost a waist-high full toss, Samson pulled it to square leg. The fielder midfielder a bit but a good throw ensured that Mangau was caught short of his crease at the non-striker end.
8 runs off the final over! Can the Bulls get past the finish line? Or will the Panthers make it three wins out of three?
8.6 W Vira to R Samson, short and outside off, Samson punches it to covers for a single. Smart bit of batting by Samson as he bunts the ball into the deep and gets across for a single, keeping strike for the last over, in the process
8.5 W Vira to R Samson, FOUR! Samson reads the pace on the ball this time, swivels on his hips to pull it towards square leg for a boundary! The boy is a champion and in a trice, he has tilted the game in the Bulls' favour
8.4 W Vira to R Samson, slower delivery outside off, Samson looks for the same shot but does not get bat on ball. To be fair to the bowler, he completely flummoxed the batter with the lack of pace
8.3 W Vira to R Samson, length ball outside off, Samson clears his front foot and smashes it over long on for a six! What a start from Samson! Only 13 required off 9 deliveries now!
8.2 W Vira to N Chilia, OUT! Off-pace delivery on the stumps, Chilia is too early into his shot, misses the ball completely and his stumps are all over the place. Not the outcome the Bulls were looking for
19 required off 11 deliveries now. Surely the Bulls' game to lose
8.1 W Vira to G Mangau, length ball on the stumps, pushed down the ground for a single.
7.6 J Rasu to P Tsione, OUT! Rasu has the last laugh, but Tsione has done his job. A low full toss from Rasu, Tsione gets underneath it but only skies it high to the man at long on. In all honesty, Tsione probably got out to the delivery that seemed the most likely to get hit. 
7.5 J Rasu to P Tsione, SIX! Two in a row! Rasu is losing the plot. Full and asking to be hit, Tsione smacks it over long on for another six! Rasu has made the same mistake as his counterpart and is bowling from the wrong end, meaning that the batsmen with the wind on the leg-side. Will that decision cost the Panthers?
7.4 J Rasu to P Tsione, SIX! Full and in the slot, Rasu gave it a lot of air and Tsione made room to smash it over the ropes! Is Tsione taking the game away from the Panthers?
7.3 J Rasu to P Tsione, excellent effort from the fielder but in vain! Smashed from Tsione, the fielder at deep mid-wicket got his hands in the way but the ball trickled away to the boundary. Travesty for the fielder but the Bulls are still in the contest
7.2 J Rasu to N Chilia, single to covers. The batsman gently taps the ball on its head and heads across to the other end
7.1 J Rasu to N Chilia, inside edge towards deep mid-wicket, balls races away to the boundary! The Bulls are certainly not going to die wondering!
The Bulls require 41 runs off 18 deliveries and with Tommy back in the hut, that task seems particularly arduous 
6.6 T Tamata to P Tsione, short and on the hips, Tsione collects a brace to deep square leg.
6.6 T Tamata to P Tsione, down the leg side. Tamata has been inconsistent this over
6.5 T Tamata to C Tommy, OUT! Tommy falls just after getting to his fifty. Slower ball and rising onto Tommy, the batsman looks for a pull but does not time it, man at deep square leg takes a good catch. Is that the game? Can the Bulls recover from this dismissal? 
6.4 T Tamata to P Tsione, quick ball on the pads, Tsione is beaten for pace and gets hit on the thigh pad. He's grimacing in pain!
6.3 T Tamata to P Tsione, down the leg side for a wide.
6.3 T Tamata to C Tommy, length ball outside off, Tommy drags it to mid-wicket. Brings up his fifty! Impressive innings by the right-hander! He has kept the Bulls in the game and has not made his side feel Mansale's absence in the middle
6.2 T Tamata to C Tommy, SIX! That's gone miles! In the slot from Tamata, Tommy takes a couple of steps down and lofts it easily over long on! That's an enormous hit! Tommy absolutely clattered that!
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