Falco 112/6 (10 ov)
Minhaj CC 117/3 (8.5 ov)
Minhaj CC won by 7 wickets
Minhaj CC beat Falco by 7 wickets with 7 balls remaining 

The MJCC side was off to a slow and sedate start after losing its both openers within the powerplay overs. Khizar Ali showed glimpses of his talent but he perished against the golden arm of Tanveer Iqbal who after inflicting damage with the ball chipped in with a wicket in his two-over spell. However, after the euphoric high of the powerplay overs where MJCC only manged to score 24 runs, it was all down hill for FZC from that stage.

First, it was Muhammad Riaz who took Tanveer Iqbal to the cleaners in his final over and gave the momentum to his side and then after his departure in the fifth over, it was the duo of Jafar Iqbal and Sarfraz Ahmed that took the onus upon themselves to steer the MJCC boat to the victory shores.

Both batsmen started hitting quality cricketing shots without an iota of slog in it. Another Iqbal, Jafar Iqbal, but this time for the MJCC played a brilliant 20 balls 53 runs inning which included 5 gargantuan sixes and 3 boundaries that ensured that MJCC got the first win of the tournament. He was ably supported by Sarfraz Ahmed who stroked a well-compiled 14 ball 26 runs inning!
8.5 Kamran Raja to Jafar Iqbal, SIX AND MJCC WIN IT IN STYLE! fuller length from Raja again and Iqbal CLOBBERS that over long-on to win the match for his side and brings up his fifty as well! 

MJCC have beaten FZL by 7 wickets!
8.4 Kamran Raja to Sarfraz Ahmed, angled at the legs and Ahmed gets an edge down to short fine leg for the single. 2 required in 8 deliveries, Can Iqbal reach his fifty?
8.3 Kamran Raja to Sarfraz Ahmed, SIX! Fuller length from Raja and Ahmed SMOKES that over mid wicket for the maximum! 
8.2 Kamran Raja to Jafar Iqbal, SAFE! darted at the batsman who is cramped for room but manages to lob it towards long off as the ball falls safely for the single! Iqbal inching closer to his well-deserved half-century!
8.1 Kamran Raja to Sarfraz Ahmed, short outside off, Ahmed hits it towards the covers for the single to get off strike. It can be easily done in singles and doubles now!
Another expensive over for FZC as Jafar Iqbal and Sarfraz Ahmed take the opposition bowlers to the cleaners. Falco would be cursing themselves for this situation, they dropped catches and bowled length deliveries and the batsmen were too good to not capitalize on those chances. 11 required in 12 deliveries

Skipper Kamran Raja to bowl his final over [1-0-19-1]
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 4 1 5nb 1 0 1 Bowler: Shahbaz Ahmed Score: 102/3
7.6 Shahbaz Ahmed to Sarfraz Ahmed, slower one outside off as Ahmed waits for it and cuts it down to deep backward point for one
7.5 Shahbaz Ahmed to Sarfraz Ahmed, quicker and short outside off as Ahmed misses on the cut shot and a DOT for Shahbaz here!
7.4 Shahbaz Ahmed to Jafar Iqbal, short outside off and Iqbal hits it hard down to long off for the single. Iqbal is playing a brilliant, sensible hand here
7.4 Shahbaz Ahmed to Jafar Iqbal, NO BALL! That was way too high and down the leg side as Iqbal does well to connect on it and smashes it down to fine leg for the boundary! Free Hit Time! 100 comes up for MJCC! 13 required in 15 balls
7.3 Shahbaz Ahmed to Sarfraz Ahmed, fuller one on the leg stump as Ahmed drives it into the covers for one! Brings the menacing Iqbal on strike!
7.2 Shahbaz Ahmed to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR! Dropped short outside off and Ahmed cuts it past the point region for a boundary! And that's why you don't drop the catches, the other batsmen also toy with you later!
7.1 Shahbaz Ahmed to Jafar Iqbal, DROPPED IT! Banged in short and Iqbal goes for the cut on of the off side but the fielder drops the catch! OH MY! is that the game gone for FZC?
Naeem Shah after bowling an excellent first over has practically gifted the match to the MJCC batsmen on a silver platter! Another Iqbal, but this time for MJCC is doing the damage with the bat! The target is surely under control as MJCC need 24 in 18 balls!

Shahbaz Ahmed to bowl his final over [1-0-10-0]
Over: 7 | Summary: 4 6 1 1 6 2nb Bowler: Naeem Hussain Shah Score: 83/3
6.6 Naeem Shah to Sarfraz Ahmed, SIX! SMASHED that ! Ahmed joins the fun as the short delivery is dispatched over th cow corner for the big result! This is PURE CARNAGE!
6.5 Naeem Shah to Jafar Iqbal, NO BALL! Dropped out of the pitch on the off side and beats the keeper as the pair steal a bye run there!
6.5 Naeem Shah to Jafar Iqbal, SIX! Shorter from Shah again and Iqbal is not letting any loose ones go here! Gets a bit down and CLOBBERS it over the cow corner for the maximum!
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