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LA MANGA 84/8 (10 ov)
Minhaj CC 87/3 (7 ov)
Minhaj CC won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Khalid Mehmood
Minhaj win by 7 wickets!

Right then, that's all we've got for you from this game. But do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest updates. This is Abhinav Kumar and Bala signing off. Goodbye & Take Care!
Minhaj have cantered to the target with utter ease and end at 87/3 and win this game against La Manga by 7 wickets and with 3 overs to spare. The Minhaj batsmen got some starts and those were enough to see them through to the target, with Usman Mushtaq the top-scorer with 36 from 18 balls and he was well supported by Muhammad Riaz, who stayed unbeaten at 28* off just 13 balls, while Jafar Iqbal scored 12 from 8 balls, but Alumdar Hussain not doing much to trouble the scorers, by scoring just 1 from 4 deliveries.

The La Manga bowlers bowled a couple of decent overs up top, but the onslaught after that was hard to contain for them. Paul Hennessy, Jack Perman & Tom Vine were the most successful bowlers for La Manga, with each of them claiming a wicket off their 1 over each. Hennessy had 1/14 in his 1 over, Vine had 1/16 in the 1 over he got at the end & Perman had 1/18 in his 1 over. Connor Wood started well but got taken apart in his second over to end up with 0/19 in his 2 overs, while Charlie Rumistrzewicz bowled just the 1 over and conceded 7 runs from it.

This was as comprehensive a defeat that Minhaj could've inflicted & they've taken this series to a decider match now.
Over: 7 | Summary: 0 1 W 6 1w 4 4 Bowler: Tom Vine Score: 87/3
6.6 Tom Vine to Muhammad Riaz, FOUR! Short and wide outside the off-stump, gets the genuine outside edge as he tries to cut it and the ball runs away fine to the thirdman boundary
6.5 Tom Vine to Muhammad Riaz, FOUR! Oh, well! Length ball on the pads, tucks it away to backward square leg. The fielder makes a mess of it and allows the ball go through
6.5 Tom Vine to Muhammad Riaz, tries to go full and straight this time but misses the line and angles it down the leg
6.4 Tom Vine to Muhammad Riaz, SIX! Length ball on the stumps, takes the front leg away and just swings through the line, despatching the ball over wide long-on
La Manga have finally struck as Tom Vine gets the wicket of Jafar Iqbal, who miscued his loft straight into the hands of the fielder and they are now 72/3. Mubashar Ali is the new batsman at the crease for Minhaj.
6.3 Tom Vine to Jafar Iqbal, OUT! Short ball outside the off-stump, gets big on him as he tries to swing hard across the line, top edges it straight up in the air and the fielder at extra cover completes the catch
6.2 Tom Vine to Muhammad Riaz, shorter this time, pulls it away to deep mid-wicket. Not the best piece of timing on that one
6.1 Tom Vine to Muhammad Riaz, short of a good length outside the off-stump, punches it off the back foot to extra cover
Another big over for Minhaj, as they score 12 runs from it and after 6 overs, they are 71/2 and need only 14 runs from 24 balls to win this game. Tom Vine is the new bowler for La Manga.
Over: 6 | Summary: 0 1w 0 1w 1 4 1 4 Bowler: Connor Wood Score: 71/2
5.6 Connor Wood to Jafar Iqbal, FOUR! Short and wide outside the off-stump, swings hard and gets a thick outside edge which beats the fielder at thirdman
5.5 Connor Wood to Muhammad Riaz, full ball on the off-stump, pushes it down to long-off and takes a single
5.4 Connor Wood to Muhammad Riaz, FOUR! Fuller ball on the off-stump, tries to go straight back over the bowler's head but slices it a bit. The ball has enough on it to beat the long-off fielder to his right
5.3 Connor Wood to Jafar Iqbal, length ball outside the off-stump, flays it through the off-side to sweeper cover
5.3 Connor Wood to Jafar Iqbal, goes wider and gives some more exercise to the umpire. These extras won't help his side
5.2 Connor Wood to Jafar Iqbal, good length outside the off-stump, defends it without much movement of the feet
5.2 Connor Wood to Jafar Iqbal, tries to go wider but the umpire reckons it is a bit too wide. Has to reload that one
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