Babonneau Leatherbacks 96/5 (10 ov)
Mon Repos Stars 98/2 (8.1 ov)
Mon Repos Stars won by 8 wickets
Descartes finishes things in style. Another supreme win from the Stars and with this, they booked the semi-final spot.. Chasing a competitive total, Lesmond just ripped the new ball bowlers to shreds. Caleb Thomas was smashed for 23 runs in the second over by Lesmond. Thomas' slow back of the length deliveries didn't reap any rewards as Lesmond charged him right from the word go. 

Eugene came back and dismissed the dangerous Lesmond in his second over. However, Craig Emmanuel didn't allow the Leatherbacks to take any control in this match as he opened the account with a brilliant boundary towards extra cover, followed by two maximums to end the powerplay. Charlery, who was much of a spectator to Lesmond's assault in the powerplay, took on the bowlers in the middle overs and the Leatherbacks' bowlers never had any clue to stop the boundaries, which was coming in almost every over.

Except for Qwaine Henry, the rest of the bowlers had a forgettable day. If this carnage continues from the Stars, then the rest of the teams would have a hard time facing them, as we move forward to the business end of the tournament. That's it from us, hope you enjoyed the coverage as much as we did in bringing it to you. Until next time, this is Pragadeesh, signing off on behalf of my fellow commentator Nikhil. Goodnight 
8.1 MC Vern Remy to Sadrack Descartes, SIX!!! Slower full length ball on the middle stump and Descartes finishes this off with a mighty swing over the long on boundary to finish the innings in style. Mon Repos Stars go into the semifinals of the tournament!
Just one hit away from the win. Vern Remy to bowl the penultimate over
92 /2 score
cricket ball icon Shervon Joseph
7.6 Shervon Joseph to Christian Charlery, back of a length ball a bit wide outside off, reaches to this one and pulls this one wide of long on and takes two. Just 5 runs needed now!
7.5 Shervon Joseph to Sadrack Descartes, slower length ball on the pads, plays this one to short fine leg and takes a quick single.
Sadrack Descartes walks in at No.4
7.4 Shervon Joseph to Craig Emmanuel, OUT!!! Back of a length ball outside off, a bit of extra bounce on this one, moves across to cut this one but gets an edge to the keeper who takes an easy catch.
7.3 Shervon Joseph to Christian Charlery, back of a length ball on middle and leg, nudges this one to square leg off the back foot for a single.
7.2 Shervon Joseph to Christian Charlery, length ball outside off, comes down the pitch and swings hard at it. The ball balloons up towards long on but the fielder doesn't want to attempt a catch and it falls short of him.
7.1 Shervon Joseph to Christian Charlery, full length ball outside off, comes down the pitch to hammer this one but fails to connect.
11 runs needed from 18 balls. After bowling an excellent first over, Henry too has been attacked by Charlery and now, this chase has become a cakewalk for the Stars.
86 /1 score
cricket ball icon Qwaine Henry
6.6 Quaine Henry to Craig Emmanuel, FOUR!!! Length ball outside off, makes room and slashes it in the air to extra cover. The fielder fumbles and the bowl rolls towards the boundary line.
6.5 Quaine Henry to Craig Emmanuel, quicker delivery at the stumps, plays this one towards on side for a single.
It went like a tracer bullet. Thankfully Henry didn't get a hand to stop that.
6.4 Quaine Henry to Christian Charlery, FOUR!!! Tossed up outside off and Charlery drives this one elegantly to long off boundary and that's the fifty partnership.
6.3 Quaine Henry to Craig Emmanuel, quicker short ball outside off, pulls this one straight to the fielder at deep mid-wicket.
6.2 Quaine Henry to Craig Emmanuel, full length ball outside off, tries to drive this one but gets an edge to point fielder.
6.1 Quaine Henry to Christian Charlery, short ball on the middle stump, pulls this one off the back foot towards cow corner for a single.
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