MSC Frankfurt 83/3 (8.1 ov)
MSC Frankfurt won by 7 wickets
Once again, thank you for joining us. It has been another day of some riveting action. We will be back tomorrow morning with the Cyprus T10 league. Do join us! Until then, good-bye from Team Sportskeeda!
Fantastic victory for MSC Frankfurt here. They have been dominant throughout the tournament, and have won the final against TUH handsomely by 7 wickets with 2 overs remaining. 

The bowlers of MSC Frankfurt played a major part, restricting TUH to just 82 runs off their 10 overs. Even though the runs dried up for a bit after the fall of Shahid Afridi and Daud Muhammad off consecutive balls, the target of 83 runs never seemed to be quite threatening for them. Paramveer Singh kept his nerves throughout the chase and remained not out with 24 runs in the end, with his captain Sekander Khan at the other end contributing 21 runs off 19 balls. It was an allround performance from Shahid Afridi, giving away just 14 runs and picking a wicket in his 2 overs, and then coming back to score 24 runs off just 12 balls. He was the star of the match.
8.1 H. Bhatti to S. Khan, There it is! MSF remain unbeaten and lift the trophy! Coming to the ball, it was too wide outside leg and it ran away to the boundary!
Scores are level at the end of 8 overs!
7.6 A. Noor to P. Singh, FOUR! A slog from outside off runs away to the thirdman region for a boundary!
7.6 A. Noor to P. Singh, Wide outside off. Umpire stretches his hands!
7.5 A. Noor to S. Khan, Pushed to deep mid-wicket for a single. We can see some heads going down on the field there.
7.4 A. Noor to S. Khan, Full delivery flicked to deep mid-wicket and the batsmen collect two more
7.3 A. Noor to S. Khan, FOUR! Slower delivery cut away to thirdman and it runs away to the fence! He picked it up early and played it well. Now the target is in single digits.
7.2 A. Noor to P. Singh, Length delivery on off-stump hit to extra cover for another single
7.1 A. Noor to S. Khan, Top of off delivery wristed away to mid-wicket. Comfortable single. Singles can win it for them now.
Just 15 required now with 3 overs left. The fielding has not been the greatest, and it could well determine the outcome of this match and the tournament.
6.6 I. Ullah to S. Khan, Another drop off the outside edge and this is not good for TUH! Another sitter gone down begging. 
6.6 I. Ullah to S. Khan, Corrects his line too much and drifts away on the leg side.  Another extra, trying to overcompensate for the earlier ball.
6.6 I. Ullah to S. Khan, Too wide outside off. He did not want to get into the hitting arc of S Khan.
6.5 I. Ullah to P. Singh, Full delivery angling away pushed to deep extra cover for another run
6.4 I. Ullah to S. Khan, Short delivery cut away to point for a single. This has been a good over for MSC Frankfurt, and the required rate has come down to less than 6 an over.
6.3 I. Ullah to S. Khan, FOUR! Shuffled onto the offside, got down on one knee and smacked it over the bowler! Much needed boundary for the skipper. Smashed it down the ground.
6.2 I. Ullah to S. Khan, Widish delivery edged behind point for a couple. Khan still can't time it, but makes some contact nevertheless.
6.1 I. Ullah to P. Singh, Slow delivery pushed to covers for a single. Singh seems to be keeping his cool, and keeping the scoreboard ticking.
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