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Overseas CC 89/3 (10 ov)
Msida Warriors CC 44/4 (6 ov)
Overseas CC beat Msida Warriors CC by 8 runs (D/L method)
Msida Warriors won the toss and opted to bowl first. Batting first Overseas posted 89/3 in the first inning thanks to an unbeaten 37 off 30 balls from Andy Naudi. Charl Kleinepunte and Clyde Palmer too played their part as they made 15 and 13 respectively. Manuel Antony was the stand out bowler for Msida Warriors as he bowled a great spell of 2/12. 

Warriors' chase began on a wrong note as Shijil Joy was out on just 7 and Justin George was dismissed on a duck. Samuel George and Rahul Nair tried their level best to chase down the total as they made 13 and 16 respectively. But Overseas' captain Jurg Hirschi had other ideas has he bowled the best spell of the match picking 3 wickets and giving away just 8 runs from his 2 overs. 

Then the rains played their part. It started raining and no further action was possible. Thanks to the Duckworth-Lewis system Overseas win the match by 8 runs. 

That completes the coverage of this match. This is Prakhar Sachdeo and along with my fellow commentator Abhinav saying goodbye. But do stay logged on to Sportskeeda for move cricket action from the European Cricket Series and other parts of the world.  
Unfortunately, the match has been washed out. Overseas win the match by 8 runs under the Duckworth-Lewis system. 
It looks like no more action will be possible.
If the match is washed out at this stage Overseas will win the match. 
And it is pouring down heavily now as the two umpires and the players walk off the field. There is a thick cloud cover. The possibility of the match continuing looks remote now. We will have to wait for the rain to stop for the action to resume. Stick around for a while. 
Overseas skipper Jurg Hirschi has completed his spell of 2 overs. He finishes with the figures of 3/8.
Over: 6 | Summary: 1 W 2 1 W 0 Bowler: Jurg Hirschi Score: 39/4
5.6 Jurg Hirschi to Renil Paul, fuller length delivery on the wide outside off, the batsman looks to cut it away to deep point but is beaten by the length of the ball. DOT. It has started raining heavily here and it is pretty much certain that Duckworth-Lewis will come into effect now!
5.5 Jurg Hirschi to Samuel George, OUT! CAUGHT! tossed up delivery on the legstump, the batsman coming two paces down the track, miscues the shot right down the throat of long-on where the fielder takes a good catch!
5.4 Jurg Hirschi to Samuel George, fuller length ball on the pads, tucked away to short midwicket for no run as the fielder came quickly on the ball
5.3 Jurg Hirschi to Renil Paul, tossed up ball on the off stump, nearly chopped on to the stumps by the batsman as the ball races to fine leg for a single
5.2 Jurg Hirschi to Rahul Nair, TIMBER! slow tossed up delivery on the offstump, the batsman looking to go over the top, swings across the line, misses the ball which crashes into the middle of middle stump!
It has started raining heavily. 
5.1 Jurg Hirschi to Rahul Nair, low fulltoss wide outside off, the batsman dragged the ball across to short square leg for no run
Charl Kleinepunte bowls a great over as he bowls a maiden. He completes his spell giving just 7 runs from his 2 overs. At halfway stage the Warriors are 40/2. Warriors need 50 runs from the next 5 overs.
Over: 5 | Summary: 0 0 0 0 0 1 Bowler: Charl Kleinepunte Score: 35/2
4.6 Charl Kleinepunte to Samuel George, A SINGLE OFF BYE FINALLY! slow back of length delivery angling away from the batsman who misses the cut and so does the keeper in collecting that! Single stolen off bye by the batsmen!
4.5 Charl Kleinepunte to Samuel George, fuller length delivery on the offstump, hit straight to the right of the bowler
4.4 Charl Kleinepunte to Samuel George, length delivery drifting down the leg, batsman fails ti get any bat on it as the ball kisses the thigh [apad and goes into the keeper's gloves 
4.3 Charl Kleinepunte to Samuel George, slow overpitched delivery angled across from the batsman who is beaten all squares!
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