MTV Stallions 106/7 (10 ov)
PSV Hann Munden 79/5 (10 ov)
MTV Stallions won by 27 runs.
1.2 Mitchell Starc to Virat Kohli, raps him on the pads  and it trickles down to fine leg. Huge appeal by the bowler but the umpire does not oblige.
1.1 Mitchell Starc to Shreyas Iyer, short ball and that is pulled away to the man at deep square leg for just a single.
1.1 Mitchell Starc to Virat Kohli, wide ball! Drifting down leg and the keeper can't hold onto it too. They steal a single off the misfield!
0.6 Pat Cummins to Shreyas Iyer, no run!
0.5 Pat Cummins to Shreyas Iyer, full ball outside off. The batsman lets it go.
0.4 Pat Cummins to Rohit Sharma, OUT! Length ball which swung away from the batsman. Sharma has a poke at it only to be taken by the fielder at slip
0.3 Pat Cummins to Rohit Sharma, short ball and that is dispatched into the stands for a maximum!
0.2 Pat Cummins to Virat Kohli, full ball drifting on the pads and its flicked away towards square leg. That's quick running between the wickets! They have stolen three runs here!
10.1 Pat Cummins to Virat Kohli, wonderful shot through the covers for four!
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The Stallions emerge victorious!

The Stallions, despite not putting up an above par total on the board, never looked troubled as they defended 106 with ease. Their bowlers, even though they sprayed the ball around at times, stuck to their plans for the majority of the game, meaning that PSV were left seeking inspiration from inside their own camp. 

And, rather unfortunately for PSV, that particular aspect went amiss spectacularly and the way their batsman wildly swung and missed at deliveries might be a cause for concern moving forward. Apart from that, PSV would be ruing the fact that they let Stallions get to a total in excess of 100, especially after tying them down during the middle phases of the latter's batting innings.
9.6 Ujwal to Sajid, Slower ball again,Tries to heave it to legside he misses it completely. Disappointing loss for PSV, they struggled to score.
9.5 Ujwal to Zadran, Fuller length again, Hits it long on for a single
9.4 Ujwal to Zadran, Full length, He tries to hit it to offside and misses it completely
9.3 Ujwal to Sajid, Another slower ball, He hits it to log on
9.2 Ujwal to Sajid, Slower ball, cleverly bowled. Batsmen had no clue, tries to hit to legside but misses it.
9.1 Ujwal to Sajid, Full length delivery on the offside, Swing and a miss. A completely unexpected outcome!
PSV just need 30 runs off the final over to get past the finish line. 

Here we go!
8.6 Faruq to Zadran, Full length, He hits it to deep cover, fielder drops it and just falls short of boundary. Batsmen run two.
8.5 Faruq to Zadran, Short of a length, Moves away and tries to smash it but misses it completely. If runs were accorded for the velocity of bat swings, PSV would have won this game three overs ago.
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