Multan Sultans 149/10 (20 ov)
Islamabad United 150/6 (19.4 ov)
Islamabad United won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Wasim
Well, that brings an end to the exciting league phase of this year's PSL. Now, it's time to head to the business end of the tournament. These two teams will battle it out once again in the first qualifier on Monday. The Khawajas Munros and Tanvirs will be back and it's going to be a completely different set-up to what we witnessed tonight.  

Hope you enjoyed the coverage, until then, this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my fellow colleague Navjeevan Rajput. Goodnight 
Islamabad United stood tall in the battle of the top two teams in this PSL. The big players were rested for this game, still, they put up a spectacular effort to beat Multan Sultans by four wickets. Chasing a total of 150 runs, the new opening pair of Islamabad United gave the team a bright start. Muhammad Akhlaq played some cracking shots in the middle and raced to 26 off just 15 deliveries before Shanawaz Dhani got the better of him in his first over.

Dhani dismissed Umar Amin too quickly but Shadab Khan and Hussain Talaq build a nice little partnership in the middle. Shadab Khan looked free-flowing at the start of his innings but suddenly was struggling due to heat. Mohammed Umar ended his stay and then walked the in-form six-hitter in this tournament, Asif Ali. As expected, Ali didn't play the waiting game as he was swinging his blade from ball one. He smashed Dhani for a mighty six over midwicket but his little cameo was ended by Qadir Mohammed.

With the well-set Hussain Talaq still at the crease, things looked easy for Islamabad United, but Qadir dismissed Brandon King while Dhani bowled an impressive penultimate over to build some tensions on the Islamabad United's batsmen. Muzarabani removed Talaq, all thanks to a spectacular running catch from Dhani but Iftikhar Ahmed hit the winning runs, much to the delight of Islamabad United's dugout
19.4 Blessing Muzarabani to Iftikhar Ahmed, MORE DRAMA!! Full and in the blockhole, Ahmed gets deep looking to get his bat under the ball, swings, and misses, the ball hits him on the pads as he misses that one, the ball rolls towards off-side and he scampers through for a leg bye.

Sultans have a review and they obviously take it, the review is lost as the ball tracking shows that the impact was outside leg, the fielder had made a direct hit at the striker's end but the non-striker's had his foot grounded! Hard grind for Islamabad but they pull through in the end
19.3 Blessing Muzarabani to Iftikhar Ahmed, short ball angling into Ahmed, who hangs back and manages to pull that one along the ground towards deep square leg and scampers back for a second to keep the strike. SCORES ARE TIED!!
The set batsman is gone. Wasim comes out to the middle

He's everywhere and you can't keep him out of the game. What a splendid running catch from Dahani and deservedly his effort has been applauded by Andy Flower in the dugout
19.2 Blessing Muzarabani to Hussain Talat, IN THE AIRRR, CATCH IS THE CALL AND TAKEN!!! On the length and on the stumps, Talat looking to pull that one away gets the top edge which flies towards fine leg fielder, Dahani at fine leg makes a run for it and completes a fantastic diving catch to keep the contest alive!! Still, 3 runs needed in 4 balls!!
19.1 Blessing Muzarabani to Iftikhar Ahmed, short ball angling into Ahmed who safely places that one towards short third man region and takes a single. 3 runs needed in 5 balls now!!
Blessing Muzarabani to bowl the final over. Rizwan is seen busy moving the fielders

It's not done yet. Still, 4 needed from 6 balls
146 /5 score
cricket bat icon Hussain Talat *
34 (32)
cricket bat icon Iftikhar Ahmed
3 (4)
cricket ball icon Shahnawaz Dhani
2 /21
18.6 Shahnawaz Dahani to Hussain Talat, short ball just at the head height, Talat tries to pull that one away swings and misses and we are going down to the final over for the outcome of this match
18.5 Shahnawaz Dahani to Iftikhar Ahmed, short ball on the stumps, Ahmed hangs back and pulls that one away, does not time it hence the ball lands just outside the 30-yard circle towards the front of square. another single taken
18.4 Shahnawaz Dahani to Hussain Talat, full and wide outside off, Talat stretches out and guides that one down towards third man and takes another single. 5 runs needed in 8 balls now!!
18.3 Shahnawaz Dahani to Iftikhar Ahmed, back of a length outside off, Ahmed plays the ball late and runs that one down towards the third man takes another single. Islamabad just one maximum away from a win now!!
18.2 Shahnawaz Dahani to Hussain Talat, full and just outside off, Tatat gets to the pitch of the ball and flicks that one away down the ground and takes a single. 7 runs now needed in 10 balls!!
18.1 Shahnawaz Dahani to Hussain Talat, full and outside off, Talat presses forward and cuts that one away straight to the point fielder, a dot ball. 8 runs needed in 11 balls for Islamabad!!
Shahnawaz Dahani to continue

That brings an end to Qadir's outstanding spell. A ripper of a ball to dismiss Brandon King and he enjoyed that as much as everyone did. For sure, he will be one of the bright prospects for Pakistan in the future
143 /5 score
cricket bat icon Hussain Talat *
32 (28)
cricket bat icon Iftikhar Ahmed
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Usman Qadir
2 /22
17.6 Usman Qadir to Hussain Talat, tossed on the full and on the stumps, Talat works this one away towards square leg region and scampers through for a single to keep the strike
17.5 Usman Qadir to Iftikhar Ahmed, tossed on the full outside off, Ahmed works that one away towards leg side and gets off the mark
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