Multan Sultans 169/8 (20 ov)
Lahore Qalandars 89/10 (15.1 ov)
Multan Sultans won by 80 runs.
Player of the match: Shahnawaz Dhani
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Well playing cricket for Shahnawaz Dahani is just so easy right? What a spell of bowling this young pacer bowled. With that incredible figures of 4 for 5, he now becomes the highest wicket-taker in the PSL 2021. His bowling has been a key feature in guiding Multan with four straight wins in the UAE legs. He got some really good support from Imran Khan, who ended with figures of 3 for 24 from his four overs. Then there was Blessing Muzarabani who also picked up two wickets. Veteran spinner Imran Tahir picked up a lone wicket and later to a brilliant catch as well. 

When it comes to Lahore Qalandars' batting, it is better that it is left alone, Chasing 170 runs in a must-win situation, they pulled off a trick with changing their batting order. Well, that goes without saying it came due to their recent losses. But the change in order didn't work at all. Everyone just kept getting in and getting out. The inning was such a mess that the highest score was actually from James Faulkner, who scored 22 runs from 11 balls. 

There is not a lot that Lahore can do from here on. They need to wait for Karachi's result from tomorrow. All Karachi needs to do is win tomorrow's match and that would be enough to Lahore Qalandars' once again in a fashion no one would have imagined. How did they lose track so badly in the middle, only the team management can tell.
Sohail Akhtar, Lahore Qalandars skipper: There was a moisture in the wicket and hence we decided to bowl first, we thought we could restrict them under 140 but that could not happen and we had a poor outing with the bat. Ben Dunk asked us if he could open and we gave him the chance and unfortunately, it did not click. Our bowlers did well but it was our batting in the end which let us down.

Mohammad Rizwan, Multan Sultans skipper: Yes as a captain I am very pleased to see that players step up on different occasions, at the start it was Maqsood with at the top and towards the end of the innings it was Tanvir who got us at the top of this game. The boys did well in the field too as they took their catches. Regarding the qulification, we at the are just looking to focus on what is in front of us and take things as they come the rest is up to faith.

Multan Sultans beat Lahore Qalandars by 80 runs.
15.1 Shahnawaz Dahani to Shaheen Afridi, HIGH IN THE AIRRRR AND GONE!! GAME SET MATCH!! Full and outside off, Afridi comes down the track looking to loft this one down the ground, ends up slicing that one high in the air towards off-side, Rilee closes in on that one and complets the catch to seal the match for Multan Sultans who have a dominating performace with the ball as Lahaore Qalandars continue to stuggle while chaing totals!!
What this heavy loss does to Lahore is it brings their already bad net run rate to an absolutely abysmal figure. Before the start of this game, their net run rate was -0.202. Karachi Kings' net run rate is -0.212. So, Lahore will surely end up behind the Kings in terms of run rate. With that, Imran Khan ends his superb spell with figures of 3 for 24. 
89 /9 score
cricket bat icon Shaheen Afridi
2 (2)
cricket bat icon Ahmed Daniyal *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Imran Khan
3 /24
14.6 Imran Khan to Ahmed Daniyal, short ball outside off, Daniyal offers no shot to that one as he lets that one go through to the keeper
14.5 Imran Khan to Shaheen Afridi, slower ball outside off, Afridi runs that one down towards third man and scampers through for a single
14.4 Imran Khan to Ahmed Daniyal, full and outside off, Ahmed taps that one towards off side by pressing forward and gets off the mark
14.3 Imran Khan to Haris Rauf, GONE OUT!! CAUGHT IN THE DEEP!! Full and outside off, Rauf looking to slog that one over extra cover ends up slices that one, the ball flies towards Tahir at third man who gets down and completes the catch, Tahir gets a piece of action once again!!
14.2 Imran Khan to Shaheen Afridi, full and outside off, Afridi pushes that one towards covers and scampers through for a single
14.1 Imran Khan to Haris Rauf, on the length and on the stumps, Rauf stays deep inside crease and taps that one towards the right of the bowler and scampers through for a single
This Shahnawaz Dahani is just too good with the ball. When did we see such a young and complete fast-bowler? With him and Blessing Muzarabani, Multan Sultans have potentially got two bowlers who can become international stars. The latter kind of is already in that category, not too long before we see Dahani. What a spell of bowling by him today. 3 for 5 from three overs so far. He is got one more left. This was a maiden. 
85 /8 score
cricket bat icon James Faulkner
22 (11)
cricket bat icon Rashid Khan *
2 (5)
cricket ball icon Shahnawaz Dhani
3 /5
13.6 Shahnawaz Dahani to Rashid Khan, IN THE AIRRR AGAIN!! AND THAT IS A STUNNING TAKE BY RIZWAN ONCE AGAIN!! Short ball once again, Rashid looking to take on that short ball tries to pull that one away gets the top edge and the ball flies towards long-leg, Rizwan makes a run for it and dives in the end to complete that catch!!
13.5 Shahnawaz Dahani to Rashid Khan, back of a length on the stumps, Rashid tries to clear his front leg and creates room for himself to play that one flat batted swings and misses as the ball goes through to the keeper
13.4 Shahnawaz Dahani to Rashid Khan, short ball outside off this one, Rashid tries to have a piece of that one swings and misses, a dot ball
13.3 Shahnawaz Dahani to Rashid Khan, short ball on the body, a quick one as well, Rashid looks away and hangs his bat out, was fortunate that the ball did not make contact with ball as he is hit on the shoulder
Well, with that, the boat named Lahore Qalandars' chances of qualification takes a deep dive. James Faulkner was looking promising there for a while but finally falls now. Lahore needs 85 runs from 40 balls now. Surely, this should be it. 
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