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Mumbai Indians 142/8 (20.0 ov)
Delhi Daredevils 128/7 (20.0 ov) Run rate 6.4
Refresh Mumbai Indians win by 14 runs
Delhi Daredevils won the toss and elected to bowl.
Batsmen R B 4s 6s SR
Pat Cummins 4 5 0 0 80
Chris Morris 52 41 5 1 126.83
Bowler O M R W Econ
Jasprit Bumrah 4 0 21 2 5.25
Hardik Pandya 3 0 23 1 7.67

Updated: Mar 20, 2018 09:44 | Published: Apr 22, 2017 15:20

Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils Live Score and Commentary

At the halfway stage, DD would have thought barring a disastrous collapse they should get the win at the Wankhede. Unfortunately for them, their worst nightmare came true as they lost four wickets in the first four overs and half their side before the end of the powerplay. If it weren't for the 91-run partnership for the seventh wicket between Rabada and Morris, this could have been over a lot earlier. In the end, DD were left to rue their bizarre decisions to not open with Pant and send Morris at No.8
19.6 Hardik to Cummins, 1 run, full length outside off, drilled to deep point for one. MUMBAI WIN BY 14 RUNS!
19.5 Hardik to Cummins, no run, full ball, wide yorker, wide of off stump, Cummins tries to get underneath it, but misses out on any sort of contact. 
And that's the game. 16 needed off the last two balls. The last rites are being read here.
19.4 Hardik to Morris, 1 run, full length on middle and off, driven to mid-off. Is that the game, then?
17 needed off three balls. Three sixes needed and Morris is on strike.
19.3 Hardik to Morris, 2 runs, full length outside off, Morris heaves that over deep point, where Krunal Pandya drives too his left and stops the boundary. Morris also gets his fifty in the process. Excellent fielding there by Krunal who saved a boundary.
19.2 Hardik to Morris, FOUR! Full length ball wide of off stump, Morris guides that over short third man and backward point.
23 needed off 5 balls. All they need is four sixes. 
19.2 Hardik to Morris, WIDE! Too far outside off stump.
19.1 Hardik to Cummins, 1 run, short ball there, Cummins looks to pull, gets hit on the shoulders. The ball deflects towards short third  man.
25 needed of the last over and it will be Pat Cummins on strike, not the in-form Chris Morris. DD will be left to rue what might have been barring an absolute miracle. Hardik Pandya will bowl the 20th over.

18.6 Bumrah to Cummins, 1 run, full ball on middle and leg, flicked to long on for a single.
18.5 Bumrah to Cummins, 2 runs, full ball on off stump, chipped in the air over deep midwicket for a brace.
28 needed off the last eight balls and with that MI might have just sealed the game. Pat Cummins comes to the crease.
18.4 Bumrah to Rabada, OUT! Bowled him! Full-length ball again, almost a yorker, Rabada makes room and swings across the line, but misses. The ball hits the leg stump. 
18.3 Bumrah to Rabada, no run,slower ball on off stump, Rabada looks to swing across the line, but misses.
18.2 Bumrah to Morris, 1 run, back of a length slower ball, Morris checks his pull shot and ends up  ballooning the ball in the air. The ball lands safe, again.
18.1 Bumrah to Rabada, 1 run, back of a length ball outside off, Rabada hoicks, gets an edge, but finds Johnson at short third man.
30 needed off the last two overs. Same scenario as it was in the game between SRH and RPS. Dhoni saw his side home, can Morris follow suit or will MI extend their winning streak?
17.6 McClenaghan to Morris, SIX! Mitch misses his length, Morris swings his bat and deposits the length ball long and deep into the midwicket stand. That was a much-needed boundary for the visitors who are still clinging on to dear life.
17.5 McClenaghan to Morris, no run, short ball, Morris looks to pull again, and this time, gets nothing on it.
17.4 McClenaghan to Morris, no  run, full and wide of off stump, driven straight to mid-off.
17.3 McClenaghan to Morris, FOUR! Short ball outside off, Morris looks to pull that one away, gets a top edge and the ball flies over the keeper's head.
17.2 McClenaghan to Rabada, 1 run, full length on leg stump, smashed to long off.
17.1 McClenaghan to Morris, 1 run,full and wide of off stump, clubbed to sweeper cover.
Three overs to go, two of which will be bowled by McClenaghan and Bumrah and DD need 42 to win. A tense finish in the offing at the Wankhede.
16.6 Bumrah to Rabada, no run, low full toss on off stump, Rababda shuffles and looks to pull,  but misses.
16.5 Bumrah to Morris, 1 run, low full toss outside leg as Morris backs away outside leg, drilled to sweeper cover.
That single brings up the century for DD and this partnership is already the highest seventh-wicket partnership for the side.
Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
Match Start Time: Saturday, April 22, 2017, 08:00 PM IST