155/6 (20)
159/3 (15.1)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 7 wickets
So, that's that then. Mumbai Indians have had the wood over Kolkata Knight Riders in recent years but this victory for the men in purple and gold will feel mighty good. Not only have they beaten two formidable sides in their first two games, but they have also done it clinically and with some panache. This side certainly looks like a different unit as compared to the first leg of the tournament. McCullum's imprint, along with the rise of Iyer, has rubbed off on the entire side. So much so, that the narrative of them being dark horses won't be too far away either. As we bring down the curtains for today, just a reminder that it's a highly anticipated encounter coming your way tomorrow as well. A proper weekend setter, as CSK and RCB go head-to-head. Dhoni vs Kohli, Yellow vs Red. That fixture always promises some fireworks. That's all we have for you today though. This is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Shashwat Kumar. We hope you all enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Goodbye and goodnight for now. See ya!
Sunil Narine (Player of the match): I'm coming off a good amount of cricket in the CPL and The Hundred and out here. It's been a while that we've had a good summer of cricket and I'm really happy to be playing as much cricket as possible and it's just getting better and better. It has taken me a while with this new action and I have put in a lot of work into it. Hopefully, I take it from strength to strength and continue to lead my team to victory. Getting Rohit out in any form of cricket is good; he is a key wicket for Mumbai. Getting him out at that time was important. Varun is someone who likes to know about the game and he likes to know what will happen and he asks a lot of questions. He is is someone you can talk to and keeps asking how the pitch is playing and stuff like that. So, he is a quick learner and someone who likes to know about the game and he has far to go. I wouldn't say this pitch was sticky. It was a bit flatter than the first game but not as flat as last year. Still flat but not much for the spinners. We have to take what we get. My batting depends on what my team requires, if they want to go at the top or at the end, I'll try to do my best.
Eoin Morgan (KKR captain): Well, it's been a long time coming. Obviously, since Baz has taken over last year. We're about a year and a half into two seasons. Just the way we played the last two games, it's the way the coach wants us to play. It's an exciting way to play cricket but it also suits a lot of our talent in the changing room. I think our bowling in both matches has been outstanding so far. To hold on such a strong MI side to only a 150 and to chase it down in the manner that we did, it builds a lot of confidence, which is really good to see. We weren't hiding him anywhere (Iyer). We've been trying to fit him into the 11 and it has been difficult with a lot of talented guys in the squad. It's fantastic. Not only the runs he's scored but the manner he has scored them in as well. He's been very imposing at the top of the order and complemented Gill really well. We never put a number on the games we want to give to a youngster. We watched the warm up games and in those extremely competitive games, he goes out and plays in this manner. I think it naturally suits him. Baz is a great confidence man and goes out there and gives him confidence, backs him to the hill and he's only played his second game today but he bats like an experienced guy. We're enjoying playing with our two spinners. They're two formidable bowlers. Sunny has been a huge part of this franchise for a very very long time and the integral part of winning the championships they've won. And Varun, of course, he's the newcomer. Both are learning a lot from each other, probably Varun, more so, than Sunny but is very fresh and hopefully, we'll see more of him in international cricket soon. The first two games in this phase has been the template for us to play. As regards to the points table, there's only one place to look for us to go and that is upwards. If the last two games are to go by anything, it's looking quite bright. 
Time for the presentation. 
Rahul Tripathi: I really enjoyed that innings and I'm really happy that I stayed till the end to win the game. Yes, the coach tells us to be positive. I think when you're positive, the extra pressure shifts to the bowler. You just look to score boundaries and get the runs. It was important to put their spinners under pressure. I felt that after the powerplays, looking for boundaries was important and it paid off, I'm happy. We had a good break after the first phase and wanted to hit the ground running in this second phase. We need to win to qualify in the playoff race and we are really happy with the win.
Rohit Sharma: "We started really well but did not get enough towards the back end of our batting innings. It was a good pitch to bat on and we failed to capitalize and that is something we need to look at. 155 was never going to be enough. We did not bowl well and did not attack the stumps. I do not want to look too much into that and we need to move on from this. The basics of cricket is to capitalize on a good start and create small partnerships. After the first partnership, we did not get the small partnerships. We kept losing wickets at regular intervals and could not attack the bowlers. It is always difficult for the new batters. It happened against CSK and again today. It is certainly something to look at moving forward. We did not bat well and did not bowl well. A few crucial games coming up and we need to focus on that. The table is always in the back of your mind. It is important to know where you stand. We are still in the middle. We just need to fight and that is something we have done previously also. I am alright (when asked about his fitness)."
The beauty of the IPL, and all that, no? Out of nowhere, KKR have come out in the second leg and produced to clinical performances against two formidable units in RCB and MI. That's some way to make a statement. It's been the theme of the second leg of this season so far, hasn't it? The young Indian stars have taken center stage this season and are shining brightly in the UAE. Rahul Tripathi and Venkatesh Iyer's whirlwind half-centuries ensured that KKR have chased this target down without breaking a sweat. Not much to do for the other batters at all, with the two local players stealing the show.

As for Mumbai Indians, they've had a performance to forget. Brushed aside from this contest and they're in a precarious position in the points table now. Surely, that won't introduce any panic in the dressing room when it comes to MI. They tend to make it hard for themselves on most occasions and are at their most dangerous when their backs are against the wall. The return of their skipper couldn't bring about a change in their fortunes. 

While the rotation of bowlers could be different in hindsight, the truth of the matter was that the MI bowlers didn't have enough runs on the board to defend. Take nothing away from the KKR batters though. They were sublime. As for MI's middle-order, they've got some concerns to address. Missing the other Pandya a bit too much? Maybe. Only time will tell! Time for the presentations in a bit. Stick around...
Rohit decides he'll be the one to give away the final runs. Could he have bowled earlier? I guess we'll never know. Anyway, it's a commanding victory for KKR, who win by 7 wickets.
15.1 Rohit Sharma to Nitish Rana, FOUR! THAT WILL BE THAT! Length delivery outside off stump and Rana brings out the reverse sweep. He gets into a good position and rams that one past short third man for a boundary to seal the deal! What a commanding performance this has been by KKR!
Rohit Sharma, right-arm off-break, comes into the attack.
Scores are level. Nitish Rana, who started off the proceedings for KKR in the match has a chance to score the winning runs as well. Make no mistake, this is a statement win from KKR.
155 /3 score
cricket bat icon Rahul Tripathi *
74 (42)
cricket bat icon Nitish Rana
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Jasprit Bumrah
3 /43
14.6 Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, full delivery on middle and off stump. Tripathi comes forward and times that one sweetly down the ground towards long on for a couple of runs
14.5 Jasprit Bumrah to Nitish Rana, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Rana gets onto the back foot and dabs the ball past the man at second slip for a single to get off the mark
14.4 Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, very full delivery just outside off stump. Tripathi jams his bat down in time and squeezes it out towards the sweeper at long on for a single
14.3 Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! Back of a length delivery down the leg side and that is easy for Tripathi! He gets inside the line and helps it past the keeper for four!
14.2 Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, back of a length delivery on off stump. Tripathi gets onto the back foot and defends the ball into the off side towards backward point
Nitish Rana, left handed bat, comes to the crease.
Bumrah's got his third tonight! On a horrendous does for the bowlers, he's going what he does best. Gets the England skipper back in the hut but that's just a little personal consolation for the Indian pacer.
14.1 Jasprit Bumrah to Eoin Morgan, OUT! THREE FOR BUMRAH! Banged into the track at the batter on leg stump. Morgan has a massive mow at it but is late on the stroke, meaning that he splices it towards the sweeper at deep square leg, where Boult completes the easiest of catches! Morgan's poor form continues!
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