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IPL 2019 Match 51

Mumbai Indians 162/5 (20.0 ov) & 9/0 (0.3 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 162/6 (20.0 ov) & 8/2 (0.4 ov)
Match Tied (Mumbai Indians win the one-over eliminator)
Player of the match: Jasprit Bumrah
Phew, that was some game! Hope you enjoyed our live coverage. MI have now qualified and SRH have stumbled now. Tomorrow, KXIP host KKR in another crucial game. Do join us for that game. Until then, it's a goodbye from us! 
Jasprit Bumrah [Man of the Match]: Trying to keep the clarity and try to keep it as simple as possible. There's always pressure but you don't think of that. Focusing one ball at a time. In the end, it's your own decision because if you back your own decision, it's the best way to go. 
Rohit Sharma: Feels good to know that we are among the top four now. We've put in some hard work throughout the tournament and we have played some consistent cricket. We were clear in our minds that we wanted to win the toss and bat first and put runs on the board. Runs on the board is always nice in a crucial game. On that particular pitch, 160 wasn't a good score. But we knew we had the bowlers to defend. Manish batted really well and put pressure on our bowlers. But I feel the game-changing moment was those 8 overs from the spinners. Bumrah keeps improving every game. We have got some work to do including myself [on the top-order batting]. We need to understand what are the par scores in different venues. As a batting unit, through the season, they have put in a great effort. 
Kane Williamson: Yeah, unfortunately, I've had a few super over experiences and we've not got over the line in those as well. Fantastic effort from Manish and the lower order. First half was a really good effort from the bowlers. But we couldn't cross the line in the end. We were just waiting to see how many we would get [in the Super Over]. Rashid is world-class and when it was 8ish and we thought he was the man. Six balls is tough to decide a match. We have got one game left and it's important we approach it with the same attitude. 
What a game we've witnessed! How did it all boil down and come to a Super Over? At one point, SRH looked in control but MI choked them with spin. However, Manish Pandey batted beautifully to keep SRH in the hunt and kept getting the boundaries. With 17 needed off the final over, Nabi struck a six but fell soon after. Pandey struck a magnificent six when 7 was needed off one ball to take it into a super over. SRH could manage only 9 off 4 balls in the Super Over as they lost both their wickets. Pandya pulled one back in the Super Over for the six he conceded off the last ball as he struck a six off the first ball (in the chase of 9) to kill the contest. 
It's all over! It was too easy for MI in the end in the Super Over! They're now through to the playoffs and have a great chance of making it to the top two. 
0.3 Rashid Khan to Kieron Pollard. Googly length ball, outside off stump on the back foot working, to deep mid wicket for 2 runs, fielded by Shankar.
0.2 Rashid Khan to Hardik Pandya. Googly length ball, off stump on the front foot working, to deep square leg for 1 run.
Wow, what a strike from Hardik! First ball and he goes downtown over Rashid's head for a biggie! Game over?
0.1 NEW BALL. SIX! Rashid Khan to Hardik Pandya. Leg spinner length ball, outside off stump on the front foot driving, well timed in the air under control over long off for 6 runs.
0.0 Start of Innings.
It's Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard for MI. Rashid Khan for SRH. Which way is this game turning?
9 to get for MI then. Williamson pointed to Rashid to bowl the Super Over. Hardik Pandya has to be one of the batsmen for MI. Who will be the other batsman? Pollard? de Kock?
Knocked him over! Nabi misses, Bumrah hits and it's all over as SRH fail to utilize the entire over. 
0.4 OUT! Bowled. Jasprit Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi. Length ball, off stump on the front foot Slog, missed to.
Nabi gets the six as he pulls one over square leg!
0.3 SIX! Jasprit Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi. Short, outside off stump on the back foot hooking, well timed in the air under control over deep backward square leg for 6 runs.
Oh no, Manish Pandey, what have you done? The second run was never on but he still goes for it and pays the price. Runout off the first ball of the Super Over. Advantage MI already?
0.2 Jasprit Bumrah to Martin Guptill. Full toss, outside off stump on the front foot driving, to long on for 1 run, fielded by Pollard.
0.1 NEW BALL. OUT! Run Out. Jasprit Bumrah to Manish Pandey. Off cutter half volley, outside off stump no foot movement driving, to deep point for 1 run, fielded by Pandya, by de Kock.
0.0 Start of Innings.
RIght then, Bumrah is the obvious choice for the Super Over for MI with the ball. Pandey and Nabi are out in the middle for SRH. 
What a game this has been and it's not over yet. We still have the super over to be played! This has been some game. The momentum kept swinging like a pendulum. And here we are in the Super Over!
Holy moly! Manish Pandey, you beauty! What a strike under pressure! He's hit that length ball for six! We have a tie and we are going in to a super over. 
Over 20 | Summary: 1 1 6 W 2 6 Bowler: H Pandya SRH: 162/6(RR 8.10)
19.6 SIX! Hardik Pandya to Manish Pandey. Back of a length, outside off stump down the track driving, well timed in the air under control over long on for 6 runs.
19.5 Hardik Pandya to Manish Pandey. Back of a length, outside off stump down the track driving, thick edge in the air uncontrolled to third man for 2 runs, fielded by Sran.