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Delhi 206/4 (20 ov)
Mumbai 130/10 (18.1 ov)
Delhi won by 76 runs
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose, and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off.
Winning the toss, Mumbai sent Delhi to BAT first in this crucial Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy encounter. Delhi got off to a great start with 54/1 after the first 6 powerplay overs. Hiten Dalal scored 24 runs from 13 balls while skipper Shikhar Dhawan contributed a run-a-ball 23. Himmat Singh and Nitish Rana put on a brilliant partnership together and took the score out of the reach of their opponents. Himmat Singh scored 53 runs from 32 balls while Nitish Rana played a dazzling knock of 74 runs from just 37 balls. From the bowling department, Mulani took 2 wickets while Hanagavadi and Deshpande struck a blow each. But each of the bowlers was overly expensive. Delhi played really well and managed a big total of 206/4 from their 20 overs.
Chasing a total of 207, Mumbai got off to a dreadful start. Mumbai got reduced to 21/4 after their first 6 powerplay overs. And from there, they never really recovered. Sarfaraz Khan scored run-a-ball 15 and Shuham Ranjane added 14 runs from 13 balls. Shivam Dube toiled in hard, gave hope but it was too little too late by then. He scored 63 runs from 42 balls while no other batsmen looked in control. From the bowling department, Sangwan bowled exceptionally and took 3 wickets, giving away just 20 runs from his 4 overs. Veteran Ishant Sharma and Simarjeet Singh took 2 wickets each and completed a great bowling performance from Delhi. Mumbai never really got going in their batting inning and managed 130/10 from their 18.1 overs.

Delhi thus complete a resounding performance and win the match by a huge margin of 76 runs.
End of the innings
Mumbai 130/10 from 18.1 overs

Delhi win the match by 76 runs
18.1 Ishant Sharma to Kruthik Hanagavadi, OUT! CAUGHT! ALL OVER FOR MUMBAI! Touch full on the off stump and Kruthik goes big and skies it straight up in the air towards long-off and the fielder stands still to take a dolly in the end. With that Delhi win this by a huge margin by 76 runs as Mumbai are bowled out under 20 overs!
At the end of the 18th over
Mumbai 130/9
77 runs needed from 12 balls
Even 12 sixes won't do it from here for Mumbai. It has been a dominating performance from Delhi in this match. They have outclassed their opponents in every department.
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 W 2 2 0 0 Bowler: Simarjeet Singh Score: 130/9
17.6 Simarjeet Singh to Tushar Deshpande, another short delivery into Tushar as he backs away to pull that one but misses once again, through to the keeper's gloves
17.5 Simarjeet Singh to Tushar Deshpande, short delivery into Tushar on the middle and leg as he swayed away from that in the end and beats the outside edge, no run
17.4 Simarjeet Singh to Tushar Deshpande, full delivery into Tushar on the middle and leg as he whipped that one straight to the short mid-wicket fielder, no run
17.3 Simarjeet Singh to Tushar Deshpande, RUN-OUT! Short delivery into Tushar as he punches this one down to short mid-wicket as they scamper through for a single and Kulkarni is short of his crease and has to go. It's all crumbling down in a heap in the middle. Kulkarni is the next man to follow the procession departing without disturbing the scorers
17.2 Simarjeet Singh to Dhawal Kulkarni, full delivery on the off stump. Kulkarni drives that one on the up, straight to the short cover fielder but he fumbles and they scamper through for a quick single
17.1 Simarjeet Singh to Tushar Deshpande, back of a length delivery into Tushar on the middle and off as he stands tall to tap it towards covers for a single
End of the 17th over
Mumbai 125/8
82 runs needed from 18 balls
Mumbai just couldn't keep up with the asking rate and fell prey to the rising scoreboard pressure. The initial blows struck by the Delhi bowlers proved to be the decisive factor!
Over: 17 | Summary: 1 1 W 0 W 0 Bowler: Pradeep Sangwan Score: 125/8
16.6 Pradeep Sangwan to Dhawal Kulkarni, short delivery, brilliant from Pradeep as he finishes his spell. Kulkarni ducks under that one as the keeper moves to his left to collect it
16.5 Pradeep Sangwan to Shivam Dube, OUT! CASTLED! Pradeep Sangwan on a roll here! Good length delivery into Dube on the middle and off as Dube went for the hoick across the line and misses, went through his defense to crash into the middle stump. With that probably ends the hopes of Mumbai winning this contest. And that is the final nail in the coffin. Dube departs scoring 63 runs from 42 balls.
16.4 Pradeep Sangwan to Shivam Dube, brilliant yorker on the fourth stump line as Dube fails to dig it out as he opens the face of the bat to run it down to third-man, through to the keeper's gloves
16.3 Pradeep Sangwan to Shams Mulani, OUT! CAUGHT! Touch fuller on the middle and off. Mulani went for the check shot and that baloons up the air as Lalit comes forward at long-on and takes a dolly in the end. Mulani departs scoring 11 runs from 8 balls and another one bites the dust.
16.2 Pradeep Sangwan to Shivam Dube, overpitched on the middle and leg as Dube backs away for room and hammered it straight back past the bowler and the fielder from long-on cuts it off and keeps it to just a single
16.1 Pradeep Sangwan to Shams Mulani, slower delivery into Mulani on the middle and leg as he bowls a fuller one. Mulani on the move glances it straight to the short fine-leg fielder for a quick single
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