Nigeria Women 52/8 (20 ov)
Namibia Women 56/2 (9.2 ov)
Namibia Women won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Victoria Hamunyela
A pretty dominant display in both the games today and a one sided win as well. Namibia have announced themselves in this game and will surely be looking to continue this performance going into the tournament. The season has just started so expect a lot of exciting games and some eye catching performances as well. Do make sure to join us for all the action to follow in the coming days. For now, along with Pratyush Rohra, I have been Ankit Sharma, taking your leave! Do take care and stay safe! 
Nigeria elected to bat, and would have expected a much better outing with the bat. But they failed to produce anything solid and before they knew it Namibia were on top of the game. Nigeria found it very difficult to stage a comeback and like dominoes kept falling one after another. Namibia started really positively, having strategies in hand, and executing them pretty accurately picked up quick wickets to make sure there is no big score for their batters to chase down. And just as they would have hoped, they were chasing an mediocre score of 53 which they did with almost 10 overs to spare. 
Surprisingly Nigeria did not opt for any spinners throughout their bowling, which was not ordinary seeing how the Namibian spinners stood out for them and restricted the run flow. The pacers were decent themselves, with not a lot of runs on the board, they were always going to be under pressure from ball one. Samson was the most expensive one going for 8 in an over, but the others were not that far behind, going between 5 and 6 an over. Overall an under par performance from Nigeria with both bat and ball. 
Diergaardt on the other hand, stayed firm and made sure she stays till the end and takes her team home. Yasmeen Khan could not support her but Green came in looking sharp after a very good bowling performance, and she did her job well supporting Diergaadt. Green picked up a couple of boundaries herself, scoring quick 12 runs. But the hero of the chase for sure was Diergaadt who score 26 off 27, picking up four boundaries, and some quick runs between the wickets to get to the target comfortably. 
As expected Namibia win this game, effortlessly and with an elegant performance overall. Diergaadt and Van der Merwe came out to open, with the latter taking charge, scoring an early boundary to set the tone for the game. Van der Merwe continued to milk runs and picked up another boundary, just before gifting her catch in search of another boundary. 
It's Green who picks up the winning runs, thrashes an overpitched delivery down the ground for a boundary to ensure there are no more delays in the chase. Namibia win by 8 wickets and have announced themselves in the tournament. 
9.2 Blessing Etim to Kayleen Green, FOUR! GREEN SEALS THE VICTORY IN STYLE! Full delivery on the off-stump, Green drives it through the line, back over the bowler's head to finish the game off with a boundary! A thumping victory 8 wicket victory for Namibia!
9.1 Blessing Etim to Kayleen Green, back of a length delivery outside off-stump, Green lets that one pass
Diergaadt has put an end to the game with another fantastic boundary, some luck for her as the fielder let the ball slip by, but nothing can take credit away from Diergaadt who has been inch perfect with her approach. A good over for the chasing side, picking up 8 off the over. Just one to win and we should be done soon!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Agatha Obulor
8.6 Agatha Obulor to Jurriene Diergaardt, full delivery wide of off-stump, Jurriene slices her attempted drive over cover-point, to pick up a brave. Scores are level!
8.5 Agatha Obulor to Jurriene Diergaardt, FOUR! Back of a length delivery outside off-stump, Jurriene throws her hands at it and gets it past short third man to collect a boundary. Just one hit away now!
8.4 Agatha Obulor to Jurriene Diergaardt, good length delivery on the off-stump, Jurriene presses forward to defend right under her eyes
8.3 Agatha Obulor to Kayleen Green, back of a length delivery angling into Green, tucks it with soft hands to pick up a single, square of the wicket
8.2 Agatha Obulor to Jurriene Diergaardt, back of a length delivery angling into Jurriene, pulls it in front of square to pick up a single
8.1 Agatha Obulor to Jurriene Diergaardt, good length delivery outside off-stump, swing and a miss from Jurriene 
Diergaadt continues to shine in the middle, bags in another boundary, pulling one with exquisite timing towards deep square leg. Six from the overs as the boundary was coupled with two singles. Green has been at the non strikers end after her early boundary but she has been alert and is running when needed to, fulfilling her role to support her partner. Nine runs to win now! 
44 /2 score
cricket bat icon Arrasta Diergaardt
19 (22)
cricket bat icon Kayleen Green *
7 (6)
cricket ball icon Joy Efosa
7.6 Joy Efosa to Kayleen Green, back of a length delivery outside off-stump, Green hangs back to defend back to the bowler 
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