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Australia 156/6 (20 ov)
New Zealand 106/10 (18.5 ov)
Australia won by 50 runs.
Player of the match: Aaron Finch
Alright! 0-2 down in the series and a lot of question mark on Aaron Finch's batting form after the Dunedin nail-biter, but everything's put to bed now. Finch showed his class in the last match and palyed a match-winning knock today on this tough surface to help his team level the series. What a night it turned out to be for the spinners from both teams, and it's interesting to see how the pitch behaves in the decider on Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the coverage from me Pragadeesh and from my fellow commentator Pratyush. Goodbye and cheers
Kane Williamson: The knock from Finchy is a game-changer.Really tough to resonate and it's frustrating to see the way we lose. It surprised everybody (the pitch) but you have to use it as an experience as we are gonna get pitches like this across the world. For us,  it's a poor day with the bat, but having said that, we have to learn and adapt quickly. 
Aaron Finch: Hanging in there towards the end helped me. Lucky to get some momentum at the end. We are trying to bat deeper as we lost couple of wickets early. Mitchell Santner and Sodhi bowled outstanding and we learned a lot looking at the way they bowled. Agar was fantastic in the powerplay. Maxi is such a dynamic player who gives a great balance to the team. When you lose a couple of wickets, it's difficult to pull the trigger. So we have decided to take on the bowlers in the last three overs. 150, we thought is a great score but we also know that Guptill is in good form and they bat around with Williamson from one end. Conway is in good form too. So we knew the powerplay could make or break the game.

Aaron Finch is the Player Of the Match
Australia steamrolls New Zealand in a spin-friendly track and we are going to the decider to know the winner of this magnificent series. The Aussies were done and dusted until the 19th over of their innings, and we don't know how much confidence that last over onslaught from Aaron Finch instilled in them. They fired on all cylinders with the ball as Finch opened the bowling with Ashton Agar in this Wellington-rank turner. New Zealand were nowhere near their best and none of the batsmen looked comfortable at the crease. Kyle Jamieson launched a few maximums at the end but it could only reduce the margin of the defeat. All smiles in the end for Aaron Finch's men after a clinical victory and a lot of work has to be done on training for New Zealand after two successive batting failures. Time to shift our focus on Sunday and we are sure, it's going to be a cracking contest in the same venue.
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 1w 4 1 1 W Bowler: Kane Richardson Score: 0/0
18.5 Kane Richardson to Kyle Jamieson, miles in the air, doesn't travel the distance though! That's out, caught! Good length delivery on off stump, Jamieson goes for the heave which is mistimed and Maxwell at long on is waiting for an eternity before he takes it in his big bucket hands!

A dominant performance by Australia to win by 50 runs!
18.4 Kane Richardson to Trent Boult, banged in short angling into the batsman, Boult bunts it awkwardly towards long on and takes the single
18.3 Kane Richardson to Kyle Jamieson, back of a length delivery angling into Jamieson, who works it towards deep midwicket, only for a single
18.2 Kane Richardson to Kyle Jamieson, SHOT! FOUR! Banged in short on off stump, Jamieson stands tall and absolutely clobbers his pull towards the midwicket boundary. Made a lovely sound off the bat as well!
18.2 Kane Richardson to Kyle Jamieson, full and down the leg side, that's called a wide.
18.1 Kane Richardson to Kyle Jamieson, back of a length delivery on off stump, Kyle smashes it back to the bowler, who got a hand to it and the bowler almost trickled onto the non-strikers stumps, who put in a desperate dive to get back in.
Kane Richarson to bowl the penultimate over
Over: 18 | Summary: 4 1 1 1 0 0 Bowler: Jhye Richardson Score: 99/9
17.6 Jhye Richardson to Trent Boult, banged in short on top of middle stump. It was the in-angler and Boult opened up his stance just to swing and miss
17.5 Jhye Richardson to Trent Boult, full delivery on fourth stump, Boult gave himself a lot of room and had to reach out for that one to pump it towards mid off
17.4 Jhye Richardson to Kyle Jamieson, back of a length delivery outside off stump, Jamieson doesn't time his slap towards extra cover, but he gets a single
17.3 Jhye Richardson to Trent Boult, good length delivery angling into the batsman, who got an inside edge to that one which almost chopped back on his stumps, but it's trickled to the keeper and they take a single
17.2 Jhye Richardson to Kyle Jamieson, fullish delivery outside off stump, Jamieson clears his front foot and drills it towards long off, for a single
17.1 Jhye Richardson to Kyle Jamieson, EDGED! FOUR! Short of a good length delivery, Jamieson slashes his bat at it to get an outside edge that races away to the third man boundary
Adam Zampa finishes his quota of four overs and picked up two wickets. He complemented Agar really well and the brilliant form of these two spinners gives Aaron Finch a massive boost heading into the decider.

Jhye Richardson to bowl his second over
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