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NZ vs ENG Match Result 

- Cricket World Cup 2019 Final
New Zealand 241/8 (50.0 ov) & 15/1 (1.0 ov)
England 241/10 (50.0 ov) & 15/0 (1.0 ov)
Match Tied (England win the one-over eliminator)
Player of the match: Ben Stokes
That's the end to a remarkable day's game of cricket and World Cup as a whole. Adios, everyone, this is Karthik Raj signing off.
What a farewell game for the outgoing England coach, Trevor Bayliss too. Fitting that the team he developed from the scratch has won a World Cup
Finally, England get to lift the World Cup trophy. First-time ever. A nation erupts. From getting knocked out from the group stage in the 2015 World Cup to winning the same tournament four years down the line,  this has been a remarkable transformation and journey.
Now the England players are walking in to get their own set of medals
It's time for the New Zealand players to get their medals
The Player of the Tournament award goes to Kane Williamson. A well-deserved award for a great ambassador of the game. A small consolation on a heartbreaking day
The Man of the match award goes to Ben Stokes for his outstanding knock. He receives the award from a former World Champion and one of the greatest ever cricketers to have played, Sachin Tendulkar
The umpires are getting their medals at the moment
Now that the final is over, it is time for the presentation ceremony for both this outstanding final and also the World Cup as a whole
At the same moment, think about the spirited, most likeable New Zealand side. This moment will haunt them for life but they can be mighty proud of themselves. Two World Cup finals in a row, Two heart-breaking matches. The usually calm and composed Kane Williamson can't help but weep. A standing ovation won't be enough for New Zealand. They are a champion side in their own right
This is England's first World Cup triumph in the 44-year long history of the 50-over World Cup. This will inspire a generation of budding cricketers, make some more young kids love this game of cricket.This is what England required. A triumph at home. Ben Stokes is crying, such is the emotion. What a moment for this group of English cricketers. Savour this, England!
England won the World Cup by the thinnest ever margin that can be in a cricket match. The regular match went to the super over and the super over also ended up in a tie. 
And that is where it has come to. Heartbreaking for New Zealand as they only manage to get single. Amazing throw to Buttler at the striker'send and Guptill is way short off the crease. 
Over 1 TBA: 15/1(RR 15.00) Bowler: J Archer Summary: 1wd 2 6 2 2 1 1W |
0.6 OUT! Run Out. Jofra Archer to Martin Guptill. Half volley, down leg side on the front foot flick, to deep mid wicket for 1 run, fielded by Roy, by Buttler.
0.5 Jofra Archer to Jimmy Neesham. Short, outside off stump on the back foot pulling, bottom edge to silly point for 1 run, fielded by Archer.
2 runs off the last delivery. New Zealand have to get two because a single will see them lose the super over due to a superior boundary count from England
Bouncer from Archer and Neesham under-edges the ball. He still manages to run a single in spite of the fact that the ball stayed on the pitch only
0.4 Jofra Archer to Jimmy Neesham. Half volley, outside off stump on the front foot Slog, to deep mid wicket for 2 runs, fielded by Roy.
Two yet again. New Zealand require just 3 off the last 2 balls. 
Jason Roy has misfielded in a crucial situation. Neesham and Guptill have taken advantage and run two
Kane Williamson is padded up to come next in case of a wicket
0.3 Jofra Archer to Jimmy Neesham. Length ball, outside off stump Deep in crease Slog, to deep mid wicket for 2 runs, mis-fielded by Roy.
0.2 SIX! Jofra Archer to Jimmy Neesham. Length ball, outside off stump on the front foot Slog, well timed in the air under control over deep mid wicket for 6 runs.
Sixxxxx! What a shot from Jimmy Neesham!
Length delivery from Archer and Neesham calmly flicks it over square leg for a huge maximum
0.1 Jofra Archer to Jimmy Neesham. Yorker, outside off stump on the front foot driving, to long off for 2 runs.