Australia Women 129/4 (20 ov)
New Zealand Women 131/6 (20 ov)
New Zealand Women won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Frances Mackay
A fantastic game this has been that went right down the wire, until the final delivery to be precise and New Zealand coming out on top in the end, which their share of luck as well, to win a thriller and keep themselves alive in the series. At the half-way mark, hardly anyone of us would have anticipated this chase to go the last ball! But this is cricket, packed with drama that had us on the edge of our seats till the very end. 

New Zealand did not have the greatest of starts to their chase, losing early wickets and not able to score the runs at a decent pace as well. However, it was that partnership between Mackay and Amelia Kerr that brought them back into the game, Mackay in particular who really turned the heat with her power hitting that actually helped them cut down the gap on the required rate and it looked like she would go on to finish the game, unfortunately she couldn't do so but she did set it up quite nicely for them to get past the line in the end. 

Australia did well again towards the end, only until those last couple of overs, to comeback and build the pressure on the White Ferns and it did look like they might just run away with the game. It was topsy turvy alright and to be fair, Australian bowlers did not do much wrong, they just probably did not have enough to defend in the end and that hurt them. Megan Schutt standing out with couple of wickets and she did really well to keep Australia in the hunt. All of them chipped in with wickets and they will just feel unlucky that they could not defend this total in the end. 

Cameos from Maddy Green and Hannah Rowe in the end in a brave effort, holding their nerves in the end to get themselves a much-needed win that will give them confidence as a unit going ahead into the series. Onto the decider then and that game, for all that matters, promises to be just as exciting as this one, and we can expect another blockbuster thriller as the two sides will fight it out to clinch the series win!
Amy Satterthwaite (White Ferns Captain): I felt I was a bit rusty in the first few overs - takes a bit of time to get back in. Very proud of the girls for how they played. I wanted us to get ahead of the run-rate but I thought the way Frankie Mackay stuck at it and hit a couple of sixes was really impressive. Could have gone either way in the end but the cameos Hannah Rowe and Maddy Green were outstanding. Our bowling was outstanding too. Sophie is a world class player who you'd love to have in your side every day of the week and not having her is a big blow but it was brilliant as to how we coped up without her. Frankie was brilliant opening the bowling and the batting. She stepped up to the challenge. Very excited (for the decider). The biggest thing is the improvement in our performances after a disappointing series against England. I think to come here and put on a big show after the first game was a big improvement. If we continue to head in that direction we will go well. She's (Rowe) getting more and more belief - she's got some really long limbs and the more she bats the better she will get. We know what everyone can do and we are starting to see each one getting more belief and showing it on the park.
Meg Lanning (Australian Captain): We thought New Zealand bowled very well but we were in the contest throughout as we saw the game go till the last ball. (On Darcie Brown) Hopefully she enjoyed the experience - she pushed the batters up front. Always exciting to see a fast-bowler come out and bowl like that. We were under the pump from the beginning and we knew we had to take wickets to stay in the contest - it was about balancing keeping down the run rate and taking wickets. Maddy Green and Hannah Rowe did really well when they were under the pump. The good thing is that the next game comes around really quickly. We'll look to recover and come back for that game.
Frankie Mackay (Player of the Match): (The leg) It's a little bit tender but you take all the pain in the world to win the game. I probably shocked myself and my teammates as well but it was nice to get those runs. It was a really tough surface and I think Australia were caught a little bit on the hop by the extra bounce and the cutters off the surface. I thought our bowling was fantastic throughout. Our fielders did an amazing job and saved about 15-20 runs which makes a big difference. That's why you do all the training and put in the hard yards - those are the games that you remember for a long time and not the big wins or the big losses. Those are the special moments. When the heart rate is going big you have to take a deep breath and put on a grin and look around and realize that this is why we do it. When we come out on the other side it's even better. (Donation of 500 New Zealand dollars) to the Lancaster Park Cricket Club in Christchurch.
What a brilliant comeback this has been from New Zealand! Off the last ball, luck going their way and they have won this thrilling encounter in style. They will keep the series alive as well with that and it will now go into the decider! What a wonderful chase this has been and we all live to witness such nail-biting encounters don't we!
Over: 20 | Summary: 4 0 1 0 1 4 Bowler: Nicola Carey Score: 131/6
19.6 Nicola Carey to Maddy Green, FOUR! FRENCH CRICKET PREVAILS! GREEN PREVAILS! NEW ZEALAND PREVAIL! On a length at the stumps, clears her front leg to heave it over mid-wicket, squirts off the edge and runs away very fine and into the ropes! THE WHITE FERNS BREAK OUT OF JAIL! What a thriller at McLean Park! The White Ferns win by 4 wickets off the final delivery! The series is leveled at 1-1!
19.5 Nicola Carey to Hannah Rowe, NO TIMING! On a length and Rowe brings out the slog sweep - except that she bunts it back onto her pad before taking off for a run as Green was more than halfway down the pitch. 3 off 1! SUPER OVER ANYONE?
19.4 Nicola Carey to Hannah Rowe, BEATEN! Excellent yorker on fifth stump, Rowe brings her bat down on clearing her front leg but she fails to get bat on ball! Priceless dot ball for Australia! 4 off 2
19.3 Nicola Carey to Maddy Green, full at the stumps, steps out and bunts it over long on. The fielder in the deep gets across quick enough to stop the second run. Running out of fingernails now! 4 off 3
19.2 Nicola Carey to Maddy Green, full on off, steps out and bunts it back to the bowler who fires an underarm throw behind her but fails to hit the stumps. 5 off 4
19.1 Nicola Carey to Maddy Green, FOUR! WHAT A SHOT! GREEN FINDS THE GAP! Steps out to a full length delivery, converts it into a half-volley and pierces the gap between mid-off and extra cover ever so perfectly! Couldn't have picked the gap any better! A run a ball needed now! 5 off 5
Nicola Carey with the final over!
Some good batting from Hannah Rowe there, getting a boundary, followed with two courtesy some good running and she's got another boundary to end the over. Expensive one and New Zealand are back and running or what! This game is not yet over as we head into the final over. DRAMA is on and this could go anywhere from here. Can Hannah be the star here?
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 1 0 4 2 4 Bowler: Megan Schutt Score: 121/6
18.6 Megan Schutt to Hannah Rowe, FOUR! HANNAH ROWE! ON THE CHARGE! Full on leg and she gives herself room to slog sweep over mid-wicket. Finds the gap and beats the deep mid-wicket fielder on the dive! 12 off the over and 9 needed off the last!
18.5 Megan Schutt to Hannah Rowe, EXCELLENT RUNNING! Bunts a full length delivery on leg towards deep mid-wicket. They call for the second and absolutely steam back in to complete it!
18.4 Megan Schutt to Hannah Rowe, FOUR! ROWE FINDS THE ROPES! A poor delivery straying full down leg, gives herself room before adjusting to a whip through fine leg; beats the fielder on the slide!
18.3 Megan Schutt to Hannah Rowe, angling down on the pads on a length, looks to slog sweep it over fine leg but the ball thuds into the thigh pads
18.2 Megan Schutt to Maddy Green, full and right at the stumps, clears her front leg a touch and thumps it straight towards long on
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