New Zealand Women 123/9 (20 ov)
England Women 124/4 (17.2 ov)
England Women won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Freya Davies
That's it from here at Wellington! Hope y'all have as good a day as the English women. 
Heather Knight, the English skip believes it was a nice T20 surface. She says Freya Davies was the difference with the ball. Tammy Beaumont was a treat to watch from the other end. 
Sophie Devine the NZ skipper rues the fact that the Satterthwaite-Kerr partnership wasn't able to kick on to rack up a fighting total. She reckons the wicket actually played well and the English top-order was just too good, especially with that modest total to chase. They look forward to the Sunday crowds. 
Freya Davies is the Player of the Match. She says the plans were very simple - keep the stumps in play and let the batters make the mistakes. Was also good to keep the feet up and watch Beaumont and Co blaze away.
England win by 6 wickets and the series 2-0. The damage was done in the first innings itself as 123 was never going to be a competitive total against an in-form English batting column. Freya Davies' spell of 4-23 set it up for Tammy Beaumont, who pressed on with her dream form sending the Ferns bowling to all corners, all from the meat. Mair did bowl with some pace and swing but it needed a collective effort to make this a game. 
Over: 18 | Summary: W 2 Bowler: Hayley Jensen Score: 0/0
17.2 Hayley Jensen to Amy Jones, that'll be for the win. Full pitched delivery, chipped over mid on by Amy Jones who will pick up a couple of runs comfortably to win the game as well as the series for England. 
17.1 Hayley Jensen to Heather Knight, OUT! CAUGHT! Knight in a hurry to wrap things up, mistimes the good length ball from Jensen and ends up giving a sitter to the fielder at mid on. 
Amelia Kerr landing a few quality googlies - a nice little precursor to see an England win in the next Jensen over. 
Over: 17 | Summary: 1 4 0 1 2 1 Bowler: Amelia Kerr Score: 122/3
16.6 Amelia Kerr to Heather Knight, fuller delivery on the pads, that is pushed to long on for a single. 
16.5 Amelia Kerr to Heather Knight, good length delivery outside off, Knight does well to drill it past the cover fielder to pick up a couple of runs. 
16.4 Amelia Kerr to Amy Jones, good length delivery, punched through the cover region for a single. 
16.3 Amelia Kerr to Amy Jones, beaten for turn this time, Jones, who was looking to play this good length ball to mid off but does not connect. 
16.2 Amelia Kerr to Amy Jones, FOUR, tossed up low full toss and Jones ain't leaving those. Swings hard on the ball, to beat the bowler and mid on for a boundary. 
16.1 Amelia Kerr to Heather Knight, tossed up delivery, outside off, pushed through to deep point for a single. 
Beaumont departs after lofting one effortlessly over mid-off. Too little too late as it's 11 needed from 24. 
Over: 16 | Summary: 2 1 2 4 W 0 Bowler: Leigh Kasperek Score: 113/3
15.6 Leigh Kasperek to Amy Jones, good length delivery, punched towards mid on for no runs. 
15.5 Leigh Kasperek to Tammy Beaumont , OUT! CAUGHT! Beaumont looking for the same result, comes down the track to chip it over mid on, but mistimes this and mid on takes a catch comfortably. 
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