Royal CC Lisbon 118/4 (10 ov)
Oeiras CC 119/3 (9.5 ov)
Oeiras CC won by 7 wickets
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Gaurav Kadam, signing off.
RCCL went in to bat after winning the toss and were very much in the mood to set up a decent total. High on confidence from yesterday's sole victory, RCCL had no other option but to go for the kill. Started on a steady note, openers started flexing their muscles as the innings progressed. Both the openers blazed through the bowling attack and reached a total of 72 from 6 overs without losing a single wicket. Jasbinder's 41 and Mandeep's flawless 38 made sure that their innings was well on track. Ravi put in an end cameo of 12 runs to give the finishing touches. For OEI none of the bowlers clicked. Buccimazza captured 2 wickets and Narayan took 1 while others went for plenty. RCCL put on a mammoth total of 118 from their 10 overs and looked very much on course for their 2nd victory.

Chasing a big total of 119 from 60 balls, OEI made a decent start with 26 for no loss from 2 overs. But soon after, runs began to flow all around the park. Kuldeep got out for 21, but Hussain carried on the show finishing on an unbeaten 33 from 19 balls. Narayan scored a gritty 20 in the middle overs. For RCCL Parwinder and Shan were the successful bowlers taking 1 wicket each but were no close to being economical. But it was down to the skipper Balkrishna's 14 from 6 balls that took OEI home
and sealed the tie at the end. Needing 21 runs from the last 6 balls, the over started with a 5 run time penalty and Balkrishna finished it off in style with a stylish SIX with one ball to spare.

After a fun-feast, OEI thus win by 7 wickets and record their 3rd victory of the tournament while sealing a spot in the top half of the table.
End of the innings.
OEI 119/3 from 9.5 overs.
OEI thus win by 7 wickets. What a match!
9.5 Arpit Yadav to Jitu Balkrishna, SIX! Absolutely smoked that one! Jitu finishes in style as he smashes the low full toss over the cover boundary to win it for Oeiras CC. What an end to the match!
9.4 Arpit Yadav to Jitu Balkrishna, FOUR! A crucial boundary as Jitu smacks it towards the mid-wicket region for 4! Six needed in two balls now! What en ending we have on our hands!
9.3 Arpit Yadav to Mohon Hussain, short and on the body as Hussain tries to pull it but fails and is only able to take a single run.
9.2 Arpit Yadav to Mohon Hussain, two runs taken here as Hussain is able to dive past the line to make it in time after the shot played through the covers. 11 needed from 4 balls
9.2 Arpit Yadav to Mohon Hussain, WIDE! another wide as Arpit strays off his line yet again.
9.1 Arpit Yadav to Jitu Balkrishna, pitched up as Jitu steals one run playing it towards the leg side.
9.1 Arpit Yadav to Jitu Balkrishna, WIDE! outside off as Arpit starts off poorly in the over!
At the end of the penultimate over
OEI 98/3
Extras given 15: 
Last 6 balls coming up. Its now or never for OEI. 21 runs needed from 6 balls. A Yadav to bowl the last over
8.6 Muhammad Irfan to Mohon Hussain, FOUR! Hussain continues to strike well as he gets the boundary on the leg side! Hussain unbeaten on 30 from 17 balls
8.5 Muhammad Irfan to Jitu Balkrishna, single taken towards the mid off region.
8.4 Muhammad Irfan to Jitu Balkrishna, dot ball as Irfan is able to beat the batsman this time.
8.3 Muhammad Irfan to Jitu Balkrishna, two tough runs taken by the batsman as Hussain played it to the leg side and scampered home for the runs.
8.2 Muhammad Irfan to Jitu Balkrishna, single for the new man in as he plays it towards the cover region.
8.1 Muhammad Irfan to Ranjit Narayan, OUT! Ranjit is caught at the boundary! Irfan gets his man as the shot rose high but a good catch was taken! OEI have a daunting task in front of them now. Balkrishna is the new man IN! 
End of the 8th over
OEI 90/2
Ravi bowls an exceptional over giving away only 5 runs. 29 runs needed from 12 balls. Match defining over maybe!
7.6 Ravi Ravi to Ranjit Narayan, single taken by Narayan as he plays it to the point region.
7.5 Ravi Ravi to Ranjit Narayan, dot ball for Ravi as he does well to keep the run flow in check
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