Olten CC 149/4 (10 ov)
Power CC 82/10 (9.4 ov)
Olten CC won by 67 runs.
So the 2nd match of the day of St Gallen T10 is done and dusted. Do join in the Game 3 of the today on Sportskeeda at 4:30 PM IST. On behalf of me, Sarthak Karkhanis and my co-commentator, Dwijjesh Reddy we sign off from this entertaining but one-sided encounter. Ciao!
So that turned out to be a one-sided encounter with OLCC winning the match by huge margin of 67 runs. After the OLCC openers went berserk and led them to great total of 149/4. Dropped catches did no good for PCC as they conceded 15 sixes. The batting however was decent in the first 4 overs, but given the magnitude of the target, PCC were always lagging behind. With 5 wickets coming off the final 2 overs, the left arm spinners Thanabalasingham and Kumar hit the final nail in the coffin. 
9.4 T Thanabalasingham to J Sudath, GONE! THAT'S THE GAME! Another harmless ball from Thanabalasingham and Sudath lobs it up to the cover fielder! Olten CC complete another dominant win and top the points table with that win!
9.3 T Thanabalasingham to A Butt, WICKET! Another length ball outside off and Butt goes for a flat-batted shot over covers! Another easy catch for the deep cover fielder! NINE DOWN NOW!
9.2 T Thanabalasingham to A Butt, length ball outside off, kept out by Butt!
9.1 T Thanabalasingham to S Henderson, full ball outside off and Henderson hits it straight down Varothayan's throat!
A couple of wickets in that over for OCC, as a formality of the final over remains. 
8.6 N Kumar to B Anwar, played back to the bowler! No run!
So 2 wickets in 2 balls for Kumar, both decisions were plumb LBW as the hattrick ball comes up.
8.5 N Kumar to F Virk, LBW! Full ball, hits the batsman on the foot, another easy decision for the umpire!
8.4 N Kumar to A Sikander, WICKET! TRAPPED IN FRONT OF THE WICKETS! A length ball on middle and leg, raps Sikander on the pads. An easy decision for the umpire!
8.3 N Kumar to S Henderson, another run taken!
8.2 N Kumar to A Sikander, full ball outside off, Sikander gets an outside edge for a single!
8.1 N Kumar to A Sikander, FOUR! Blasts a full ball to long-off!
PCC are 76/4 after 8 overs. 74 runs needed off 12 balls and isnt even possible mathematically if every delivery is a legal one. 
7.6 S Charles to S Muhammad, BOWLED!
7.5 S Charles to A Mahmood, WICKET! Charles pitches it a touch fuller and gets an outside edge from Mahmood. An easy catch for the point fielder!
7.4 S Charles to S Muhammad, short and just outside off, Muhammad mistimes a pull to long-on!
7.3 S Charles to A Mahmood, right in the blockhole, Mahmood can only bunt it away for a single!
7.2 S Charles to A Mahmood, full on to the stumps, Mahmood blasts it back to the bowler, who does well in his follow-through!
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