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Pak I Care 130/4 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 128/4 (10 ov)
Pak I Care won by 2 runs.
Pak I Care beat Badalona Shaheen CC by 2 runs

Agonizing is the word that can be used to describe the emotions for Babar Khan and his team. BDS were well on course to win the match up until that penultimate over but a peach of an over from Atif Muhammad and an excellent final over under pressure by skipper Muhammad Babar meant that PAK pipped BDS for a slot in the FINALS.

The BDS innings was off to a slow and raggedy start as the dangerous Kuldeep Lal perished in the second over itself. However, Hamza Saleem was given a reprieve by Muhammad Jafri on the score of 3 and thus started the onslaught, both from him and his partner Babar Khan. 

Khan was especially in an ominous mood as he kept clobbering the PAK bowlers to all parts of the ground. En route his 71 runs inning, Khan smashed 8 gargantuan SIXES and only two boundaries. However, after Hamza Saleem's departure in the 8th over, things started turning in favour of the PAK bowlers who clawed their way back into the match.

The big hitter Dilawar Khan perished on the score of 1 and his brother Babar Khan was left with the responsibility to steer his team to victory. But a freak injury in the last over meant that Khan lost the momentum and PAK just about managed to hold onto the match. A painful exit for a team who gave their all out in the field.

So that's that from our side, this is Abhinav Singh and my colleague Gaurav Kadam signing off. Do join us here at Sportskeeda for the next knockout in a moment. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 2 6 0 2 1 4 Bowler: Score: 0/0
9.6 Muhammad Babar to Bilawal Khan, FOUR! He's managed to whip the full delivery on his pads along the ground to deep backward square leg for four runs! It will not matter though!
9.5 Muhammad Babar to Babar Khan, he's mistimed the low full toss towards deep mid-wicket and has to bring the new man Bilawal Khan on strike! OH, DEAR LORD! Babar limped for a single! 7 required off the last ball! Will we have the golden ball?
9.4 Muhammad Babar to Babar Khan, skies a low full toss outside off towards deep covers and comes back for the second run. Babar has lost his shoe while completing the second run. He is also in pain now! The physio is out in the middle with the magic spray! BDS need 8 runs in 2 balls!
10 runs required off 3 deliveries!
9.3 Muhammad Babar to Babar Khan, pushes a yorker from outside off to long-on and refuses the single. OH! Will this refused single be the difference?
9.2 Muhammad Babar to Babar Khan, SIX! Another low full toss on the stumps and Babar doesn't miss out this time. He clips the ball over long-on for half a dozen runs! 10 needed off 4! PRESSURE on the skipper! Can Babar keep going?
9.1 Muhammad Babar to Babar Khan, low full toss whipped to deep square leg by Babar. A misfield in the deep allows Babar to come back for the second. The fielder in the deep should have been sharper, a clean pick up and a decent throw would have meant curtains for Babar Khan

Atif Muhammad bowled a peach of a penultimate over and BDS batsmen managed to score only 5 runs in the over and lost two batsmen! Its all up to Babar Khan! Bilawal Khan walks out to join the other Khan

Skipper Muhammad Babar to bowl the final over, BIG CALL!
Over: 9 | Summary: W 4b 0 1 0 W Bowler: Score: 0/0
8.6 Atif Muhammad to Sajawal Khan, OUT! Steps down the track and hoicks a length delivery into the leg side. The ball went high rather than long and the man at long-on took an easy catch a few yards inside the rope
8.5 Atif Muhammad to Sajawal Khan, clears his front leg and misses a wild hoick on a slower delivery angling away from the right-hander
8.4 Atif Muhammad to Babar Khan, whips a full delivery to deep mid-wicket and Sajawal gets on strike for the first time today
8.3 Atif Muhammad to Babar Khan, darts the yorker in on the fourth stump line and Babar misses it yet again. The pressure is even getting on Khan
8.2 Atif Muhammad to Babar Khan, FOUR BYES! Atif beats the swing of the bat with a slower delivery and the keeper gets nutmegged for four byes! Its all happening! The pressure is relieved from Babar who had missed the ball!
The biggest SIX hitter for BDS departs. Sajawal Khan is the new batsman to walk out in the middle
8.1 Atif Muhammad to Dilawar Khan, OUT! Dilawar gets under the full delivery outside off and skies it to the man standing at deep covers! Atif bowled it across from the batsman and Khan had to reach for it and it proved to be is undoing!
Another big over for BDS despite the wicket of Hamza Saleem coming in the over! Final 12 deliveries remaining and BDS need 23 runs! The Khan brothers have the onus to take their team to the victory shores! Surely BDS cannot muggle up this chase now?

Atif Muhammad to bowl the penultimate over [1-0-16-0] Can he pick two quick wickets here and bring his team back in the contest?
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 W 6 2nb 1 6 Bowler: Farhat Azeem Score: 108/2
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