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Catalunya 123/7 (10 ov)
Pak I Care 126/4 (9.3 ov)
Pak I Care won by 6 wickets
Pak I Care beats Catalunya CC by six wickets!

What a chase this has been by the Pak I Care batsmen, who never looked fazed by the target in front of them. The tone was set by their opener, Ihsan, who scored a blazing 41 off just 16 balls! Although Ihsan did get out in the fourth over, captain Muhammad Babar came up with a stunning performance and alongside Syed Shafaat Ali put on a masterclass in the second half of the innings. Catalunya CC wasn't smart enough with their bowling changes with Ibrar Hussain being held back for too long after picking two wickets in the fourth over of the innings. However, it wasn't meant to be his day as Pak I Care become the first team to beat CTL in ECS T10 Barcelona. That's it from this game although we still have a lot of action coming your way with the Vincy Premier League also in store. But until next time, this is Dwijesh, along with my colleague Anurag, signing off. Take Care!
9.3 Ali Azam to Muhammad Babar, short and drifting on to the body, the batsman works this away off his hips and it beats the man at fine-leg and it goes for FOUR! PIC have managed to hand CCC their first ever defeat in the European Cricket Series!
9.2 Ali Azam to Muhammad Babar, short and wide outside off stump, batsman misses an attempted cut shot
9.1 Ali Azam to Muhammad Babar, half volley and off stump and its been smashed out of the ground by Babar! Important SIX!
PAK 116/4 after 9 overs! PAK 8 runs from 6 balls!

A mere formality from here with Babar and Ali, who have been sensational with the bat in the second half of this chase, smashing the bowlers to all parts. Can they finish it off in style?
8.6 Nawazish Ali to Muhammad Babar, short again but no bounce this time, the batsman attempted a pull shot but didn't get the connection he wanted, it lands in no man's land and they pick up 1
8.5 Nawazish Ali to Muhammad Babar, shorter outside off and there's some good bounce there! The batsman is beaten while attempting a cut shot
8.4 Nawazish Ali to Shehroz Ahmed, drifting onto the pads, the batsman doesn't get any bat on it but the ball runs down to fine leg and they pick up 1
8.3 Nawazish Ali to Muhammad Babar, back of length on the body, flicked away to square leg for a single
8.2 Nawazish Ali to Syed Shafaat Ali, full toss wide of off stump and the batsman was looking to clobber this over covers but he doesn't make good connection and the man at extra cover takes the catch safely! Important partnership has been broken here!
8.1 Nawazish Ali to Syed Shafaat Ali, bangs it in short and it only rises up to the batsman's mid riff, its a big hit from the batsman and the ball goes sailing over square leg for another MAXIMUM!
PAK 107/3 after 8 overs! PAK needs 17 runs from 12 balls!

Ali and Babar have changed the course of this game with a stunning partnership here. Pak I Care have been absolutely brilliant in this chase and it looks like a matter of time before they complete the chase. But you never know in T10 cricket!
7.6 Yasir Ali to Muhammad Babar, full on off stump again and the batsman swipes this away in the gap between cow corner and long on! That'll be four more! It's getting close here!
7.5 Yasir Ali to Muhammad Babar, full outside off and this is a clean hit from Babar! He's deposited this over the long-on boundary for SIX!
7.4 Yasir Ali to Syed Shafaat Ali, drifting down leg again but gets away with it, the batsman gets a leading edge and they run a single
7.3 Yasir Ali to Syed Shafaat Ali, full loopy delivery down the leg side and the batsman picked this one up beautifully! He dispatches it over the square leg fence for SIX!
7.2 Yasir Ali to Muhammad Babar, short and drifting down leg, it was there to be hit but it's only 1 towards deep square leg
7.1 Yasir Ali to Syed Shafaat Ali, shortish delivery outside off, the batsman pushes it to cover for 1
PAK 88/3 after 7 overs! PAK needs 36 runs from 18 balls!

As we enter the final phase of the innings, Muhammad Babar and Shafaat Ali are the clear favourites to pull this chase off with Ibrar Hussain's overs out of the way. Catalunya needs a wicket or two in this over if they are to preserve their unbeaten status!
6.6 Ibrar Hussain to Muhammad Babar, DROPPED AGAIN! This one goes high in the air and to the same fielder at long off who puts another one down! The ball trickles away for FOUR to make matters worse for CCC!
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