Fateh CC 99/8 (10 ov)
Pak I Care 104/1 (7 ov)
Pak I Care won by 9 wickets
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Pradeep Somashekar, and my colleague, Sameer Deodhar, signing off.
Pak I Care have won the match by 9 wickets!

What a brutal chase this has been, just that one wicket for Fateh but these two for Pak I Care showed the other teams what they are capable of, scoring those sixes and boundaries at will with Muhammad Ihsan being brutal with the shots and Muhammad Kamran was looking all class with his drives and pulls and chased this total down with 3 overs to spare in the end.

Beginning of the chase, Fateh managed to get a wicket in the first over, that brought the hopes higher as that opened up for the bowlers to pick up a couple more but that didn't happen at all. Ihsan and Kamran just proved to be too good during the chase. They stamped their authority and both the batsman cut loose from the word go, especially Kamran who looked in good touch today. 

Pak I Care have now more than one option for their opening slot and how well has Kamran has played today, notching up a fifty at the last delivery of the match to win this for their team with 50 runs off 21 deliveries and hitting 5 sixes and 3 boundaries in his innings. Ihsan was in brilliant touch too hitting 45 runs in just 18 deliveries and smacked 6 sixes in his innings without any boundaries, just goes to show what Pak I care are capable of with their batting effort. 

For Fateh CC bowling, there's not much to talk about as none of them looked to get the deliveries in the right areas to create opportunities, even so, the Pak I Care's batting was just too good, there was nothing that came their way that could've stopped these two from chasing this down.
The bowling was a bit of a let down in this match for them but they will come back stronger in their next match sorting that out and looked toothless throughout, their lower order batting got them to a formidable total at the end but the bowling was just out of sorts.

Pak I Care march on and Fateh CC lose another, they just are unable to pick themselves to win a game here and hopefully they can come up with an all round performance to pick up a win in this tournament.
6.6 Hargurjit Singh to Muhammad Kamran, SIX! Drives the full toss outside off over deep covers for a maximum to get to his fifty and seal the win for Pak I Care!
6.5 Hargurjit Singh to Muhammad Kamran, SIX! Kamran reads the slower one and wrists it on the leg side to bring the target under a big hit's distance!
6.4 Hargurjit Singh to Muhammad Ihsan, whips a fullish delivery from outside off to cow corner
6.4 Hargurjit Singh to Muhammad Ihsan, wide ball sprayed down the leg side
6.3 Hargurjit Singh to Muhammad Ihsan, SIX! Shuffles again and heaves the back of a length delivery to deep backward square leg to reduce the target by 6 runs!
6.2 Hargurjit Singh to Muhammad Ihsan, shuffles across the stumps and misses a hoick off his pads
6.1 Hargurjit Singh to Muhammad Kamran, places the full delivery on his off-stump to deep covers for a brace
PAK are 83-1 after 6 overs! Need 17 runs in 24 balls!

Pak I Care need less than a run a ball here as both the batsman have no problems scoring those runs and in quick time as well. Both these batsman stamping their authority and just showed how brutal they can be. The bowling has been disappointing for Fateh as they have failed to create chances.
5.6 Randip Singh Daid to Muhammad Ihsan, FOUR BYES! Daid darted one to the leg side watching Ihsan switch his stance. The batsman missed, the keeper missed and the ball ran away to the boundary!
5.5 Randip Singh Daid to Muhammad Kamran, lofts the full delivery to cow corner and gets a single
5.4 Randip Singh Daid to Muhammad Ihsan, there was width on offer and Ihsan cut one uppishly in the deep for another single
5.3 Randip Singh Daid to Muhammad Ihsan, guides the full delivery outside off to thirdman and comes back for the second
5.2 Randip Singh Daid to Muhammad Kamran, drives a length ball outside off to deep covers for a single
5.1 Randip Singh Daid to Muhammad Ihsan, cuts a short ball outside off towards deep point
PAK are 73-1 after 5 overs!

Fateh CC bowling is proving to be too easy at the moment for both these batsman, they haven't been troubled with short balls or a slower off cutters to deceive with Kamran being elegant and Ihsan is proving to be brutal and scoring those boundaries at will here. At the moment, only a miracle can save Fateh CC here!
4.6 Trilochan Singh to Muhammad Kamran, SIX! Charges down the track and nails the lofted cover drive for a maximum to finish the over!
4.5 Trilochan Singh to Muhammad Kamran, FOUR! Trilochan pitches a half-volley on the stumps and Kamran lofts it over the bowler's head with ease for a boundary!
4.4 Trilochan Singh to Muhammad Ihsan, low full toss outside off driven to covers for a single
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