33/10 (7.4)
34/1 (3.2)
PIC won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Muhammad Babar
That will be all then from this contest but the action continues in Group E of the European Cricket League. Do stick around and follow our coverage of the same right here on Sportskeeda. Thank you so much for tuning into our coverage of this game, one which we hope you enjoyed just as much as we did bringing to you. On behalf of my good friend and co-commentator Navjeevan Rajput, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha once again reminding you to mask up and get vaccinated in case you haven't already. Take care - toodles!
You know the victory is a convincing one when the number of deliveries to spare exceeds the actual target! Pak I Care had it in the bag while they were out there wreacking havoc with the ball. It was all about completing the formalities with the bat in hand and they've managed to do that as well within no time.

Even the wicket of Muhammad Ihsan was just a consolation in an otherwise terrible day on the park for Malo. If anything, it was as though it was destined that the duo of Muhammad Babar and Muhammad Kamran would come together to finish off with the bat, what they started with the ball. And that is exactly what they did without batting an eyelid.

The day belongs to the Kamran-Babar duo given how they had Malo reeling in an abyss at 7/7 at one stage. The ego of the ECS Cartaxo Champions would be hurt but it could also motivate Malo into putting this show behind them and move forward. Still early days in the competition, mind you, and there is time to correct all their wrongs from today.

As for Pak I Care, it was a game of dreams! Of course, they will know that things aren't going to get any easy with time but nothing like a performance of this kind to get a spring into their step for the rest of the week.
There you go! As simple as that and fittingly, Muhammad Kamran seals the deal with a boundary. Pak I care beat Malo by 9 wickets with a mammoth 40 deliveries to spare!
3.2 Najam Shahzad to Muhammad Kamran, WINNING RUNS!! Full and on the stumps, Kamran creates room and drives that away through the covers, the ball races away to the fences, and that sets Pak I Care apart from the rest in this group based on net run rate quite early on.
3.1 Najam Shahzad to Muhammad Kamran, short and angling in. Kamran steps back towards leg and tries to flat bat it but misses
That was clobbered with utmost disdain by Babar! Just 4 runs away now are Pak I Care - it would be fitting that this duo finish it themselves given that they were the ones who orchestrated that carnage with the ball!
30 /1 score
cricket bat icon Muhammad Babar *
23 (9)
cricket bat icon Kamran Muhammad
5 (7)
cricket ball icon Muhammad Adnan Gondal
0 /9
2.6 Adnan Gondal to Muhammad Babar, DISPATCHED!! Overpitched outside off, Babar gets in line and lofts that away straight back over the bowler's head for a huge maximum to end the over
2.5 Adnan Gondal to Muhammad Babar, on the length and wide outside off, Babar tries to put that away but misses
2.4 Adnan Gondal to Muhammad Kamran, full and outside off, Kamran flashes at this one as well but gets an edge that rolls away down towards deep third and gets one
2.3 Adnan Gondal to Muhammad Kamran, full and in the channel again, Kamran tries to slog that away but misses it
2.2 Adnan Gondal to Muhammad Kamran, DOT BALL!! Full and outside off, Kamran presses forward and shoulders arms to that one. PIC needs just 11 runs to win here!!
2.1 Adnan Gondal to Muhammad Babar, full and in the channel, Babar gets down and drives that away to covers for one
2.1 Adnan Gondal to Muhammad Babar, WIDE!! Full and wide outside the tramline that one, that does not help Malo's cause here
Adnan Gondal comes into the attack. He will bowl over the wicket.
How unfornutate for Najam Shahzad! So close to being a maiden over but a full toss just has to be put away at all times!
21 /1 score
cricket bat icon Muhammad Babar
16 (6)
cricket bat icon Kamran Muhammad *
4 (4)
cricket ball icon Najam Shahzad
1 /4
1.6 Najam Shahzad to Muhammad Kamran, THAT SPOILS THE OVER!! Full but bowled on the pads, Kamran gets deep and clips that away towards deep square leg and collects a boundary to end the over
1.5 Najam Shahzad to Muhammad Kamran, ANOTHER DOT!! Full and angling on the stumps, Kamran gets deep and defends it towards covers
1.4 Najam Shahzad to Muhammad Kamran, on the length and outside off, Kamran throws his bat at it and gets beaten outside off