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Pak I Care 69/10 (8.3 ov)
Pakcelona CC 54/9 (10 ov)
Pak I Care won by 15 runs.
Player of the match: Sheroz Ahmed
With that, we come to the end of an intriguing contest in the ECS T10 Barcelona. We hope you enjoyed our live coverage! Do stick around since there is plenty more action to come today. For now though, on behalf of my co-commentator Dwijesh, this is Sooryanarayanan taking your leave. Bye for now!
Endgame! For Pakcelona that is. Who would have thought that they would make a meal of what should have been a relatively simple run chase. One has to feel for their bowlers who skittled Pak I Care out for just 69 after having lost the toss. Shehroz Ahmed seemed to bat on a different wicket for Pak I Care but once he was dismissed off a full toss, the rest of their batsmen just lost their way and seemed to have no clear approach. It was skipper Raja Khaliq-Ur-Rehman who triggered the collapse with the wicket of Shehroz but the star with the ball for Pakcelona was Ali Imran who picked up a hat-trick - the third of the competition, as Pakcelona went into the innings break with all the momentum with them.

Pak I Care's bowlers had other ideas though, as they assessed the need to take pace off the ball as the way to go on this surface. Their opening bowlers, Muhammad Kamran and Muhammad Babar were miserly and Pakcelona were tied up completely. Only Ishtiaq Nazir seemed to have a plan in mind as he took his time initially before unleashing some big shots. Once he fell though, the game was all but done as the asking rate kept climbing up and Pakcelona were behind the 8-ball for majority of the run chase. Shehroz Ahmed nearly took the game's second hat-trick, taking three wickets across four balls to shut the door firmly on Pakcelona. With three of their other bowlers conceding less than 4 per over, it was a collective effort that saw Pak I Care sew up this game by 15 runs. That's five wins on the trot now for Pak I Care and they sit comfortably atop the points table.
Professional from start to finish from Pak I Care! They defend 69 with relative ease and consolidate their position at the top of the table. Pak I Care win this contest by 15 runs
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 0 W 1 0 W Bowler: Sheroz Ahmed Score: 54/9
9.6 Shehroz Ahmed to Khurram Javeed, a very full ball bowled on the off-stump, Javeed drags one to the long-on fielder for a single!
9.5 Shehroz Ahmed to Khurram Javeed, a slower ball bowled on the off-stump, Javeed edges one back into his pads for no runs!
9.4 Shehroz Ahmed to Rafiq ur Rehman, a full-toss on the off-stump, Rafiq lifts one towards long-on but only for a single
All about one good delivery hereon and Pak I Care are home. Their bowlers have shown immaculate control and Shehroz will want to maintain that by not sending down any no balls or wides
9.3 Shehroz Ahmed to Adalat Ali, WICKET! A slower ball bowled on middle and leg, Adalat can only edge one to the keeper, who makes no mistake!
9.2 Shehroz Ahmed to Adalat Ali, a length ball bowled outside off, Adalat Ali has a swing at it and misses!
False start for Shehroz. Will have to bowl that one again
9.1 Shehroz Ahmed to Khurram Javeed, just a single again as Khurram whacks a full ball to the man at long-on for no runs!
Top-class over! Atif delivering a dream over for Pak I Care. The slower ones a real winner on this surface. 18 needed off 6 balls. REMEMBER THE NAME, anyone?
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 W 1 0 1 Bowler: Atif Muhammad Score: 52/7
8.6 Atif Muhammad to Khurram Javeed, a length ball bowled on the off-stump, Javeed heaves it into the leg-side but only for a single
8.5 Atif Muhammad to Khurram Javeed, DOT BALL! A slower ball bowled into the batsman, Javeed tries to heave it but is deceived by the lack of pace!
8.4 Atif Muhammad to Adalat Ali, just another harmless single as Adalat Ali drives a full ball down the ground for a single
The advantage of batting first is that it gives the team an idea of the right pace and the right lengths to bowl. Pak I Care using that to good effect and it seems like a below-par batting effort isn't going to hurt them after all. Unless...

8.3 Atif Muhammad to Raja Khaliq-ur-Rehman, WICKET! A slower ball on middle and off, Raja tries to heave it away into the leg-side but ends up missing it all ends up! You miss, I hit stuff here!
Change of pace really doing the trick here for Pak I Care
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