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Pak I Care 144/4 (10 ov)
Ripoll Warriors 81/3 (10 ov)
Pak I Care won by 63 runs.
Player of the match: Muhammad Ihsan
Yet another dominating win for Pak I Care as they continue their fine run in the tournament. Early days but they have looked really strong in every department from what we've seen of them so far! Muhammad Amir Jafri putting up a fantastic all-round performance first with the bat and then with the ball as well. Yet another brilliant spell picking up couple of wickets at the top and putting the Ripoll Warriors under pressure right-away who were chasing a massive total. After that setback at the top, they failed to recover and hardly looked like they were in the chase at any stage of their innings. 

A wonderful performance with the ball to come out and defend the total, though they had a lot on the board, they did not take things one bit light and that gave them a massive margin of victory! Kamran Muhammad may not have picked a wicket but he was very very economical giving away only six runs in his two overs. Sheroz Ahmed and Asim Butt were economical with the ball as well and a complete bowling effort in the end giving them a handsome win. 

None of the batsmen could get going and they were under immense pressure right from the beginning as they had their task cut out chasing a big score. Succumbing to the pressure and some good bowling, it turned out to be a completely one-sided game with only some fireworks from Ghulam in the end, that were of no use in getting them even close to the total in any way. 

This would be a game Ripoll would simply want to forget as both their batting and bowling failed to come good and quite clearly they lost by massive margin. Pak I Care, on the other hand, will only grow in confidence from the way they have played in all their games today, winning everything. Their batsmen came good putting up a huge score and giving the bowlers the cushion of runs. But the bowlers did an even better job keeping the Warriors down to just 81, winning the game by 63 runs in the end and that will certainly boost their NRR, and their morale as a unit as well. 

Some brilliant action then from today's set of games and the tournament is only getting started yet! Do join us back tomorrow for all the action to unfold from the games lined up as the league progresses further. Until then, have a great night!
Ghulam Sabar racked up some mammoth hits this time! A couple of his sixes could count as home runs really! He's provided some much needed entertainment in what's been otherwise dull innings. That wraps it up in this game and it's a heavy loss for the Warriors. The Pak I Care are ecstatic! 

Pak I Care beat Ripoll Warriors by 63 runs.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 0 6 6 1 0 Bowler: Asad Abbas Score: 81/3
9.6 Muhammad Atif to Waqar Iqbal, back of a length delivery angling into the batsman, gets an inside edge onto the thigh pad
9.5 Muhammad Atif to Ghulam Sabar, comes down the track and miscues it right up in the air, the fielder at extra cover runs back but fails to hold on
9.4 Muhammad Atif to Ghulam Sabar, SIX! Clears the ground this time! In the slot once again and he bombards the cow corner fence once again
9.3 Muhammad Atif to Ghulam Sabar, SIX! In the slot angling into the pads, just picks it up with the angle and deposits it over the cow corner fence
9.2 Muhammad Atif to Ghulam Sabar, short rising delivery outside the off-stump, gets big on the batsman and beats the outside edge
9.1 Muhammad Atif to Waqar Iqbal, good length ball outside the off-stump, flat bats it down to long-off
Oh Ghulam Sabar, where were you hiding? That's some good batting by Sabar there, but it's just too little too late for the Warriors who need 78 runs of the last over. A thumping victory beckons for PIC!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 0 4 0 6 4 Bowler: Muhammad Sohail Rana Score: 67/3
8.6 Muhammad Sohail Rana to Ghulam Sabar, FOUR! Full ball on the pads, flicks it away through the vacant square leg region for a boundary
8.5 Muhammad Sohail Rana to Ghulam Sabar, SIX! Charges at the bowler and he gets the ball right in the slot, flat bats it over long-off for a maximum
8.4 Muhammad Sohail Rana to Ghulam Sabar, slightly shorter this time, goes for the pull but only gets an inside edge
8.3 Muhammad Sohail Rana to Ghulam Sabar, FOUR! Length ball on the off-stump, hoicks it right out of the middle of the bat through wide long-on
8.2 Muhammad Sohail Rana to Ghulam Sabar, full delivery on the sixth stump channel, agricultural hoick right across the line but no connection
8.1 Muhammad Sohail Rana to Waqar Iqbal, length ball outside the off-stump, pushes it through the off-side for a single
Butt bowls out another over which is just a mere formality at this point. In case anyone was waiting for it to be absolutely official, the required run rate is 36+ now and the Warriors have officially lost this one, as another wicket tumbles!

Mumhammad Sohail Rana comes into the attack.

Ghulam Sabar is the new batsman at the crease.
Over: 8 | Summary: 6 0 1 1 0 W Bowler: Muhammad Asim Butt Score: 52/3
7.6 Muhammad Asim Butt to Aamir Shahzad, OUT! Full and wide from Asim Butt, Shahzad tries to go over extra cover but only manages to slice it straight to the fielder at backward point
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