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Catalunya Tigers CC 107/4 (10 ov)
Pakcelona CC 107/9 (10 ov)
Pakcelona CC tied with Catalunya Tigers CC (Catalunya Tigers CC wins the Golden Ball)
Drama and lots and lots of it at the rear of the game! CTT have clinched a well-deserved victory in the Golden Ball, bringing this thrilling contest to a staggering conclusion.

In their bid to chase down 108 runs, PKCC commenced promisingly - notching up 24 runs from the first two overs. They were cruising along when they lost their first wicket courtesy a self-inflicted catastrophe. CTT sniffed an opportunity and tightened the screws, effectively bringing the equation to 10 RPO. 

There was a period when PKCC regained their position in the driving seat and just needed 32 runs with 7 wickets in hand when wickets began to tumble in a flurry. CTT's skipper, Ghulam Sarwar, scalped three preys as PKCC went from 76/3 to 99/9. They needed 15 off the last over and they ultimately benefited from their No 10's heroics who took them as far as CTT's total - leading to a Golden Ball. PKCC failed to register more than 2 runs in the Golden Ball and CTT were declared winners of this fascinating duel.

With that, we come to a close in Sportskeeda's live coverage of the game between PKCC and CTT. Goodbye and goodnight!
GOLDEN BALL: Kashif to Shahzad: Mohammad Kashif bowls a length ball on the off-stump, but Shahzad can only play it to the man at cover, who returns it to the keeper, who doesn't take the bails off this time as well but the bowler knocks the bails over at the non-striker's end to hand CTT the win!
Heroics from the PKCC No 10, Adalat Ali, and we are going to a Golden Ball!
9.6 Muhammad Kashif to Adalat Ali, WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE! For starters, Ali has played all around the ball and manages to steal a single but the keeper, who should have knocked the bails over, waits for the non-striker to steal another run and messes it completely! But the bowler, who collects the keeper's throw, also misses and allows a brace to be completed bringing the SCORES LEVEL!
9.5 Muhammad Kashif to Adalat Ali, SIX! Adalat Ali, you beauty! A full ball on middle and leg, Ali has smashed it over cow-corner for a crucial six! Can he pull this off? PKCC needs 3 off 1 ball!
9.4 Muhammad Kashif to Adalat Ali, a full ball on the stumps, Adalat chips it over the bowler's head for what looked like just a single but they manage to sneak in a double but the non-striker tries to steal another one but ends up being RUN-OUT!
9.3 Muhammad Kashif to Adalat Ali, COMEDY OF ERRORS! A full ball beats Adalat Ali, who calls for the bye but the keeper isn't able to nail the run-out! The bowler also tries his luck at the non-striker's end but ends up missing it costing his team two runs!
9.2 Muhammad Kashif to Nouman Rukhsar, a full ball outside off, Rukhsar chips it towards mid-off for just a single
9.1 Muhammad Kashif to Nouman Rukhsar, RUN-OUT! A full ball angled into the batsman, who flicks it towards the deep midwicket region and tries to steal a double but ends up costing Javeed his wicket via a run-out!
Three runs on the last delivery and PKCC now require 15 runs from the last over. Staggering comeback this by CTT and they are the clear favorites here.
8.6 Muhammad Zeeshan to Nouman Rukhsar, a full ball on off-stump, Rukhsar hits it wide of the long-off fielder, whose return isn't good as it allows the batsmen to take the extra run there!
8.5 Muhammad Zeeshan to Atiq Ur-Rehman, BOWLED! Zeeshan picks up his second wicket! He bowls a low full-toss on the stumps, which the batsman fails to connect with and has his stumps disturbed! The momentum is firmly with CTT at the moment!
8.4 Muhammad Zeeshan to Atiq Ur-Rehman, fuller and wider this time, Atiq gets it past the cover region and comes around for an easy double!
8.3 Muhammad Zeeshan to K Javeed, full ball on the stumps, Javeed smashes it down the ground towards mid-on for just a single
8.2 Muhammad Zeeshan to Raja Khaliq, WICKET! Zeeshan has the last laugh! A full ball on the off-stump, Raja chips it towards the man at cover, who takes a good catch under pressure!
8.1 Muhammad Zeeshan to Raja Khaliq, FOUR! Khaliq lands the first punch as he swats a short and wide ball past the man at backward point for a crucial boundary!
Only 7 runs from that over and it's getting tougher for PKCC as CTT have totally stemmed the flow of runs. PKCC still require 25 from the last two.
7.6 Razaqat Ali to Khurram Javeed, back of a length delivery on middle and off, Javeed cuts it but straight to the man at point but Raja sends the striker back! 
7.5 Razaqat Ali to Raja Khaliq, length ball on middle and leg, Raja plays it down the ground towards long-on for another single!
7.4 Razaqat Ali to Khurram Javeed, Javeed gets off the mark with a gentle push towards the off-side for a single
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