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City Lions 114/7 (10 ov)
Pakcelona CC 106/4 (10 ov)
City Lions won by 8 runs.
Player of the match: Ibrar Hussain
Close but not close enough. From nowhere, Pakcelona could've pulled off one of the most magical chases in the ECS T10, but they couldn't get the job done in the final over. They have only themselves to blame, as they didn't get a strong start from Ishitaq Nazir and Nouman Rukhsar. Both were so circumspect in the powerplay, scoring just 22 runs in three overs and that didn't help the team's cause. When it looked Nazir's innings was gathering pace, Ibrar Hussain dismissed him. Hussain shone with the bat and turned out to be Pakcelona's nightmare with the ball too by picking three wickets. when things were looking so bleak and impossible, Shahid Iqbal and Ali Imran joined hands and fired on all cylinders in the final three overs. When 55 needed in the final three, Safdar gave 16 runs to set up this contest interesting from nowhere. But Amar Shakoor bowled brilliantly just conceding 9 runs in the penultimate over, and despite some big hits in the final over, Pakcelona fell short by 9 runs.

A one-sided affair just turned into a nail-biter in the end. Hope you enjoyed the coverage of this encounter from me Pragadeesh and my colleague Pratyush, and don't forget to follow the ECS T10 matches on Sportskeeda.
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 6 0 4 W 0 Bowler: Nadeem Razzaq Score: 106/4
9.6 Nadeem Razzaq to Adalat Ali, full and wide delivery again, Ali swings for the fences but can't get any bat on it. That wraps up this nail-biter!

City Lions win by 8 runs.
9.5 Nadeem Razzaq to Shahid Iqbal, OUT! CAUGHT! Full delivery angling into the batsman, Iqbal heaves it towards deep midwicket but can only find the fielder this time. An entertaining innings comes to an end!
9.4 Nadeem Razzaq to Shahid Iqbal, FOUR! Fullish delivery angling into the batsman, who swipes it in the gap and finds the square leg boundary! 9 in 2 needed.
9.3 Nadeem Razzaq to Shahid Iqbal, full and straight delivery, Iqbal can't get under that one as he ends up tapping it back to the bowler
Two sixes have come from nowhere, and now it's 13 from 4 balls.
9.2 Nadeem Razzaq to Shahid Iqbal, SIX MORE!! SURELY NOT? Low full toss on middle stump, Iqbal steps out and smashes it back over the bowlers head for another six
9.1 Nadeem Razzaq to Shahid Iqbal, HUGE SIX! Full toss on middle stump, Iqbal deposits this over longon for a maximum
9 runs off Shakoor's over. And Pakcelona need 25 in the last over for a special win. 

M.Razzaq to continue
Over: 9 | Summary: 1w 0 1 0 1 0 6 Bowler: Amar Shakoor Jan Score: 90/3
8.6 Aamar Shakoor to Ali Imran, SIX! In the slot again and Imran doesn't miss out on this one as he clobbers it over deep midwicket for a maximum
8.5 Aamar Shakoor to Shahid Iqbal, in the slot delivery angling away from the batsman, who swings and misses that one
8.4 Aamar Shakoor to Ali Imran, short delivery outside off stump, gets an outside edge towards short third man, as the batsmen take the quick single
8.3 Aamar Shakoor to Shahid Iqbal, good length delivery on middle stump, it's driven firmly towards long on and there's only a single there
8.2 Aamar Shakoor to Ali Imran, full and wide delivery again, Imran heaves it towards long on, only for a single
8.1 Aamar Shakoor to Ali Imran, full and wide again, but it's inside the line this time. Good bowling by the skipper!
8.1 Aamar Shakoor to Ali Imran, full and wide, but it's a bit too wide for the umpire's liking.
Alright! Are we in for a nerve-wracking finish? Surely, Pakcelona need City Lions to be sloppy apart from their big hits to steal a win from this match. That's exactly what happened in this over, a five extras and a dropped keeps this contest very much interesting. It's not over yet and everything to play for.

Here's Shakoor to bowl his second over
Over: 8 | Summary: 4 0 1 4 1lb 5nb 6 Bowler: Moeen Safdar Score: 81/3
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